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Automation Technologies 2/2014

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Automation Technologies 2/2014

Sensors and Measurement

Sensors and Measurement back to current issue previous page 02 Ultrasonic sensor with metal housing and integrated M12 connection 03 The sensors can be taught directly on the sensor via pin 5 Flexibility maximized The high-end versions of the ultrasonic sensor series also feature an IO-Link interface so that they can offer enhanced parameter and communication options. The free Pactware parameterization software enables some sensor parameters to be tuned precisely to the requirements of the particular application. For example, the ultrasonic sensors can be set as a pure emitter or receiver, so that two sensors can be installed to create an ultrasonic opposed mode sensor. The setting of a time lock, temperature compensation of the internal or an external temperature sensor, the setting of the analog output signal as a rising or falling characteristic or even as an additional switching output is possible, as well. If two independent switching outputs are required instead of the switching output and analog output, these can be set to PNP or NPN switching output types with N/C or N/O function. If several devices are installed in close proximity, the user can synchronize the sensors in order to prevent any mutual interference. An alternative to this is multiplex operation in which the individual devices operate in sequence. Besides the parameter options provided, IO-Link provides a communication route between sensor and master. It enables the latest process value to be read out directly at any time if a switching or analog signal is not required. The flexibility offered by IO-Link has enabled Turck to improve the maintainability of its ultrasonic sensors in many applications with specific require- ments. The compatible connectors and pin assignments simplify the change for customers wishing to switch to the new ultrasonic sensors. Three sensor lines Compact series in the M18 housing style with one switching output. As the output characteristics — diffuse mode or opposed mode, both with an N/O as well as an N/C switching output — can now be adjusted, two versions are enough to replace the previous multitude of types: A version with a 40 cm range and one with a 100 cm. The setting is carried out via the teach cable or an adapter. Standard variant with a double switching output. Switching points, switching range limits and output functions can either be set via the teach cable/adapter or via teach buttons on the device. The standard variants are available as 40 and 130 cm sensors in the housing styles M18, and as 300 cm sensors in the M30 housing style. High-end variants with the parameter options via IO-Link. These versions are available in the M18 housing style with a 40 and 130 cm sensing range, and as an M30 version with a range of 130 and 300 cm. AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGIES 2/2014

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