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MDA Technologies 5/2016

MDA Technologies 5/2016

Particularly compact and

Particularly compact and compliant with standards: TMSx tank series The developers of Bosch Rexroth have realized a compact design with a diameter of just 330 mm and a height of 480 mm. The new oil tank complies with all relevant standards of the European railway industry and offers an uncomplicated and versatile solution. The TMSx tank is particularly designed for application in rotary drives like hydrostatic traction, fan, generator or compressor drives. A cyclone spiral guarantees highly favorable degassing behavior of hydraulic fluids. Its functional capability was verified at flows of up to 350 l/min. The TMSx-16 frame size has a filling volume of just 10,6 l and can be used for applications with a system volume of up to 70 l. Thanks to a reduced oil filling, less oil is required per oil exchange. The reservoir is made of steel and offers various options for level monitoring of the fluid. Medium temperatures between -30 to + 90 °C are admissible. The TMSx tank series extends the Rexroth modular system solution of pumps, motors, hydraulic blocks, valve technology and RC control systems for railway vehicles. Minimal dimensions with a wide range of interfaces b-plus offers a flexible and powerful controller b-CANCubeMini especially designed for the application in mobile machines. Apart from the application as stand-alone, C-programmable controller, the b-CANCubeMini can also be used as a generic CANopen® Slave E-/A-Module (CiA DSP401). To benefit from the decentralized control structure, it is also possible to use it as CAN-J1939-Slave for processing the in- and outputs over parametrizable CAN-Bus messages. The 11 multifunctional in- and outputs offer the required flexibility for reacting to machine requirements. Apart from the evaluation of digital and analog signals, for example current and resistance measurement, all outputs can take up to 4 ampere load. With the test according to the ECE-R10 regulation, the protection class IP54 and an operating temperature range from -40 up to 85 °C, the controller is perfect for the use in mobile machines. High flow rate with small size Emerson has introduced the ASCO Numatics 651 Series filter, regulator, and lubricator (FRL) line of air preparation products. This new FRL line broadens the company’s high flow-rate 650 Series family to include products with G1/8 and G1/4 port sizes. The 651 Series FRLs require less space and are designed to fit in compact applications and in machines that require a high volume of air.The 651 Series extended high and low temperature capabilities (-40 to 80° C) enable them to be used in applications across a broad range of industries, including those in harsh environments. The modular FRL products are of a robust construction and are easy to assemble, mount, and position. The new manifold endplate flanges allows the maintenance engineer to remove the manifold assembly out of service without disconnecting from the piping. Front-facing, low-profile gauges are easy to read and are unique in products of this type. Rolling bearings: effective protection against electroerosion The undesirable passage of an electric current and spontaneous discharge can cause severe damage in electric motor rolling bearings. It is with a view to these applications that Klüber Lubrication has developed the new, electroconductive Klüberlectric BQ 72-72. Due to an innovative lubricant design involving dissolved chemical additives, bearings run smoothly and the grease’s conductivity is considerably increased to attain specific electrical resistance characteristics resembling those of semiconductors. In rolling bearings, currents passing through them can provoke considerable damage to the inner and outer ring as well as the rolling elements. Additionally, there is a risk that the lubricant might be damaged and its performance impaired by the energetic impact. The innovative lubricant additives used in Klüberlectric BQ 72-72 not only contribute to better conductivity, but they also protect the components against wear for a longer bearing life. This was proven by positive results of bench tests and subsequent tribological component and used lubricant analyses. MDA Technologies 5/2016

ToothChain Inverted Tooth ChainDrives Made in Germany Rainer Albes, General Manager RenoldTooth Chain, is still fascinatedeventoday by theversatility and added customer valueof“Made in Gronau” inverted toothchains. Modernmachineryproduction requires drives that offerahighdegreeofeconomic efficiencyand reliability.Invertedtooth chaindriveshaveunmatched characteristicstomeetthese needs. When it comesto precise, fast,and silent drives,Renoldinvertedtooth chains arethe ideal choice–evenfor thehigh demandsofthe automotive industry. Theadvantages: long servicelife, simpleassembly, high speeds, extremelyquietrunning,and high torques. RUBRIK Renold GmbH Zur Dessel 14 31028 Gronau (Leine), Germany Phone +49 5182 5870 MDA Technologies 3/2016


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