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Product News Maintenance-free chains for applications in conveying systems Munich-based chain manufacturer iwis antriebssysteme GmbH & Co. KG introduces ‘Megalife’, it’s brand for maintenance-free roller and conveyor chains. The special characteristics of the Megalife chains allow longer replacement intervals and reduce maintenance costs and downtimes of conveying systems. The chains are used wherever re-lubrication is not possible or disadvantageous, for example in dry ambient conditions and on installations with restricted maintenance access. For enhanced properties, the bushes are sintered and have been hardened and specially treated. The pin features a wear-resistant, friction-optimised surface coating, and the roller has a corrosionprotected surface that is also wear-resistant. Due to these properties, the Megalife chains have a longer service life and greater strength than conventional low-maintenance chains. Their components are nickel-plated for corrosion protection and can be used in a temperature range from -40 to +160 °C. The Megalife I series products are suitable for applications without re-lubrication at speeds of up to 3 m/s. The Megalife II series offers high-speed chain drives running at more than 3 m/s and exposed to high loads. Eaton demonstrates its expertise in filtration technology Eaton’s filtration division shows how its filtration solutions designed for hydraulics and lubrication applications improve the process efficiency and reliability. The demonstration included high-performing filtration solutions to remove solids and water from hydraulic fluids used in compressors, gearboxes, power units and mobile hydraulics. These filtration solutions help to keep the systems operating efficiency at its peak, prevent contamination that can damage the hydraulic systems, and minimize downtime and operation costs. One of the highlight was Eaton’s ‘Twinfil TWF 4000’ filter unit designed for gear lubrication systems in wind turbines, which reliably filters and de-aerates oil under the most challenging operating conditions. The anodized aluminum body in a compact design is sea waterproof and reduces weight by more than 75 % compared to standard options. Eaton also showcased its range of filter housings, filter elements and the CCS 4 contamination control system. This system helps to promptly initiate actions and cost-saving measures before any failure can occur. PRODUCT NEWS Nachi presents hydraulic units for energy efficient clamping applications in lathes At the trade fair, EMO in Hannover, the company Nachi Europe GmbH had on display its innovative hydraulic units from the NSPi series, that is mainly used for clamping applications in lathes and on machining centers. These hydraulic units are driven by a frequency-controlled motor and when combined with the directly mounted vane pump the unit delivers the volume flow rate and the pressure that exactly matches the present needs. The adjustable vane pump is equipped with a pressure-compensator. With the help of this, the flow rate can be adapted, either to hold the pressure or to deliver a large volume flow rate. An additional advantage of this pump design is the minimized internal leakage compared to axial piston pumps. The NSPi series includes hydraulic units for pressures up to 80 bar and volume flow rates from 10 to 20 l/min. Due to their innovative design these units reduce the energy consumption up to 64 % compared with similar products. Temperature sensors with gold-plated connection wires from Jumo For most of the industrial applications, platinum-chip temperature sensors are used for gathering temperature data. During manufacturing, the platinum layer of the sensors is applied to a ceramic body and subsequently structured in a photolithographic process. Fine adjustment is carried out in a laser trimming process. A special glass layer is then melted on to protect the sensor against external influences and to provide insulation. The electrical connection is enabled through welded-on connection wires. These wires vary both in length and diameter. An additional glass layer applied to the contact surface fastens the connection wires and acts as a strain relief. However, only very few companies can perform the technically demanding manufacturing process. The company Jumo has been manufacturing these extremely small, yet complex sensors for years and is now offering a new model with gold-plated connection wires. The sensor, Jumo PCA EG with its gold-plated nickel connection wires is well-suited for the soft soldering. This sensor is designed for operating in a temperature range from -70 to +500 °C. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017

KTR adds thruster brakes to its extensive portfolio The brake specialist company, KTR, has extended its portfolio of industrial brakes by adding thruster brakes. The electro-hydraulic brake systems of the KTR-STOP TB line are available as disk and thruster brakes and can be used both as an operating and as a safety brake. The disk brake is available in 3 sizes, with a disk diameter of 900 mm, and generates braking torques of up to 15,200 Nm. The thruster brake is available in 7 sizes, with a thruster diameter of 710 mm and is capable of generating brake torques of up to 10,000 Nm. Furthermore, for both the designs, the braking torques can directly adjusted at the brakes on site. A completely encapsulated cylinder increases the protection level against damages and dirt and upon request, the electro-hydraulic brake system can be designed with further options like an automatic wear adjustment, a manual release facility, a limit switch for brake condition and wear of pad or inclined damping. Both the brakes are designed according to corresponding industrial standards and therefore can be integrated into existing systems easily. Caption: Safety brake KTR-STOP TB S (left), thruster brake KTR- STOP TB T (right) A new integrated absolute position sensor from Parker Hannifin Parker Hannifin, the manufacturer of motion and control technologies, has introduced a new integrated absolute position sensor that can provide improved productivity while offering low installation and maintenance costs. The sensor is mounted in the head of the cylinder which reads the pattern on the cylinder rod. Positional values and system health conditions are reported on a serial bus. This CAN bus allows for multiple cylinders with ‘Intellinder’ to be networked together over a single cable providing precise position and information. Since Intellinder cylinders do not use a starting reference point to measure the absolute position, it is faster and delivers higher performance compared to incremental techniques. Intellinder equipped Parker cylinders are supplied fully assembled and tested. Once the cylinder is mounted and connected to the hydraulic system, installation can be completed quickly and easily by making a single electrical connection to the controller. Its fully integrated design employs a rugged, die-cast zinc alloy housing rated to IP68 for the sensor and electronics, which contributes to extreme durability, minimal downtime and low maintenance requirements. New developments in Baumüller’s DS2 series of servo motors Baumüller, the Nuremberg-based drive system specialist is expanding its DS2 servo motor series with increased speeds and an expanded power range. With the new increased speed, the compact DS2 servo motors can achieve up to 5,000 rpm depending on the size. Baumüller can therefore increase the nominal power of the motors in this series with water cooling or optional oil cooling. With the higher speeds, the DS2 servo motors are ideal for use in plastic and rubber applications as well as for printing, forming, and textile machines. With the increased nominal speed, the DS2 offers maximum torque that is available across a broad speed range, thereby improving acceleration. This achieves shorter cycle times and increases machine productivity. The power increase resulting from the speed increase leads to optimized dimensioning of the motor transmission and an improvement in economic efficiency. The internal splined shaft is another innovation to the servo motors series. This interface version does not require any other costly transmission elements, such as couplings or pump supports. It therefore saves costs and optimizes installation space.


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