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Product News Highly efficient roller pinion system from America’s Nexen group Nexen Group introduces a stainless steel version of its patented precision roller pinion system (RPS). This system engages two teeth simultaneously to achieve superior accuracy (+- 50 µm) with zero backlash at any length. The system is quiet, efficient and the stainless steel makes it corrosion resistant. It acts as a low maintenance, durable alternative to rack and pinion, ball screw and belt drive technology. The system uses needle bearings to support the rollers that engage the teeth. This eliminates the sliding friction, leading to an efficiency greater than 99 %. This high efficiency means little is lost to friction, heat, and wear, providing a long life of 60,000,000 pinion revolutions. Other key features include high speeds of up to 11 m/s, and unlimited length, with custom lengths and modular components available. ContiTech opens new plant for elastomer coatings in China Robust switches for automation applications Phoenix Contact is extending its range of switches for automation tasks with new versions 2 200 and 2 300 in the FL Switch 2 000 product range. They are suitable for the flexible construction of robust and failsafe networks in manufacturing, in the infrastructure and processing industry, as well as in maritime applications. The switches can be used in Ex Zone 2 according to ATEX and IECEx, and have shipbuilding approvals GL/DNV, ABS, LR, BV, and RINA. A temperature range extending from of - 40 to + 70 °C and redundant power supply also enable its use under harsh conditions. For a high data throughput, the gigabit variant 2300 is available. Just like all switches in the FL Switch 2 000 product range, these new versions offer functions for easy and flexible startup. The switches have the necessary mana gement functions for Profinet and and EtherNet/IP applications. PRODUCT NEWS The opening of ContiTech’s new facility for coated fabrics marks a milestone in the companies’ history in China. It is the first production site for elastomer coatings outside Germany. “The investment into the new plant underlines our commitment to the Chinese market. It allows us to better meet our customers’ demands in different industries,” emphasizes Dr. Peter Scholtissek, Head of ContiTech Elastomer Coatings. With a total investment of more than 20 Million Euros, the plant produces high-performance coated materials for a variety of applications. Furthermore, the plant sets benchmarks for an ecological and energy-friendly manufacturing. Based on cutting-edge facilities for waste air treatment, the site stays below Chinese emission limits more than ten times. Its thermal insulation systems also helps to save energy at a uniquely high level. Series production has been running since beginning of 2017. From its new base in Changshu, the company is successfully delivering coated fabrics in China as well as other Asian countries. IMI Precision Engineering upgrades its valve islands with ProfiNet IRT and EtherNet/IP Offering market leading flow rates, almost countless configurations and a choice of connectivity to enhance customer applications, IMI Precision Engineering is upgrading the connectivity of its IMI Norgren VM and VS ranges of valve islands with Profinet IRT and EtherNet/IP. Providing ultimate flexibility of machine design, the VM series valve island is available in 10 and 15 mm valve body widths and provide flow rates of 430 and 1,000 l/min respectively. Responding to the market demand, the company has increased the connectivity options on its VM10 Valve Islands from individually wired, multipole and fieldbus to industrial ethernet. Ron Bennett, the global product marketing manager for valves at IMI Precision Engineering, explains “The upgraded VS and VM Series of valve islands are our most connected ranges yet. Incorporating the same footprint, reliability and support, but with increased connection flexibility. We are also upgrading our online valve island configurator which helps customers select the correct product for their application.” WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 3/2017

Rexroth motion controls for electrohydraulic axes Today’s design engineers are looking for solutions which can freely combine electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic axes and scale them without the need for major software interventions. Rexroth simplifies this modularization with a finely graded range of motion controls for electrohydraulic axes. Rexroth is the only manufacturer that uses identical control hardware platforms as well as integrated software standards and identical engineering tools for all intelligent drives. For the design of electro-hydraulic axes, Rexroth provides virtual images of the motion controls and their hydraulic actuators, which help in avoiding under- or over-dimensioning without having to build a prototype first. This reduces the time to market and the engineering costs significantly. With the same open programming standards and engineering tools, they include a broad spectrum ranging from single-axis controllers without control cabinets to the control cabinet versions up to a multi-axis controller for a number of electro-hydraulic and electro-mechanical axes. Top-notch automation in storage and retrieval units for logistics tasks Increased productivity, better use of space for logistics tasks and lower energy consumption – these are the main requirements for next-generation storage and retrieval units (SRUs). Lenze has now brought a new automation solution with intelligent hardware and integrated software tailored to the requirements of the modern SRUs. The software toolbox from Lenze, which controls all SRU functions is integrated and is focused on setting parameters instead of programming. Online identification of payloads enables automatic adjustment of the servo controller to the constantly changing loads during SRU operation. This reduces the tendency to oscillate and helps in increasing the speed. In an event of power failure, Lenze has developed a mechanism where the SRU’s existing kinetic energy is dissipated and only then the brakes are applied, ensuring less wear and tear. Its position-based speed monitoring, which controls the speed of the travelling drive as it gets closer to the end of the aisle. Change your bearing now High-performance bearings with predictable service life Find suitable bearings and calculate their service life online: and save 40% Whether bronze or sintered bearings, coated metal bushings or needle roller bearings: Reduce costs and improve machine performance with iglidur ® polymer bearings. Lubrication-free, lightweight and wear-resistant for your moving application. Find out all you need to know about replacement of your bearings: plastics for longer life from 24 h ® Free sample: Tel. +49-2203-9649-145 igus-englisch.indd 1 17.05.2017 13:17:12 WORLD OF INDUSTRIESMOTION, DRIVE & AUTOMATION 3/2017


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