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Roth Hydraulics offers energy-efficient hydro accumulator solutions Roth Hydraulics offers full range of solutions from piston, bladder and diaphragm accumulator systems. These accumulators manufactured guarantee safety and requires minimum maintenance. The Roth ACCU software is used for the planning and design of accumulator systems and for the simulation of operational performance. The compact and lightweight design of the Diaphragm accumulators make them suitable for use up to 350 bar and temperature range of - 35 to + 80 °C. Bladder accumulators are used under extreme conditions of pressures and temperatures. They are suited for damping of short-stroke, high-frequency oscillations and to maintain pressure in a plant when the unit switches off. The piston accumulators are available in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 1 500 l. They are used where high output volumes and power are needed. They are suited for temperatures ranging from -10 to +80 °C. Hydraulic pressure intensifier solution for manifold integration The Denmark based company, Scanwill Fluid Power has launched the new ScanWillMP-I series of hydraulic pressure intensifiers solutions for manifold integration. The intensifier is designed as a direct screw-in component for hydraulic manifolds and will generate a higher pressure only in defined areas of the manifold, or may have a separate output connection for the high pressure. The end pressure range is up to 500 bar. The compact ScanWillMP-I intensifier has all high pressures valves built-in. No tubing is required for the integration as well as other manifold components do not need to be pressure rated above pump pressure. Since the intensifier is of the reciprocating type, it continuously delivers flow during pressure build-up. The company offers multiple ratios of pressure intensifications. ScanWill’s range of hydraulic pressure intensifiers covers most fluids and includes solutions for low, medium and high-pressure ranges and variable flows. The intensifiers are available in cast iron, steel and stainless steel. PRODUCTS A new series of servo motors for highprecision applications from Baumueller With the DSH1 series, where “H” stands for high precision, Baumueller has created another derivative in its range of servo motors. The latest product by the provider of drive and auto mation solutions impresses with a particularly low torque and an extremely high control accuracy. The new series of servo motors can be optimally integrated into the current DS servo motor product range. With the existing modular system, the mechanical interfaces and connection technology are designed similar to the existing servo motors series. This means that the servo motor can be used without making any adjustments in the mechanics or connection technology. The maximum rotational speed range of the DSH1 servo motors, which are available in the sizes 45 to 100, is up to 6 000 rpm with rated outputs of up to 8.2 kW in the self-cooling version. With its broad range of servo motors series DSC1, DSD2, DSH1, DSP1 and the DSE-integrated motors, tasks in the handling and robotics area as well as special tasks in plastics, printing, textile, tool and packaging machines and many other areas can always be achieved with the precisely required performance. Highly efficient motors suitable for hygienically demanding applications Nord Drivesystems has expanded its range of high-efficiency smooth-surface motors. The new permanent magnet synchronous motors without cooling fins achieve IE4/ super premium efficiency. This can benefit the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries, and other hygienically demanding applications. The efficient smooth-surface motors are suitable for use in dry as well as in areas requiring frequent cleaning. These super premium efficiency synchronous motors operate significantly more efficiently than induction motors, even in the partial load range. This results in substantially low energy consumption and lower Total Cost of Ownership. The motors furthermore feature a particularly high power density and a very long product life. Frequency inverters can be mounted directly onto the motor or near the motor for perfect flexibility. Three motor sizes (80, 90 and 100) with power ratings from 0.75 to 2.2 kW are available. Washdown-enabled invertercontrolled drive systems feature a die-cast aluminum housings with smooth surfaces, designed so that cleaning fluids and foams easily run off. 32 WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2018

The next generation of integrated stepper motors ready for Industrie 4.0 JVL Industri Elektronik A/S, the manufacturer of integrated servo and stepper motors, introduces a completely new generation of the ‘Nema23’ integrated stepper motors. Integrated motors mean you get an all-in-one solution. In one unit you get motor, drive electronics, encoder, motion controller and an embedded PLC with 8 I/O points onboard. The motors can operate as stand-alone units or be controlled from a master PLC or PC. Even without options the new ServoStep motors offer some very strong features like closed-loop operation, torque control, ultra-high resolution of 409600 step/revolution resulting in smooth and silent running at a wide speed range from 0 to 3 000 rpm. Power supply ranges from 7-72 volts DC, for supply, signals and communications the series is equipped with 4 M12 industrial connectors and serial RS485 interface. All ServoStep motors are delivered with industrial Ethernet encompassing all major protocols. Something unique that this product offers is that, users can even change Ethernet protocol by updating the firmware using the MacTalk software. Using the onboard Ethernet-switch users can daisy-chain cables from one motor to the next, getting rid of the cabling hassles completely. Sensorless motor control using Sinamics reluctance control license Firmware version 4.8 allows Simotics synchronous motors to also be operated with Sinamics S120 converters, enabling them to benefit from the functionalities of the modular S120 product portfolio. The new Sinamics reluctance control license used in combination with the Sinamics Booksize Modules means that precise drive control down to a complete standstill is now possible with and without a position sensor. Field oriented vector control across the operating range makes for a tangibly more robust drive system. Unlike U/f-based methods, for instance, any possibility of motor stalling in the event of load jumps is excluded. Sensorless control also enhances the energy efficiency of the drive, as even in the low speed range it allows obtaining low values normally only possible using a sensor. The new solution is particularly suited for applications calling for a high level of accuracy, such as servo pumps requiring precise operation right from standstill under high load. The new functionalities are technically implemented using special test pulses which are fed into the motor at low speeds, allowing the motor position to be determined even without inducing a voltage capable of being evaluated at the motor terminals. New range of high performing TPU seals with excellent material properties With COG VarioPur, the seal manufacturer C. Otto Gehrckens presents its new range of products in the premium segment: the 3 high-performance materials are based on thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU/AU). Both, the abrasion and the extrusion resistance are at least 5 times higher than those of the traditional material NBR. Furthermore, the 3 TPU materials show excellent gas tightness and a high level of tolerance to a wide range of gases – from oxygen and nitrogen to synthetic hydrocarbons. The product’s profile is rounded off by low swelling in mineral oil, hydraulic media and lubricating greases, with generally good chemical resis tance and excellent dynamic behaviour. In addition to the high-performing TPU material COG VarioPur 195, the company introduces 2 special TPU sealing materials. The COG VarioPur 295 boasts an outstanding low temperature flexibility right down to - 50 °C. The COG VarioPur 395 is the top product in this range and its exceptional strength lies in its hydrolysis resistance: a quality that does not exist in other TPU materials. This material is extremely stable in aqueous media, biologically degradable oils, inflammable liquids, triglycerides and synthetic esters of hydraulic oils or water-free media. Tel.: Tel.: +49 (0)4743/2769 27690 · · Zu Land, On land, im Wasser, at sea, under unterwater, Wasser, in in theder airLuft andund in space im Weltall - Small Elektrokleinmotoren electric motors according bis 200 Watt to customer nach Kundenwunsch requirements. 2017 ASTRO Motoren GmbH & Co. KG Debstedt · · Große Beek Beek 7 · 727607 · D-27607 Geestland Geestland · Germany Tel.: (0)47 +49 43 (0)/ 4743 27 69 · 27690 · WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2018 33 ASTRO.indd 1 08.02.2018 10:35:55


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