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Automation Technologies 3/2016

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Automation Technologies 3/2016

Cable glands guarantee

Cable glands guarantee perfect reliability Rosario LiPira More and more fields of application demand the best seal, the highest strain relief and a long service life. Pflitsch is introducing a modern cable gland that provides quality and economy for installations requiring them in large quantities. Increasing automation is leading to a corresponding rise in cabling costs, for example, in machine building, in drive and energy technologies and in the rail industry. These challenging industries require large numbers of high-quality cable glands in metal to create safe cable entries into enclosures, switchgear cabinets and plug-in connectors. High seal, long service life, reliability A very effective yet gentle sealing action and a long service life for the installation were key factors developing these new products. These requirements cannot be fulfilled by ordinary cable glands The signs show the direction to international partners COMPONENTS AND SOFTWARE Author: Rosario LiPira, Product Manager at Pflitsch GmbH & Co. KG in Hückeswagen, Germany

The cable gland combines soft squeezing, high IP68 protection and superior strain relief in high quality. Rosario LiPira, Product Manager at Pflitsch GmbH & Co. KG with clamps and rubber rings currently found on the market. Therefore Pflitsch rethought and optimised its Uni Dicht product, the mother of the modern cable gland. The result is the Uni Dicht 2M variant, which combines the Pflitsch “soft squeezing” sealing principle, high IP68 protection and superior strain relief. As the pressure screw is tightened, the high-quality TPE sealing insert deforms in a predefined way to squeeze up softly against a large area of the cable circumference, without cutting into or irreparably indenting the cable sheath. The installation retains its sealing performance over the long term. Moreover, in the design of the Uni Dicht 2M, the company placed great emphasis on obtaining very wide sealing ranges to be able to seal a large number of sizes of cables with a single size of cable gland. The use of the materials in the gland bodies and sealing inserts was also optimised. The resulting combination of shorter installed depths and small wrench sizes with closer hole centres produces highly compact installations. With the double nipple and pressure screw having identical wrench sizes, the installers also need only one wrench for the whole installation. Complies with current standards The Uni Dicht 2M with its cable gland body in high-quality nickelplated brass is initially available in the five common sizes M16 to M40 for cable diameters of 4 mm to 33.5 mm. In response to demand, Pflitsch is currently working on an M50 for even larger cable cross sections. The green TPE sealing insert sits in such a way that it cannot turn in the double nipple and provides the cable with a reliable but 01 The new Uni Dicht 2M combines high quality with economy for applications requiring large quantities of cable glands 02 When installed, the compact cable gland achieves the high protection type IP68 and superior strain relief gentle seal. As with all cable glands of the company, an O-ring sits in a groove in the threaded length before the main part of the gland and ensures a reliable seal between the cable gland and the housing wall. The Uni Dicht 2M has been tested in accordance with the current standard EN 62444, and EN 60079 Atex for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Photographs: Pflitsch GmbH & Co. KG About Pflitsch The family-owned and managed company acts successfully on the market worldwide with practical and safe product solutions in the field of industrial cable routeing. They also offer practical accessories, reliable design software, perfectly designed tools and machine tools as well as services ranging from individually packaged cable glands to ready-to-install trunking assemblies. Pflitsch employs approximately 250 people and the revenue amounts upto Euro 40 million (2014/2015). Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2016


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