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Automation Technologies 3/2015

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Automation Technologies 3/2015


NEWS AND MARKETS A WIN-WIN situation in Beijing Sushen Doshi Beijing is unquestionably the most vital city for China. With the rise and rise of China as an economic superpower the importance of Beijing is further more emphasized not just as a geo-political center but also as an important Chinese industrial base. This provides a huge scope for the automation industry. And the trade fair Industrial Automation-Beijing is at the heart of it. North China has been a home to a bunch of industry leaders, especially in the automotive, machinery manufacturing, mining, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industry. China is one of the world’s largest manufacturing power. Almost 20 % of the world’s manufacturing output comes from China and particularly, the provinces of Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. In the last few decades they have produced so much so cheaply that it almost curbed their partner countries into inflation. But in recent years china’s manufacturing output is declining consistently. It is not because of decline in the demand but mainly due rising costs and labor problem. But china is the world’s most populous country in the world with more than 1.4 billion people living, how can there be a labor shortage in China ? Well the problem is very simple. The labor that is skilled isn’t cheap anymore and the labor that is cheap isn’t skilled enough. Hence the rise in costs of labor have been dominantly dragging the manufacturing down. In order to increase the manufacturing output and to get back to speed China has a choice to Author: Sushen Doshi, editor Automation Technologies make. Either to lure more labor from the hinterlands of China to the developed regions or to invest in automation and technology. A lot of companies are tending towards the later than the former. Luring labor guarantees continuous production but not efficiency and accuracy. Investing more on automation guarantees higher rates of production at higher efficiency minus the labor administration issues. These enterprises urgently need to utilize industrial automation technologies in their production to cut costs and maximize profits. Industrial Automation Beijing is definitely the best place for the enterprises to look at the solutions the automation industry has to offer. And to exhibit here is the smartest way for aspiring enterprises to market their products and technologies in North China. Challenge ‘Made in China 2025’ The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2013 carried out a major project on the Strategy for Building a Great Power of Manufacturing and put forward the “Made in China 2025” initiative. It is obvious that the Digital and intelligent manufacturing is the key to accomplishing the “Made in China 2025” objectives. By bringing the latest digital intelligent technologies and products in the field of industrial automation the fair serves as a great opportunity for the northern China’s industrial clients to upgrade their manufacturing sector. Considering the variety of applications, The trade fair in Beijing showcases different areas of automation under several specialized themes. Industry highlights With more than 175,000 robots sold worldwide in 2013 and 205,000 in 2014, the forecast for 2015-2017 shows a double digit increase in the sales of industrial robots and robotic systems. With china alone being responsible for more than 20 % of the world’s market share, the Beijing 2015 trade fair is at the heart of the Industrial robotics industry in AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015

NEWS AND MARKETS next page 01 Human – Robot – Interaction China. At the exhibition center, this sector features industrial robots and the “Industrial Robot Automation- Application Conference” which is held during the show. Experts from the Chinese robotics industry and major robot manufacturers are invited to talk about the status quo and future development of industrial robots and enlighten upon the recent conquests made by robotics in the automotive, electronics, and food and beverage industry. In the field of Sensors, the dominant players of the sensor and connector manufacturers are gathering to create a connection with their existing and potential clients in China by displaying the ability of their products in providing solutions for industrial application. The delegates from the well-known end-user companies of the electronics and semi conductors will be touring to show and purchase desired products. The enterprises from the motion drive and automation sector will mainly look forward to cater to most of the domestic demand for automation equipment in Northern