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A compact filter pack

A compact filter pack with huge potential applications Argo-Hytos, the fluid power and hydraulics expert from Switzerland has introduced a compact filter pack for oil hydraulic systems. It has immense applications in a multitude of industries and offers great benefits to end users in terms of oil filtration and maintenance. Even it it’s basic version, CFP 03 is an extremely pragmatic solution to small yet real issues of operating hydraulic systems. MOTION AND DRIVES Oil contamination is one of the biggest reasons for failures in oil systems. This problem applies to big industrial applications where tanks have volumes as high as several hundred to several thousand liters, mobile machines and systems powered by small hydraulic power packs. Effective off-line filtration - constantly or temporarily during filling and cyclic service inspections - significantly improves oil purity, minimizes operating costs and extends machine lifetime. The fluid power expert Argo-Hytos offers products from its fluid management portfolio that are well suited for servicing systems with relatively large oil tanks with capacities ranging from 60 to 5000 liters. But in cases of small-sized reservoirs or complex installation positions which make it difficult to access larger service units, the CFP 03 proves to be of utmost importance. It is a completely new and portable filter device for off-line filtration, weighing only 9 kgs. With only 275 x 270 x 265 mm in length, width and height, it has an ergonomic design and is easy to handle. The CFP 03 from the FMA family of Argo-Hytos has a pump and motor unit which is directly connected, and also a durable filter with optical clogging indicator. It is worth emphasizing that the CFP is not only a device for filling machines with oil. It is primarily a service unit for off-line filtration. This type of filtration seems obvious in systems with an easy access to the tank, where installation of two independent hoses (suction and pressure) is not a problem. The real challenges are small systems where oil is poured through one small available port. What about off-line filtration in such systems? The CFP 03 works perfectly in such applications thanks to the innovative suction-return set, which complements the unit. Exclusive solution for maintenance of small units The problem of cleaning and filtering oil is not only related to large devices. The question is how to optimize the service of smaller devices such as compact power packs, for example the SMA 05 family. Unfortunately, these types of systems are very often filled in the wrong way, without the use of professional equipment. As a result, oil poured into the tank does not meet the basic purity requirements. Even newly poured oil’s cleanliness class is worse than recommended by manufacturers of hydraulic components. Filling of a system with such media results in faster component wear and frequent failures. In case of small tanks with volume up to several dozen liters, filling and off-line filtration with standard service units often are not possible. Even a relatively small nominal flow of 8 or 16 l/min is too big and leads to undesired oil spillage because of too fast filling. Moreover, most compact power packs have limited possibilities for connecting external hydraulic hoses. Usually there is only one available port in the oil tank (after removing the ventilating filter) which is too small for parallel installation of a suction and return hose. Without the possibility of oil sucking and then pumping it via a separate hose, off-line filtration cannot be performed. The compact filter pack CFP 03 offers solutions to these problems. Its nominal flow of 3 l/min provides trouble-free filling of small machines. With such a small flow, the risk of spilling or overflowing is minimal. Even in case of a tank with a capacity of several liters, oil can be filled in a controlled manner. This set consists of an aluminum body, suction and pressure tube and a quick couplings kit. Additionally it is equipped with a small ventilating filter which allows exchange of air between environment and tank. Thanks to the magnet attached to the body, the installation of the set in the steel tank is extremely easy and fast. In the first step, the original ventilating filter has to be removed from the tank. Then the suction-return set can be placed in the released port and rotated to any desired angle. The strength of the magnet provides a tight and reliable connection. After the connection of the suction and pressure hose, the entire installation is ready for off-line filtration. The same set can also be used in power packs with plastic tanks. This is possible due to an additional adapter which is made of steel. The adapter screwed into the air filter port is the base for inserting the suction-return set. It’s compact size makes the CFP 03 suitable for use in installations where other units do not work, especially in systems with difficult access to the oil tank, where the connection of a bigger service unit is not possible. Due to its light weight, the CFP 03 is ideal for work at heights and also very useful maintenance services. Thanks to handy plugs, the hoses of the unit can be secured during transport. This helps to avoid unwanted oil leakages. The free ends of the hoses can be plugged immediately after being removed from the tank. This avoids dripping oil and getting the machine dirty. It’s just the beginning The current version of the CFP 03 does not cover all of Argo-Hytos ideas for additional configurations of this product. The CFP’s function of oil dosing seems to be an interesting development option. This is a very useful feature especially in automotive 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 8/2018

01 01 Compact in size and ergonomic in design 02 Suction-return set 03 Off-line filtration in small hydraulic power pack with CFP, connected to the tank via suction-return set 04 Securing of the end of the hydraulic hose with a plug 02 03 04 repair shops. The CFP with particle counter, in turn, could be a complement to the larger family of UMPC 045 and FAPC 016 units. This would be an interesting proposition especially to service companies. Also a version with a 12 or 24 VDC motor appears to be attractive. Such a configuration can be used for example in mobile machines. Just like with other products manufactured at Argo-Hytos, it is possible to customize the basic version: change the length of the suction and pressure hose, the length of the power cable, the standard of the electric plug, the colour of the frame etc. These and other ideas will be implemented successively in response to the needs of the end users. Photographs: Argo-Hytos WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 8/2018 17