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Automation Technologies 3/2015

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Automation Technologies 3/2015


CONTROL AND DRIVE TECHNOLOGY previous page 02 A part is made using LaserCusing, a metallic powder is spread on layer by layer and fused using a laser allowing for all types of undercuts 03 The compact Embedded Controller E°EXC 66 The E°EXC controllers by Eckelmann are a universal basis for PLC, motion and CNC applications. A wide range of technology-specific functions are supported, which accelerate the development of sophisticated applications. The components of the modular automation system are combined to a flexible, open and upgradeable control and automation network. Processes and movements can be freely programmed using comfortable engineering tools. And thanks to the seamless integration of CNC and PLC, customers can create their solutions within a very short time. The biggest advantage is that all the technology and software is developed in-house by Eckelmann, including its own NC core, which highly increases the functionality and thus many types of modifications are made possible. This includes technology-specific functions and even customized solutions exclusive to a customer. This way, Eckelmann controls provides a new dimension of engineering freedom for highly innovative manufacturers such as Concept Laser. Laser Cusing lowers stress Laser Cusing produces mechanically and thermally resilient components with a high degree of precision. As with all additive layer processes, the component is built up layer by layer from the initial raw material. Fine powder-shaped metal is locally fused using a high energy fiber laser. After cooling down, the material hardens. The component contour of the current layer is created by diverting the laser with a mirror deflection unit. The construction of the component is completed layer by layer, with each layer measuring between 15 and 150 μm. Contours New Embedded controllers technology offers a fantastic performance and value for its price that include undercuts are also made possible this way. A wide range of metals and alloys can be processed in this manner, especially stainless and tool steels, aluminum and titanium alloys, cobaltchromium alloys and also gold and silver alloys. A special feature of Concept Laser machines is the stochastic steering of slice segments that are processed step-by-step. Stresses that may occur during the manufacturing process of very large components can be significantly reduced in this manner. Photographs: 03 Eckelmann AG, others Concept Laser GmbH AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015