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MDA Technologies 5/2016

MDA Technologies 5/2016

Mumbai: the nerve center

Mumbai: the nerve center of India’s industry and economy NEWS AND MARKETS Being the nation’s capital, New Delhi obviously has much more significance and importance amongst all Indian cities. But talking plainly in terms of economy and industry, it’s Mumbai that has more muscle than any other city. Probably this is why the international industrial trade fair WIN-India shall be hosted in Mumbai from 1 st -3 rd December this year. For last few years the international trade show WIN-India, under the flagship of Germany’s Hannover Messe, was being hosted in the national capital New Delhi. New Delhi and the region surrounding it are no doubt one of the highly industrialized areas in the country, manufacturing everything from automobiles, engineering equipments and machinery to pharmaceuticals and even IT. But this year, the world of industries has shifted its focus from north of India to the west and probably the biggest market within the country. Mumbai, located on the west coast of India is often looked as India’s gateway to the western world. With a GDP of more than $ 275 billion, it is one of the world’s top 10 centers in terms of global financial flow. Mumbai accounts for more than 6 % of India’s economy, contributing 10 % of factory employment, 30 % of income tax collections and billions of dollars in foreign trade. Mumbai is the headquarters for a number of conglomerates like the Tata group ($ 100 billion), Reliance Industries ($ 75 billion), Aditya Birla group ($ 40 billion) and many more. Officially the city has a population of more than 23 million, but any Indian and a frequent visitor to Mumbai can confirm that this city is home to more than 30 million people. With a large number of people being young and educated, the city offers huge demographic advantage for various industry sectors. Mumbai’s industrial and economic base is extremely diversified with sectors like petrochemicals, automobiles, auto components manufacturing, metals, electronics, textiles, food processing and other fast moving consumer goods being the most important ones. Apart from the city of Mumbai itself, the region of Ahmedabad- Baroda in north of Mumbai and Pune in the south of Mumbai are also extremely important centers of industry, engineering and manufacturing. The city of Pune, just 160 km from Mumbai has the highest concentration of German companies in India representing various industry sectors from automobiles to automation. Hosting an international trade show in the engineering heartland of India provides the exhibitors plenty of opportunities to acquire new customers, to introduce and promote new products, new innovations and value added services. As India’s weight in the global economy and industry increases, it is important for foreign companies to gain knowledge and information about Indian customer’s requirements and expectations. WIN-India provides a unique opportunity to gather this market intelligence and also to demonstrate their presence in the Indian market. For German and other foreign companies in the motion, drives and industrial automation sector who are searching for new markets to act as growth driver, WIN-India offers an unparalleled access to the Indian market with high growth prospects for immediate as well as long term future. This international trade fair attracts visitors from all parts of the country creating a great chance to broaden their customer base, strengthen relations with their existing customers and also find local distributors and sales partners. This is particularly important for small and middle sized companies who are targeting India as a growth market but are cautious about investing in operations and promoting sales activities in the country. Motion; Drives and Automation India The trade show ‘Motion, Drives and Automation’ serves as a perfect platform for international as well as Indian exhibitor companies to display their products, technologies and services for electrical and mechanical power transmission, pneumatics and hydraulics etc. The product category at MDA India include linear motion systems, gears, electric motors and frequency drives, mechanical transmission systems like chain and belt transmission, other vital engineering components like couplings, brake systems, fasteners, springs and bearings. MDA also covers a broad range of hydraulic and pneumatic components and equipment, pumps, valves, sealing technology related products, various lubricants and lubrication systems. Western India has traditionally been a big market for manufacturing of mechanical power transmission systems, it is no surprise that equipment required for manufacturing of power transmission products, gears, motors and bearings has also made its way to the exhibit. At MDA India 2016, also making an impactful presence is the compressed air and vacuum technology with a dedicated zone to showcase this sector’s technological strengths and expertise. Product category at this zone includes various types of compressors and its components, air dryers, axial flow compressors, centrifugal compressors, compressed air filters, vacuum pumps, vacuum measurement and calibration instruments, gauges and leak detection devices etc. Author: Sushen Doshi, correspondent India for MDA Technologies MDA Technologies 5/2016

For visitors coming from all over India as well as many parts of Asia including China, South Korea, Japan and European countries mainly Germany and Italy, this trade fair and the various conferences, seminars and specially designed interactive sessions offer a complete and neutral information regarding evolving trends, demand structures and growth prospects. For Indian visitors it provides a good opportunity for exchanging ideas and networking with distinguished panelists from across the industry. For the section of visitors representing the management and purchase departments, it acts as an excellent location to compare the offers from cost to after sales and technical superiority of product suppliers. Industrial Automation India The demand for industrial automation, both factory and process automation products has been increasing consistently over the last few years. Everyone, from corporate to small and medium sized companies, government owned industries to private conglomerates have been steadily increasing the level of automation in all divisions of the factory from production and packaging to logistics. Considering India’s high demand for automation systems the trade fair Industrial Automation India aims to bridge the gap and fulfill India’s automation needs. IA-India has a strong line-up of companies from India as well other parts of Asia, Europe and North America with wide range of products and systems on display including linear positioning systems, assembly and handling systems, industrial image processing systems, control systems, PLC, Scada, sensors, actuators, industrial PCs, communication network and field bus systems, embedded systems, measurement and testing technology, data capturing and identification systems. Apart from industrial automation this trade fair also covers a wide range of electrical systems like generators, transformers, accumulators and uninterruptible power supplies, cables and cabling accessories, electric switchgear and equipments for electric control systems, electronic and optoelectronic components. Industrial software and IT systems like database management systems, program development and manufacturing execution systems (MES), software for product lifecycle management (PLM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) are also on display in Mumbai. Industrial Automation India also features the 2 nd edition of ‘Automation Training Zone’, a 3 day training program which aims to realize India’s vision of skill development in manufacturing sector and educate the end user sectors with latest automation technologies. This training zone consists of modules representing the automation systems engineering, digital simulation, energy management, industrial networking, integrated robotics, quality management and safety practices. This program enables the attendees to gain exposure and hands-on experience with the latest technologies and equipments on display. Need for India centric solutions India is a country of 1.2 billion people and tremendous diversity and this also reflects in the way its industries function. The challenges that India’s industries face are unique and sometimes very different from the ones faced by western countries. Just because a certain technology or a product is successful in improving the productivity in German factories doesn’t mean it can do the same in Indian ones. So companies who aim to succeed in Indian markets need to develop products and solutions that make perfect sense to the Indian end-user. This premier industrial exhibition provides a good opportunity to test the market response of your company’s products and can possibly be a starting point for further changes in your company’s product development strategy for India and southeast Asian markets. The personal interaction with potential customers on the trade fair grounds will have a much more lasting effect on both, the buyer and the seller. When it comes to influencing a buyer’s decision, a face-toface interaction followed by a short question-answer based conversation, helps you best in closing the deals. In Mumbai, WIN-India provides you exactly this opportunity to engage and get the deal. Photograph: lead fotolia MDA Technologies 5/2016


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