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Automation Technologies 3/2015

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Automation Technologies 3/2015


SENSORS AND MEASUREMENT previous page to set down the coke ladle onto the rail-guided coke quenching car with the CDQ unit. The fourth initiates the opening of the coke ladle to allow the hot coke to fall into the antechamber of the CDQ unit. The coke ladle can then be refilled. The exact position of the coke ladle is known during the entire process. RFID technology reliably improves the position encoding of the coke container, and the steel manufacturer effectively prevents accidents due to falling coke ladles. Robust RFID solution About Company name: Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG Headquarters: Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany Turnover: € 470 m (2014) Group Employees: 3500 (2014) Products: sensor, fieldbus, connection and interface technology, human-machine interfaces (HMI), RFID systems for factory and process automation As the plant is an open air facility, the operator uses IP 67 read/write heads coupled with the RFID modules of the Turck IP67 I/O system BL 67. The entire identification solution including the field bus connection can therefore be used in temperatures of -25 to +70 °C. The system is furthermore dust and waterproof – it could even operate under water for a short period of time. The IP68 data media used is made of epoxy resin as the operating conditions in the coking plant are extremely rough. Scratches or dirt deposits will not influence the function of the data medium, and do not impede the reading process in any way. The highly robust data medium is ideally suited for closed circuit applications. The eight bytes transmitted during each reading process are completely sufficient for the application. The BL 67/I/O station is very flexible as well: The RFID modules, which capture the signals of two read/write heads at a time, can be coupled with the gateway. Consequently, the customer will use four modules for the eight read/write heads. Adding more read/write heads will simply require the plugging in of another module in the backplane. This will save costs for additional wiring and gateways. Another criterion for the decision in favour of BL ident was its superior read speed. The Turck system can read the dynamic data in motion without having to reduce the travel speed of the lift. The read/write distance of up to 200 mm is sufficient for the application. An LED indicator on the gateway offers clear information regarding the operating status of the read/write heads and the modules, without having to see the read/write heads mounted far overhead AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015

SENSORS AND MEASUREMENT directly. The prefabricated cables have additionally simplified the installation, and ensure reliable data transfer under these harsh conditions. Conclusion The steelworks put the Turck RFID solution for precise position encoding into operation in 2011. The system has reliably resisted the very harsh operating conditions ever since. The operator has been particularly impressed with this reliability and the systems accuracy. BL ident furthermore significantly simplifies the process with the 2 RFID-S module, as read/write processes can be triggered directly via the I/Os of the controller, and require no separate function components in the controller software. Identification at a glance With BL ident, the modular RFID system from Turck, you can use the proven HF-technology and the wide-reaching UHF-technology in parallel in one identification solution. The BL ident system offers data carriers, read/write heads, connectivity solutions and interfaces (complete sets with gateway and plug-in RFID modules), which can be combined flexibly depending on the requirements. The rugged data carriers with high protection class are insensitive to dirt and liquids and are available with a max. memory size of 8 Kbyte. They are passively powered via the read/ write head and are maintenance free. You have fieldbus interfaces for Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Ethernet/IP, EtherCAT, Profinet and Modbus TCP. A maximum of 16 channels working in parallel are possible. Programmable gateways enable distributed and fast signal processing. Alternatively, the BL compact series offers customized interfaces in the form of compact, fully potted IP67 components. 03 The modular RFID-System BL ident offers data carriers, read/write heads, connectivity solutions and interfaces, which can be combined flexibly depending on the requirements AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015