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Protecting the know-how

Protecting the know-how of the automation industry More and more functions are stored in and realized by software and data. It is software that determines how an intelligent device, a machine, or an entire plant operates. Closed infrastructures are being replaced by connected systems. And digitalization also affects how industrial equipment is sold. In this article you will read how to protect data from unauthorized access and manipulation. Author: Oliver Winzenried, CEO of WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, Karlsruhe and Chair of the Medical Technology Working Group of the VDMA, Frankfurt, Germany AUTOMATION D igitalization can only work its magic if the right means of protection are in place. For over 15 years now, Wibu-Systems has been developing its CodeMeter protection technology as an ideal preventative measure that can fulfill the many different needs of the automation industry, including: n Encryption is used to protect the know-how stored in data or devices n Product piracy is prevented with copy-protected keys, i.e. the secure hardware CmDongles n CodeMeter License Central can be used to activate functions and features flexibly in full integration with established business processes n Digital signatures prevent tampering n A high level of protection is achieved by securing the digital identity of all connected systems, their communication, and the integrity of data and software n Many developers can share a single protection hardware, while they all can access and edit only their own settings n Standardized communication protocols like OPC UA enable secure communication for greater Cyber-Security n CmDongles and software-based activation files can be added later to keep machines secure with up-to-date know-how protections over the long lifecycles that are customary in the industry. What does the CodeMeter architecture support? The core of CodeMeter is the storage of cryptographic keys with license terms and additional options like pay-per-use or time counters, named-user or floating licenses and much more. All of this is done with hardware CmDongles or with software-only activation files bound to a fingerprint of the target system. CodeMeter also equips software developers with powerful tools and an API for encryption, decryption, and signatures. Established business processes and ERP or e-commerce systems can be integrated via CodeMeter License Central, optionally in the cloud. 16 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 3/2018

Modern and strong encryption processes are used to ensure a high level of security with CodeMeter, including symmetric AES encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and asymmetric ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptography) or RSA encryption. Secure password management for Siemens’ TIA Portal With the TIA Portal, mechanical engineers and machine developers have a complete software package at their disposal that brings together many automation and digitalization functions in one efficient and easy-to-use solution. The portal stores engineering data with often sensitive and invaluable know-how. From Version 14 SP 1 of the TIA Portal, the users can benefit from the password provider developed by Wibu-Systems and integrated with Siemens’ own password API. Instead of having to remember secret passwords, they are stored securely on CmDongles. Access controls can use defined usage periods, expiry dates, or usage counters to keep track of and determine how the users can access or edit the engineering data. This helps ensure that only authorized users can see and work on only those projects that they have the rights to. Case studies: integration in controls The makers of machines and industrial facilities need to know that their code is safe and sound in the field. With this in mind, many developers of industrial controllers have already turned to CodeMeter for their engineering tools. Not unlike the “Print” function in Microsoft Word, the user can now include a “Protect” function to secure the results of their work. The developers of such control systems include B&R Automation Studio, Codesys, Rockwell Software Studio 5000 Logix Designer, and the Siemens TIA Portal. B&R has integrated CodeMeter into its development toolkit for Automation Studio and immediately into the runtime of their automation PCs, every one of which comes with a CmDongle to keep the know-how and the required licenses safe and secure. 3S-Smart Software Solutions is using CodeMeter to protect the source code of projects and target systems in the Codesys development tool and Codesys runtime. For this purpose, the licenses are again stored on the CmDongle. Wibu-Systems has teamed up with Rockwell Automation to develop the special “License-Based Protection” security suite that brings together three components: protection for the sensitive source code, protection during actual operations in the controllers, and a dedicated web portal to manage licenses and entitlements, kept safe from theft and tampering in CmDongles. Safety and security in maritime applications ABB is a global player in many fields of industry, including such diverse markets as industrial automation and marine logistics. In the latter field, the ABB Ability Marine Advisory System Octopus made by ABB Marine & Ports uses CmStick ME for its robust metalcase design that seems perfect for use on the high seas. The next version of the Octopus suite will also rely on CmActLicense, the pure software-based solution, and the cloud for borrowing and updating the licenses. The activation data is tied to a digital fingerprint of the computer or other target device on board the ship using the licensed software. Protection of engineering know-how PC Worx Engineer is an engineering platform made for the new automation system PLCnext Technology of Phoenix Contact. It comes for free in its most basic version, which can then be configured to match the user’s actual needs by buying specialized add-ons. To protect the know-how invested in this engineering tool We recognize some changes from systems and devices in the last few years. Connected solutions and new business models will change our need of safety and security. We are responding to this challenge by developing the right products for protection, licensing, and security. Oliver Winzenried and to be able to bill users, Phoenix Contact is relying on Wibu- Systems’ CodeMeter technology and encrypts its entire software with the AxProtector tool. The software-based activation files, CmActLicenses, store the specific entitlements bound to the known PC hardware that PC Worx Engineer is running on. On the back end of its online shop, Phoenix Contact uses CodeMeter License Central to automatically create, manage, and deliver all tickets that can then be activated online (over the Internet) or in a special offline process. With the installer package of PC Worx Engineer, the user gets a free demo license to test the software for a period of 30 days. Permanent single-user licenses or network licenses can then be configured and ordered with the right functionality for the user’s needs via the Phoenix Contact online store. The user is sent the required ticket by email, which is then used to automatically update the usage rights contained in the original activation file. Photographs: lead fotolia, others Wibu-Systems 01 The CodeMeter technology can be easily retrofitted and is available in multiple industrial-grade designs 02 02 B&R has chosen a custom orange version of the compact size CmStick/C Basic for their automation PCs 01 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 3/2018 17


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