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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 4/2017

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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 4/2017

World leadership in

World leadership in liquid analysis SENSORS AND MEASUREMENT Frost & Sullivan named Endress+Hauser as its Global Company of the Year in 2016. "Endress+Hauser supports customers in the liquid analysis sector better than any other vendor." That was the judgment of US consulting company Frost & Sullivan based on its extensive market and competition research. With an estimated volume of over 0 million in 2015, the global water analysis market is driven primarily by the need to measure and control water quality parameters in order to meet the official industry standards and ensure high water quality for end-users. As the problem of water pollution is increasing steadily, because standards for the monitoring of water quality are not being observed, supplying clean, safe water has become a constant challenge in the current scenario. In this context, companies supplying highly differentiated water analysis systems – such as pH meters, conductivity meters, measuring equipment for dissolved oxygen and opacimeters, to measure the biological, physical and chemical properties of water – must bring to market robust solutions featuring state-of-the-art functionality in order to respond effectively to these global challenges. Another concern faced by vendors of water analysis systems is linked to the tough competition among the companies on the About Endress+Hauser Endress+Hauser is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the process automation industry with its headquarters in Reinach, Switzerland. The company offers comprehensive process solutions for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature measurement and recording across wide range of industries. Endress+Hauser employees app. 13,000 people worldwide and annual revenues up to EUR 2.1 billion. market. In order to stand out from the competition in such a scenario, companies must ensure that their existing product lines are distinctive, stick to competitive price points, and enhance the technological promise of their offering to users. And that is exactly what Endress+Hauser has done. Highly advanced technology In its efforts to enhance its promise to its customers, and build on its existing 63 years of success, Endress+Hauser has responded effectively to unfulfilled customer requirements, assuring consistent water quality and overall safety based on the introduction of state-of-the-art products and technologies. Endress+Hauser's Memosens technology is a strong demonstration of the company's expertise, and has redefined liquid analysis. It converts the measured value into a digital signal and transmits it by contactless means to the transducer. This eliminates any problems caused by moisture and corrosion. The option to generate a warning if the signal transmission is interrupted is an additional help in avoiding potential measurement errors. This gave Endress+Hauser a competitive edge, enabling it to revolutionize the process of liquid analysis based on its Memosens technology and by precalibrating its sensors under favorable laboratory conditions, so offering optimum user-friendliness. Comprehensive portfolio Endress+Hauser offers a comprehensive product portfolio covering all essential analytical parameters for the monitoring of water quality. The company also markets an extensive range of equipment for applications in the monitoring of drinking water, waste water and industrial process water. A sound product portfolio, paired with a keen eye for innovation and a clear focus on customers' needs, were the key factors in establishing Endress+Hauser's strong position on the global liquid analysis market – so no wonder it's an award-winner. Global company of the year The Global Company of the Year title in the water analysis industry is awarded on the basis of an assessment by independent analysts. WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 4/2017

02 01 03 The assessors judge the competing companies' visionary innovation and performance, as well as their impact on their customers. With an overall score of 9.25 marks out of 10, Endress+Hauser was rated well ahead of its competitors. They achieved scores of 8.5 and 7.5 marks respectively. "Endress+Hauser offers a comprehensive product portfolio for all analytical parameters essential to the monitoring of water quality", was the appraisal of Frost & Sullivan sector analyst Krishnan Ramanath. Transducers, samplers and analyzers from the Liquiline series, together with Memosens sensors, today provide a universal platform for liquid analysis in many different sectors and applications – from simple pH measuring points to wet-chemical analyzers for highly demanding tasks. Dr. Manfred Jagiella is delighted at having won the title: "This award affirms that we have revolutionized liquid analysis with our products." The CEO of Gerlingen-based liquid analysis specialist Endress+Hauser Conducta is responsible for the analytics business on the group's main board. "A well-conceived overall concept, and perfect interaction between all the components involved, ensures reliable measurement, ease of operation, and low total cost of ownership." Strategic focus on analytics The company's success in liquid analysis did not happen by chance. Endress+Hauser regards the entire field of analytics as a key focus area for development. Endress+Hauser group CEO Matthias Altendorf explains the strategy: "Our customers not only want to measure process conditions, but also test material properties and product quality in real time, while the process is running". At the one hand, the company has strengthened its process analytics operations through acquisitions, bringing onboard state-of-the-art technologies such as Raman spectroscopy and laser absorption spectroscopy. On the other hand, its acquisition of the analytics business of Jena AG has provided it with broader-based access to the laboratory analytics field. Photographs: Endress+Hauser 01 With its Memosens sensor technology and Liquiline platform for transducers, samplers and analyzers, Endress+Hauser has revolutionized liquid analysis 02 US consultants Frost & Sullivan awarded Endress+Hauser the title of Global Company of the Year 03 With Memosens technology, the measured value is digitized while still in the sensor, and is transmitted by contactless means via an inductive link which also powers the sensor 04 Memosens sensors can be calibrated and regenerated in the lab, enabling them to be quickly and easily replaced in the system on-site 02 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 4/2017


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