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Smooth and trouble-free

Smooth and trouble-free With its clutches, couplings and brakes, mayr power transmission offers complete solutions from a single source – for the reliable protection of machine tools and machining centres. For example, a wide spectrum of backlash-free, high-performance servo couplings provides a secure connection between the shafts. mayr power transmission has developed a wide portfolio of reliable safety brakes specifically for the safeguarding of gravity-loaded axes. This is because hanging loads represent a substantial risk potential in machines and systems. Picture: backlash-free, flexible Roba-ES elastomer coupling (left) and Roba-topstop, the modular safety brake system (right). Solution for real-time thermal analysis The high performance Flir A6750 MWIR camera offers short exposure times and high-speed windowed frame rates, making it an ideal choice for recording rapid thermal events and fast-moving targets. Freeze motion or achieve accurate temperature measurements on moving subjects, and perform a variety of non-destructive testing with this cooled InSb camera. The 327, 680 (640 x 512) pixel IR resolution and high sensitivity produce crisp imagery, well suited to electronics inspections, medical thermography, and more. The camera is plug-and-play with third-party software, and works seamlessly with Flir ResearchIR for intuitive viewing, recording, and advanced processing of thermal data. Machine learning for control systems Beckhoff now offers a machine learning (ML) solution that is seamlessly integrated into TwinCAT 3 software. Building on established standards, TwinCAT 3 Machine Learning brings to ML applications the advantages of system openness familiar from PC-based control. In addition, the TwinCAT solution supports machine learning in real-time, allowing it to handle even demanding tasks like motion control. These capabilities provide machine builders and manufacturers with an optimum foundation to enhance machine performance, e.g. through prescriptive maintenance and process self-optimisation. Picture: With TwinCAT 3 software, experts can tap into new machine learning and deep learning possibilities. Launch of laser thru-beam sensors With the new laser thru-beam sensor series HG-T, Panasonic launches an easy-to-use and customer-friendly laser measurement systems with many features and is responding to the needs of the market. The HG-T sensors work like optical micrometers that can precisely measure µm even over large distances. A laser belt with a width of 10 mm allows the high-precision monitoring of wide webs, for example in the printing industry. The laser measurement system consists of a controller and a sensor head with an emitter and a receiver. The controller offers many preset functions such as edge detection, diameter measuring, or measuring of transparent objects. PRODUCTS Editorial board: Winfried Bauer (Editor-in-chief), E-mail: Peter Becker (Editor-in-chief), E-mail: Nicole Steinicke (Editor-in-chief), E-mail: Manfred Weber, E-mail: Svenja Stenner, E-mail: Managing editor: Winfried Bauer Assistant editors: Petra Weidt, Melanie Lerch, Angelina Haas, Ulla Winter Design/Layout: Anna Schätzlein, Sonja Daniel, Anette Fröder, Mario Wüst E-paper designer: Katja Rüdell Publishing house: Vereinigte Fachverlage GmbH Lise-Meitner-Str. 2, 55129 Mainz, Germany Commercial register No.: HRB 2270, District Court of Mainz VAT-ID: DE149063659 Privacy statement: Managing director: Dr. Olaf Theisen Publishing director: Dr. Michael Werner, E-mail: Correspondent India: Sushen Haresh Doshi M.Sc. Advertising sales director: Beatrice Thomas-Meyer, E-mail: Advertising sales manager: Oliver Jennen, E-mail: Andreas Zepig, E-mail: Sales representatives Austria: Heinz-Joachim Greiner, E-mail: France: Marc Jouanny, E-mail: Great Britain, Ireland: Rob Brewer, E-mail: Switzerland, Italy: Hermann Jordi, E-mail: Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway: Malte Mezger, E-mail: USA, Canada, Mexico: Patrick Venezia Jr, E-mail: Advertising disposition: Annemarie Benthin, E-mail: Heike Rauschkolb, E-mail: Nevenka Islamovic, E-mail: In cooperation with: Hannover Fairs International GmbH, Messegelände, 30521 Hannover, Germany Internet: 34 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2019

Digital future must be actively shaped Today, supply chains are complex and global networks that can increasingly only be handled through digitalisation. Intralogistics as a cross-sectional discipline is gaining in importance and occupies key positions in many areas. Because the more transparent the digital flow of information, the smoother the actual physical transport of materials runs – and that equally in a smart factory or in a modern warehouse. Therefore, the future of the industry can only lie in networked solutions and digital services. The major drivers worldwide are still the automotive industry and the rapidly growing e-commerce sector. Like other industries, they depend on smooth and highly adaptable processes. Automation in this context is not a new, but still important keyword. In the past, automation was primarily an issue for large companies with a high proportion of standardized processes. Today, the massively increased computing power and increasingly intelligent technologies and components are opening the way to automation even for smaller companies – with the necessary flexibility at manageable costs and justifiable effort. Regardless of the customer industry – everywhere there are farreaching changes that have to be mapped and implemented in the logistics processes. For suppliers of intralogistics and materials handling systems, this means actively shaping the step towards Industrie 4.0 and consistently moving forward. They offer the customer individual solutions with which he can shape his path to a smart factory or a smart warehouse. This is important because the next paradigm shift in the industry is already in sight: Automation will become autonomy in the future. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rosenbach, Chairman of the Executive Board of VDMA Materials Handling and Intralogistics The goal are intralogistics systems, capable of networking autonomously, controlling and optimizing their own operations. However, intensive research and development work is still needed here. Communication standards are a large work package. In the industrial environment, OPC UA is the main winner in this context. Therefore, intralogistics is also working on the first Companion Specifications - an exciting development that will give the industry and its solutions many interesting impulses in the coming years. WORLD OF OF INDUSTRIES 4/2019 35


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