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Universally applicable: Bosch Rexroth linear function modules DX500, the sensor that enables predictive maintenance of gear unit background: fotolia The new FMB and FMS function modules for handling, infeed and outfeed tasks as well as general automation complement Bosch Rexroth’s portfolio of Linear Modules. They are based on an aluminum frame. Depending on the size of the frame, one or two Ball Rail Systems and either a belt drive or a ball screw drive are integrated into it. The dimensions of the ready-toinstall modules correspond to common market dimensions with standard load ratings. They are also based on the dimensions of other Rexroth Linear Modules for high-precision applications. The new function modules can be selected, configured and ordered fully digitally. Robust AC-housing motors for versatile applications Gear unit manufacturer Flender showcased its new DX500 smart sensor along with the DX Assist app. It offers a plug & play solution for measurement of vibrations and temperatures on the gear unit and notifies the system operator of any irregularities directly to his smartphone via the app. It enables planning of predictive maintenance work before any unscheduled interruptions or stoppages can occur. The sensors measure and monitor parameters on the gear unit itself and indicate changes by means of LED signals and an alarm signal in the DX Assist app. All alarms are recorded and the system operator can order the required replacement parts or initiate gear unit analysis by Flender experts directly with a click. The operator is also provided with a digital and mobile service log-book for his gear unit to enable him to optimize his spare-part management and reduce maintenance and failure costs. It is available right at the time of gear unit purchase or, in the case of existing systems, after purchase and is easy to install. It is especially intended for gear units for all industrial applications in the low to middle torque range. PRODUCTS Groschopp offers AC-housing motors of model range IGK/ IGL, both in AC- and three-phase- layout. The single-phase models are predominantly used in fans, pumps, conveyor belt drives, cashier- and mixing-systems, while the threephase motors are found in various industrial applications like metal-cutting-machines or in the conveyor techniques. Further applications are found in the foodstuffs-industry, in packaging machines and in medical engineering. By using a frequency converter, the positiong range can be varied from 8 Hz up to 80 Hz at 50 Hz normal frequency. This makes it possible for the motors to be operated at low speed on a continuous basis. Some further advantages of these AC-housing motors are their high efficiency factor and smooth surfaces. That is why they can be cleaned easily – and used without special coating in areas of high standards of hygiene. These induction motors with convection cooling achieve IP65 due to their closed housing: they are immune to outside influences and can be installed in numerous environments. On request, housings can be lacquered, hard-coated, sila-coated or made of stainless steel. IP66/IP68 cable gland for cables with and without connectors Icotek presents with KVT-ER a split cable gland for routing and sealing cables with connectors or complete cable harnesses. But also electric, pneumatic or hydraulic lines without terminals or connectors as well as corrugated conduits can be easily routedThe KVT-ER sizes are based on metric standard cut-outs M25, M32, M50 and M63. Due to the high contact pressure, the injected elastomer gasket and the use of KT single-hole cable grommets, the cable gland KVT-ER reaches protection ratings IP65 / IP66 / IP67 / IP68 (certified according to EN 60529). In order to achieve the certified protection ratings and still be able to offer the highest flexibility in cable diameters, single-hole cable grommets KT small and KT large can be used. Those cover a diameter range of 1 to 35 mm. For routing of e.g. D-Sub connectors icotek offers special KGM locknuts with specific cut-outs. Thanks KVT-ER retrofits, repairs and maintenance can be done easily and quickly. 20 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 8/2018

Wire-actuated encoder SGH50 from Siko Smart servo axis for effective and flexible production processes Lenze, the specialist in machine automation, has come up with a package suitable for positioning tasks, handling and assembly applications, robotics, packaging machines and conveyor drives. At the heart of the solution is the smart i950 servo inverter. Its greater computing power and the integrated EtherCAT-Port make it possible to control multiple axes synchronously at high speed, enabling it to complete complex tasks. The i950 is a match for any operational scenario thanks to its three different modes of operation. It can be freely programmed or serve as an actuating drive under a CiA402 motion control. But the most common mode of operation will no doubt be with the use of the integrated FAST technology applications. These technology modules represent a broad range of functions that nobody no longer has to program itself – instead, to be able to use the functions he just has to set the parameters. The commissioning tool EasyStarter helps to do this with an intuitive graphic parameterising user interface. This makes it user-friendly and ensures that engineers do not have to be used in every phase of a project. The new SGH50 uses a cable mechanism for absolute measurement of hydraulic or telescopic cylinders. With measurement lengths between zero and five meters, the SGH50 has the largest measurement range of the SGH series. Target applications are agricultural machinery, construction machines, municipal vehicles, forestry machines, piston accumulators and other industrial applications. The SGH50 has an extremely durable design. A special plastic developed specifically for the purpose, which is characterized by an extension of fluid temperature resistance from 85°C to 105°C, is responsible for this. It meets the specifications of the most extreme vibration standards, which are also used for testing helicopter turbines, and easily copes with shocks 100 times the force of gravity. Unlike rod-based sensors, its flexible cable completely absorbs vibrations. The hydraulic medium provides additional damping of any vibration. With the integrated teach-in function, the measurement length of the sensor can be taught individually from zero to 5m. Everyone needs one Servocouplings for all drive constellations – inexpensive price – wide product range – short lead time your reliable partner Mayr.indd 1 28.09.2018 09:47:53 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 8/2018 21