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PRODUCTS Predictive maintenance 4.0 from Schaeffler Schaeffler’s DuraSense provides each individual linear axis with precisely the level of re-lubrication it needs based on its loads and requirements. DuraSense reliably prevents both insufficient lubrication and over greasing, which extends machines’ operating life and reduces the rate of failure. The new system protects even heavily interconnected systems against very costly downtimes. It’s sensitive measuring system detects the material fatigue to the surface and increases the frequency of the re-lubricating impulses. The linear axis thus runs smoothly for longer and the product quality remains constant for a longer period of time. Even though the linear guidance system remains fully functional in this condition, the fact that the lubricating impulses are occurring at shorter intervals serves as an indicator and starting point for a prediction of the remaining useful life of the monorail guidance system. This calculation, which will in future be available as a digital service (“LifetimeAnalyzer”), allows maintenance work to be scheduled based on actual operating data and the condition of the system. New SES/SEM70 motor feedback systems from Sick With its all-new SES/SEM70 motor feedback systems, SICK is setting a new standard in the field of direct drives. The company has created a multi-turn variant with a mechanical gear mechanism, eliminating the need for additional components such as external buffer batteries. It can capture up to 4,096 revolutions. The motor feedback system features a hollow shaft diameter of 25 mm and is installed directly on the motor shaft – so there is no need for any strap connections or mechanical couplings. After installation, it is also possible to read out the position of the rotor using the PGT11-S programming device, providing a reliable way of identifying installation errors. The small design saves space and weight, and is rugged, wear-free, and reliable thanks to the bearing-free technology. SICK is also working on another size featuring a hollow shaft diameter of 50 mm, plus a safety variant (SIL2-certified). This system is ideal for use in torque motors and rotary tables, as well as in the diverse area of direct drives within robot applications, injection molding machines, woodworking centers, semiconductor technology, and handling systems. Nord single stage Nordbloc.1 helical gear unit German drive manufacturer, Nord Drivesystems has extended its Nordbloc.1 series with a single stage gear unit for applications with high speeds and torques. The new Nordbloc.1 helical gear unit features ultimate efficiency, high torsional rigidity, low running noise and long service life. In addition, they also meet even the most stringent hygiene requirements thanks to their wash-down design. The FEM-optimised uni-case housing ensures maximum strength and rigidity. All bearings and seal seats are contained within the casing, eliminating joints which can weaken the housing and allow oil leakage. Bores and mounting faces are machined in one step, enabling extremely precise tolerances, thus ensuring accurate positioning of gear teeth, bearings and seals, and longer life for all components. The new Nordbloc.1 products are available in five sizes with motor powers from 0.12 to 7.5 kW for output torques of up to 280 Nm. Robust, efficient, quiet and compact – with the single stage Nordbloc.1 helical gear unit, Nord has created a reliable, robust and economical drive solution for pumps, mixers and fans, as well as for conveyor technology applications. Smart valve sensors from ifm The sensor specialist, ifm presents a new smart valve sensor: whether open, closed or intermediate position, it detects any position of the valve to the nearest degree. Valves control the inflow and outflow of different media in almost every production process. Over time, The seal area may undergo wear or even material deposition may occur. Here the intelligent valve sensor comes into play: it detects even minor position changes of the end positions in the valve and provides condition values via the integrated IO-Link interface. The new smart valve sensor from ifm offers continuous and reliable monitoring of any valve. Innovative power chain cables from Lapp group Lapp Group presented several solutions for power chains from the Ölflex and Unitonic brand families. The flexible control cable Ölflex chain 819 P and CP with special PU compound offers increased robustness, exceptionally high oil resistant outer sheath, are more economical and also certified by UL for use in North America. Lapp is also extending its range of Profinet-compliant cables with Ölfex chain PN cable for connection of Profinet distributors and switches. It is designed for light to medium stresses in power chains, and its heat resistant PVC sheath allows use up to + 90 °C, while the cable is also oil resistant and ideal for applications in harsh environments. The new Unitronic FD Li 2YCY (TP), a low frequency data cable is UV and ozone resistant, while its special PE core insulation has low capacitance and low attenuation. background: fotolia 24 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2018

Sinamics V-converters with new frame size and Profinet connectivity Siemens is extending its Sinamics frequency converter portfolio for standard applications. Sinamics V20 will include a new frame size, the FSAC in the voltage range 1AC, 200 to 240 V 1.1 to 1.5 kW. FSAC is replacing the previous FSB frame, it is 40 % more compact than its predecessor. The Sinamics V20 from the Siemens portfolio is a basic converter which benefits from exceptionally short commissioning times, cost efficiency, simple handling and a robust design. The standard converter is available in 9 frame sizes. There have also been some innovations in the Sinamics V90 servo drive portfolio, where the smallest frame size FSA is now also available as a Profinet version for 0.1 and 0.2 kW, which are covered by frame size FSB at the moment. These changes have enabled the footprint to be reduced by 10 mm, making the V90 FSA frame 18 % smaller. Within the V90 servo drive system the Simotics S-1FL6 (SH45, SH 65 and SH90) motor series has also been released in a more compact design, with the connections now angular on the motor side, but straight on the cable side. The Sinamics V90 servo drive system is particularly suited for highly dynamic applications. Heavy duty encoders for the most severe environmental conditions Posital’s heavy-duty Ixarc incremental and absolute rotary encoders are built to stand up to extreme environmental conditions. Based on a housing design with a track record of surviving the toughest conditions, these devices are suitable for marine vessels, off-shore facilities, mines, cranes, wind turbines and other challenging locations. These sensors feature extra rugged impact-resistant Type 316L stainless-steel or aluminum housings with IP67 rating. Other features include bearings that can stand up to high mechanical shaft loads (up to 250 N axial, 350 N radial) and the ability to stand up to high shock and vibration impact. A special shaft-lock mechanism protects the internal components of the encoder from damage due to extreme thrust loads on the shaft. The operating temperature range for the heavy-duty encoders is -40 to 80° C. Incremental versions of the encoder have resolutions (pulses per revolution) of up to 2 500 PPR, while absolute versions are available with 16-bit resolution (.005°). Incremental variants are available with Push-Pull (HTL) or RS422 (TTL) communications interfaces, while absolute models can be provided with either CANopen or SSI interfaces. ENX 16 RIO encoder from maxon motor For high-precision positioning Requirements on encoders in positioning applications with precision constant-speed control are becoming ever more demanding. This applies particularly where increasingly compact housings need to accommodate an ever greater number of electrical contacts. The company Maxon motor addresses this problem with its new ENX 16 RIO (Reflective, Interpolated, Optical) optical encoder. It is merely 16 mm in size and offers a resolution of up to 65,536 counts per turn, making it ideal for the precise position and velocity control of DC motors. The new encoder from Maxon fulfills all the requirements for a high-resolution optical encoder in a compact design. With 16 mm outer diameter and 7 mm overall length, the housing is mechanically robust and protected from dust due to its injection-molded construction. The operating temperature range is -40 to +100 °C. The encoder can be combined and configured with matching drives online. It fits the new brushless EC-i 30 motors and the brushed DCX motors. The counts per turn and the electrical interface of the ENX 16 RIO encoder are also configurable online. Safety 4.0 ROBA ® -topstop ® —the certified braking system for vertical axes with brake monitoring your reliable partner Mayr-EN.indd 1 19.04.2018 10:39:14 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2018 25


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