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Standardized drive

Standardized drive solutions for conveyor applications In industrial facilities with a large number of drive units, the total cost of ownership can be reduced by up to 70 % through intelligent management of variants. Therefore, Nord Drivesystems has established 3 preferred sizes for variable-frequency drives that cover the typical functional and performance requirements in materials handling and conveyor applications. Standardization can save up to 70 % of TCO for drives in conveying systems DRIVE TECHNOLOGY 01 Setup and service switches are easily accessible on the field distribution system Limiting the number of variants can yield greater savings in total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other measure except for lowering energy consumption. Therefore, drive manufacturers should be able to provide viable drive system standardizations for specific industrial segments. Preferred variants will also benefit customers by simplifying the procurement process, from the first drive purchase to any orders that may follow. Obviously, a few standardized drive variants also make inventory management much easier. Furthermore, they make planning and engineering processes less complex for everyone – the drive supplier, the OEM, and the end user. The challenge is to select as few drive configurations as possible in such a way that they adequately fulfill the varied tasks without being oversized. Drive engineers therefore need to thoroughly analyze sector-specific patterns of drive operation and applicationspecific needs. Nord Drivesystems has been designing efficient drive technology for intralogistics and airports for many years. Based on this wealth of experience, the German manufacturer has developed the ‘Logi- Drive’ line of 3 preferred drive variants optimized for these applications. This system ensures leaner purchasing, engineering, maintenance, and staff training processes. Only very few spare parts must be kept in stock. As a result, the TCO in postal hubs, warehouses, and baggage handling systems can be reduced by up to 70 %. Three standardized variants offer higher flexibility The ‘LogiDrive’ line is the solution for conveyor systems spanning many hundred meters. The variable-frequency drives (VFDs) allow WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017

02 ‘LogiDrive’ systems equipped with IE4 synchronous motors, have a strong return of investment in applications with frequent partial-load operation for simple daisy-chaining; short power lines can be connected from one drive to the next. Nord has tailored this line of standardized drives to logistics and airport technology. Three geared motor variants meet all typical performance requirements. IE4 permanent-magnet synchronous motors with power ratings of 1.1, 1.5 or 2.2 kW are combined with efficient two-stage helical-bevel gearboxes in two sizes for torques up to 260 Nm. In case the application requires higher power, motors and drives up to 4kW are available from Nord’s modular system. Robust frequency inverters from the ‘Nordac Link’ series enable a wide range of speeds. They feature a high overload capacity and offer a uniquely versatile range of functions. Fieldbus modules for all commercially available systems including the Industrial Ethernet variants Profinet, Ethernet Powerlink, EtherCAT, and EtherNet/IP are available for project-based integration. The on-board drive PLC acts as a protocol converter to existing control architectures. The drives feature comprehensive certifications and thereby facilitate work for system integrators who can use the same, familiar technology everywhere, with no extra effort for certifications or dedicated developments. Easy to operate and energy saving drive units ‘LogiDrive’ systems are easy, quick, and safe to install thanks to fully pluggable, coded connectors. Maintenance switches, key switches, and direction switches on the devices allow for flexible direct access to individual drive axes for setup or service. Driverelated sensors and actuators can be connected via M12 plugs. Sensor data collected by the inverters can be passed on to higherlevel systems, which reduces otherwise necessary wiring. Plug & play, pre-parameterized inverters also simplify maintenance. Drive components can be easily replaced. Instead of swapping out entire drive units, for instance, only the geared motor can be exchanged. This not only saves costs but is also much more environmentally responsible. Thanks to their light-alloy housings, the compact drives are easy to handle as well: on average, they are about 25 % lighter than steel- alloy drives. The ‘LogiDrive’ systems’ IE4 or Super Premium Efficiency synchronous motors take their energy-saving potential to its full extent in conveying systems with frequent partialload operation. By consuming significantly less energy, they pay for themselves in a very short time. Integrated safety as well as precision ‘LogiDrive’ systems efficiently and safely power the horizontal, inclined, and vertical conveyors, enabling OEMs of all such systems to save substantial planning time and construction costs. A load monitor protects the driven equipment by stopping the motor in case of blocked applications. Nord can even implement the STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 for every single drive axis by means of ‘TÜV’-certified electronic modules. Employ- ing field-oriented vector control, the inverters achieve high-precision control. In hoist applications, for example, they provide full torque from zero speed and reliably deliver set speeds even under load fluctuations. Standard inverter features furthermore include connection options for incremental and absolute encoders. The drives manage absolute and relative positioning as well as smart braking. Positions and distances can be programmed via the bus or directly on the device. Multiple drives in master/slave operation can synchronize speeds or positions. Featuring integrated PLC as well as PI controller functions and a wide range of sensor interfaces, these systems can even be used to drive fully autonomous modular equipment in a larger installation. Electronic inverters enable highly flexible speed adjustment. This allows for limiting the number of different drives in a larger installation to only a few sizes and gear ratios. Nord has extensive practical experience in the field of conveyor technology. The drive manufacturer has designed efficient drive systems for hundreds of intra-logistics plants and airports across the world. The company draws on a large modular program of drive components that are manufactured in-house. The energy-saving motors are suitable for worldwide use and available in all common efficiency classes. The frequency inverters provide enhanced intelligence in plant segments and ensure high efficiency especially in partialload operation. The new ‘LogiDrive’ systems for airport and other logistics applications demonstrate the benefits of greatly simplified variant management and the major cost savings associated with it. Photographs: Getriebebau Nord GmbH & Co.KG About Nord Drivesystems The company has been a manufacturer of drive technology for over 50 years. Today Nord Drivesystems employs more than 3,600 people and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of comprehensive drive solutions. In 2016, the gross sales amounted to EUR 560 million. With subsidiaries and distributors in 89 countries around the world and an extensive service network ensure minimal lead times and provide customer-oriented services. The company’s portfolio ranges from standard drives to customized solutions for demanding application requirements. Nord’s wide variety of gears cover torques from 10 Nm to 250 kNm. The company also supplies motors with outputs from 0.12 kW to 1,000 kW and manufactures frequency inverters up to 160 kW. WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 5/2017


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