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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 2/2017

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WORLD OF INDUSTRIES - Industrial Automation 2/2017

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to develop additional web-based services and to pursue new business opportunities outside the boundaries of traditional industries. At Hannover, companies demonstrate how digitalization can create innovative and highly customized solutions more quickly than ever before. The biggest potential of digitalization lies in the development of completely new business models. Hannover Messe is increasingly turning into a platform for partnerships between IT companies and engineering firms, or between startups and major corporations; something which was previously unheard before. NEWS AND MARKETS Rise of the ‘Cobots’ Hannover Messe gives prime importance to collaborative robots or ‘Cobots’, as they are known. Cobots are designed to work alongside human workers, assisting them with a variety of tasks. The biggest advantage these Cobots provide is that they are as simple to operate, just like a smartphone. Moreover, they are affordable, selflearning and they can be placed in small-spaced assembly lines. They are highly adaptable and they are flexible to handle repetitive, boring and ergonomically challenging tasks. As time goes on, these Cobots are getting cleverer and cheaper to buy, making them a cost-effective gateway to the benefits of Industry 4.0, particularly for smaller companies. Much like drones today, cobots will eventually develop into a mass market that will give rise to a wealth of totally new business ideas. The Energy show: showcasing tomorrow’s energy system Digitalization is transforming the energy industry. The energy system of tomorrow will be fundamentally different from today’s system which is based on centralized power plants. Creating a futuristic energy system is not just about digitalizing all the individual components. It requires a highly co-ordinated effort involving all the key players and technologies from energy generation, storage and transmission to distribution. Under the banner ‘Integrated Energy’ at Hannover, leading companies from all over the industrialized world cover a wide spectrum of topics including integrated and smart grids, renewable energy, decentralized supply, energy storage, energy efficiency. With more than 1200 companies taking part in the Energy Show on a combined display area of 43,000 m 2 , Hannover Messe is about to shape the future of our energy systems. The Integrated Energy Plaza’s forum programs are organized by the German Energy Agency (dena) in partnership with a number of German industry associations, including the VDMA and ZVEI, offers the visitors a chance to learn more about the key issues affecting industry. Poland: the partner country at Hannover Messe 2017 For Germany and many other EU nations, Poland is an important international trade partner. Poland’s biggest trading partner is its neighbor, Germany. Machinery, automobiles and electronic equipment are amongst Poland’s strongest segments. In 2016, imports and exports generated total foreign trade of more than € 350 billion for Poland. Germany is responsible for 23 % of all Polish imports and 27 % of Poland’s exports. As the Partner Country at this year’s show, Poland wants to send a clear signal that the Polish government sees re-industrialization as one of its most important objectives. Hannover Messe 2017 will be officially inaugurated by German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo. Photographs: Deutsche Messe AG WORLD OF INDUSTRIES – INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION 2/2017

Worldwide News Security without borders Wibu-Systems is reshaping the economy of the Industrie 4.0 age and accompanying intelligent device manufacturers with CodeMeter, its multi-platform, multi-vendor, and multipurpose technology, on their journey from machine vendors to solution providers. The digital know-how protection, secure key storage, and license lifecycle management capabilities of CodeMeter will be demonstrated at multiple sites at the Hannover Messe: First, at Wibu-Systems’ exhibition space using an embroidery machine accepting only licensed software. The generated production data is also securely transmitted to the security testbed spanning across the Industrial Internet Consortium Member Pavilion, the Plattform Industrie 4.0, and other IIC member’s booths. Additionally, CodeMeter will harden B&R technology while staying true to the ultimate goal of standardization that the SmartFactor initiative is pursuing with their cross-site demonstration at the Hannover Messe. Escha and fortop intensify partnership With fortop automation & energy B.V., the German connectivity specialist Escha has had a new sales partner in the Netherlands for about a year now. So far, both companies have been very satisfied with the partnership development and want to extend their cooperation in 2017. In addition to the Netherlands, the cooperation should also be intensified in Belgium and Great Britain. “With fortop, we have found the ideal partner in the Netherlands. Already in the first few months of our cooperation, we generated valuable project approaches and the business with standard- and special connectivity made an excellent start”, explains Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Rodert, Regional Sales Manager at Escha and adds: “First, we want to develop further the Dutch market and broaden our position. Furthermore, we want to strategically extend the first successful approaches in Belgium and Great Britain. In these countries, we can also resort to the proven logistics and wide market presence of fortop.“ Escha offers its products and services in 29 countries through own sales and a worldwide sales partner network. Measuring technology for industry and machine construction Position indicators Actuators Rotary encoders & Wire-actuated encoders Magnetic measurement HMI 2017, Hall: 9, Booth: G81 SIKO, a strong partner for industry and machine construction ■ Specialising in measuring technology since 1963 ■ Decades of experience in distance, angle & rotary measuring technology ■ ■ Individual customisation and developments for our clients International sales and support through subsidiaries or local representatives


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