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Automation Technologies 3/2015

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Automation Technologies 3/2015


EDITORIAL China in transition Dear readers, Chinese markets have been in an uptrend for years. So it’s no wonder that for many companies, China is the land flowing with milk and honey – a country with a perpetually booming economy. Even growth rates of 7 % were seen as a sign of stagnation and a threat to foreign investors. And now? We are currently experiencing falling growth rates and rising margin pressure for import countries doing business with China. Does that mean the golden times are over? On the one hand, the Chinese government is promoting automation of the domestic economy in 2015 more strongly than ever. The German economy among others will also benefit from this, as German engineering is very highly regarded. The majority of companies with experience in doing business with China are certain on that point. This indicates rapid development in the automation of production sites. On the other hand, there is no lack of stumbling blocks: Automation technology from highly industrialized countries is often too expensive for the Chinese market, bureaucratic hurdles are too high and companies are often lacking in understanding of Chinese culture. But one thing is clear: Business with China is going to change. The trend away from quantitative and towards qualitative growth also offers companies new opportunities – and the opportunities outweigh the risks by far. And that will ultimately benefit both sides. You can also benefit from our latest content and topics: This edition is largely dedicated to automation in China. But all sorts of outstanding technological innovations are also waiting to help you in your dayto-day work and to solve your problems. Not just in China, but everywhere in the world. So why not tap into the inspiration? Would you like to read our articles regularly? You can subscribe free of charge at We would be happy to add you to our list of subscribers! Dirk Schaar Editor-in-chief AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES Andreas Wolf Project Manager Hannover Fairs International AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 3/2015