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Automation Technologies 2/2014

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Automation Technologies 2/2014

Sensors and Measurement

Sensors and Measurement back to current issue previous page 02 Individually parameterisable for integrated transmitter with free PC configuration software Wikasoft-TT Speaking of usability, there are still a wide diversity of interfaces in the process industry. However, through its ease of operation and mobility, USB is increasingly on the rise. Similarly, suppliers are equipping their electronic instrumentation with this communication standard. Thus, the TR33/34 can be towards the M12 circular connector. The main reasons for this are obvious: tool-free assembly, significant space saving in the design and high flexibility. The M12 connectors are robust and, with a range of different designs and materials, they can be used in almost any application. “In discussions with process engineers and plant operators, the talk points us clearly in one direction: more functions in a single device.” Jens Baar; wika configured easily and quickly with any computer through the PU448 programming unit, its status queried and possible errors discovered. Technical and economic aspects The will for price-performance optimisation becomes noticeable in the design of the instruments, not just in their functionality. An indicator of this is the shift in electrical connection preference: away from the angular connector per DIN EN 175301-803, A combination of small size and M12 connector significantly reduces the space required for the measuring point. The measuring instrument can be incorporated perfectly into any plant construction and with its small dimensions it is also very vibration resistant. Therefore, Wika has developed something new for the market; a universal adapter for its miniature thermometers, so they can be fitted or retrofitted to any kind of installation. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2014

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