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Machine safety using

Machine safety using extended safety integrated functions for Sinamics S210 Siemens extends the Sinamics S210 servo drive system to include the Extended Safety Integrated functions. The existing basic functions such as Safe Torque Off(STO), Safe Stop 1 (SS1) and Safe Brake Control (SBC) are now complemented by extended functions provided by the new firmware versions V5.1 SP1: Safe Stop 2 (SS2), Safe Operating Stop (SOS), Safely-Limited Speed (SLS), Safe Speed Monitor (SSM), Safe Direction (SDI), and Safe Brake Test (SBT). All of these functions ensure machine functions are provided with comprehensive protection. Also the encoders of the Simotics S-1FK2 motors have been updated, to support the new Extended Safety functions and provide an encoder resolution of 22 bits. The motors fitted with the new encoders can be used as replacement parts for previous models. The Extended Safety functions are activated by a license in the converter and are triggered by the higher-level Simatic S7-1500F and/or S7-1500 TF controller via Profisafe. STO and SS1 are activated by terminals and/or Profisafe. The Sinamics S210 servo drive system consists of a converter and the specially developed Simotics S-1FK2 servomotors. The motors are connected to the converters using a OCC. The Sinamics S210 is particularly suited for the dynamic control of motor axes, making sure that low loads can be moved particularly dynamically. The converter is activated via a web server and one-button tuning. Kinematics of all kinds quickly and cost-effectively with robolink Apiro Molex introduces D-Sub earthing connector PRODUCTS Implementing individual automation solutions easily and cost-effectively is the mission of the robolink Apiro modular motion system from igus. When the new series was being developed, the focus was on decoupling the motor and gearbox as well as on the introduction of completely new kinds of worm gear for the achievement of six axes, for example, in an articulated robot. Gearbox with linear motion, inverted and conventional robolink worm gears in four different sizes are planned and, thanks to the exceptional modularity of the system, can be combined with each other as required. With the new modular system, therefore, even complicated movements can be implemented. In the worm gears, high-quality tribo-polymers with solid lubricants are used. The corrosion-free and chemicalresistant high-performance plastics ensure a high degree of stability, low weight, a long service life and freedom from the need for maintenance. In the case of the modular robolink Apiro system, the joints are joined together by means of a multi-functional profile made of aluminium. This makes it possible to insert drive shafts through a hollow space in the middle, a possibility that the inverted worm gear makes use of. The gearbox causes the aluminium profile to rotate, as a result of which it is ideally suited for use in robotics and rotating applications. In the case of the worm gear with linear movement, the aluminium profile can travel linearly through the worm gear or the worm gear travels on the linear profile. In addition, worm gears have very little clearance. Molex introduces a D-Sub form factor Earthing Connector to help customers make secure and robust earthing connections without the use of special tools or specialist training. The connector is designed for hash environments and meets IP66 and IP67 requirements. The Earthing Connector protects equipment from stray voltages through a secure and low-impedance connection to earth. The IP66 and IP67 NEMA-rated Earthing Connector protects sensitive equipment such as telecommunications base stations against water ingress in the field in mated conditions. A cap attached to the connector allows the unmated connector to be IP protected as well. Mobile equipment such as base stations often operate in harsh environments and need flexible and fast installation and servicing. This means that the connections are exposed to the elements. The D-Sub Earthing Connector addresses the needs of fast installation and combines this with an industry known and robust form factor. The D-Sub Grounding Connector features a 40.0A contact to an earth cable (8 AWG) with straight termination and a metal sealing frame for rear installation. Two hexagonal bolts enable the connector to be mounted on the housing. 20 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 4/2018

Comprehensive diagnostics using the safety switch CES-C07 The actual innovation of Euchner’s smallest safety switch is on the inside. The CES-C07 supplements the familiar and frequently used option of connecting sensors in series by adding much more comprehensive diagnostics. Also, the devices provide processrelevant parameters in real time, thereby guaranteeing information for preventive maintenance. The sensors measure relevant parameters in the sur roundings to indicate problems before machine failure can occur. This system can even detect tampering attempts. When safety module ESM-CB is used, this information is polled automatically from each switch in the chain and provided to your control system via IO-Link. It goes without saying that the switch features functions such as weak-range indication and highly visible display LEDs, as well as a safety classification in category 4 / PL e. This switch can also be approached from three directions, allowing it to be mounted in different positions. The standard M12 plug integrated directly into the switch permits connection using standard M12 cables. Another benefit is the option of incorporating mechanical safety switches in the series connection of CES devices. T500-Series: thoughtful ergonomics into a ruggedized thermal camera Flir Systems, Inc. announced the selection of the Flir T500-Series as a “Red Dot: Best of the Best” winner for 2018. The series of thermal cameras incorporates thoughtful ergonomics into a ruggedized, high-performance thermal imager. A lightweight magnesium interior and 180˚ optical block rotation allow for hours of comfortable operation, and a shatterproof Dragontrail touchscreen offers peace-of-mind on even the roughest job sites. While recognized for its design excellence, the T500-Series also includes a wide range of advanced features with professionals in mind. Laser-assisted autofocus allows quick, accurate readings, while Flir Vision Processing combines IR resolution, MSX and UltraMax image to create a detailed, brilliant thermal image with very little noise. Your Global Automation Partner Industry 4.0 Generator! RFID System Solutions 工 业 4.0 先 驱 ! RFID 系 统 解 决 方 案 Easy operation in production and logistics through intelligent system components and mixed operation of HF and UHF Versatile through numerous HF and UHF read/write heads and data carriers up to IP69K for standard and special applications - even in hazardous areas Easy implementation in almost every fieldbus or Ethernet infrastructure through intelligent RFID block-I/O-modules and gateways in IP67 and IP20 - also CODESYS programmable 智 能 的 系 统 组 件 、HF 与 UHF 的 混 合 操 作 使 生 产 与 物 流 中 的 操 作 变 得 简 单 多 用 途 且 种 类 丰 富 的 读 写 头 和 载 码 体 , 防 护 等 级 最 高 可 达 IP69K, 可 用 于 标 准 和 特 殊 应 用 , 甚 至 危 险 区 域 智 能 的 RFID BLOCK-I/O 模 块 、IP67 与 IP20 网 关 以 及 CODESYS 可 编 程 网 关 使 几 乎 每 一 个 总 线 或 以 太 网 架 构 搭 建 得 更 容 易


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