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Automation Technologies 2/2014

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Automation Technologies 2/2014

Components and Software

Components and Software Cables for drag chain applications: Tested to the limit Cables for drag chain applications have to meet particularly strict requirements before being delivered to customers. Leoni AG has specialized in providing high quality cables — and developed very strict testing methods for its products. These methods and the consequent benefits will be outlined in the following article. Back to current issue Leoni AG’s Business Unit Industrial Solutions is a specialist in the development and production of cables and cable systems in the industrial environment. Its products range from standard industrial automation cables through to customised special cables in batch sizes from 100 m. All cable solutions are also offered in assembled form. Alongside excellent electric and mechanical properties, our technological leadership in this area is based particularly on an impressive variety of materials combined with many years of experience, meaning that products can be optimised for their respective application and that we can offer individual solutions. The properties called for in this respect are resistance to oil and chemicals as well as welding beads, flame retardants and impermeability to radiation. Business Unit Industrial Solutions provides a wide range of NF + HF cables for drag chain applications in automation and drive engineering. These drag AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2014

Components and Software chain cables boast a long life expectancy combined with the smallest possible bend radii. The moveable laying, the rough ambient conditions as well as the severe mechanical strains: all these factors call for quality cables. Leoni in Friesoythe runs a wide variety of tests to meet these requirements. Testing can take years Drag-capable cables are exposed to extreme strains to prove their durability and thereby to meet the mounting requirements with respect to cable quality, lifespan and their ability to maintain their mechanical and electric properties. Depending on the customer’s requirement, the cables are tested for years and have to withstand up to 10 million flex cycles. Leoni in Friesoythe currently operates drag chain testing lines with travel from 2 m up to 50 m, acceleration up to 50 m/s as well as traversing speeds up to 360 m/min. Additionally, the cables are tested for twist and pull around their own axis. In the process they are stressed with torsion movement of up to ± 360°, partly on a length of just 30 cm. The flex testing lines are used to verify that cables fulfil the corresponding customer specifications. The rollers used can cover bend radii from 10 mm to 125 mm. Special test for resistance against aggressive media Apart from the mechanical examinations, the in-house laboratory tests resistance to fire and aggressive media. The behaviour of the cable in the event of fire is tested pursuant to such German and international standards as IEC, UL, CSA, EN, VDE and NF. The flammability of the cable’s non-metallic elements is also tested. When it comes to testing for resistance to such aggressive media as oils, a distinction has to be made between conventional oil resistance tests and tests for resistance to drilling sludge. Tests for resistance to oil are run pursuant to European, North American and shipbuilding standards. The jacket samples are immersed in IRM 902 test oil. Resistance to drilling sludge is tested pursuant to NEK 606 on an oil basis and on a calcium bromide brine (water) basis; the test runs for 56 days. 01 Leoni offers a wide range of cables for drag chain applications 02 The cables are tested for oil and drilling sludge resistance With its strict testing methods Leoni’s Business Unit Industrial Solutions provides its customers certainty to use cables, cable systems as well as integrated system solutions that are fit for the job in question. With its bases in 29 countries, the Business Unit is close to its customers all around the globe. Company: Leoni Headquarters: Nuremberg, Germany Turnover: € 3,92 bn (2013) Employees: 62 000 (2013) Products: cables, fibers, cable systems About AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2014