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MDA Technologies 5/2016

MDA Technologies 5/2016

activities. SMC valves

activities. SMC valves in the VP-X536, VP-X538, VP- X555 and VG342-X87 series can be used to provide protection when part of the safety related control system by venting the air. As safety components, they satisfy the requirements of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. An integrated limit switch achieves a diagnostic coverage of 99%. This fulfils the requirements of EN ISO 13849. In addition the VR51 two-hand control valve is available for some cases where it is necessary to ensure the operator’s hands are clear from the hazardous area. It can be used in purely pneumatic control systems. Strong partner In Europe, a range of standards and regulations ensure a high level of safety for the workforce when using machinery. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC requires a risk assessment in accordance with EN ISO 12100 to identify the risks that must be evaluated and mitigated. Harmonised standard EN ISO 13849 describes a probabilistic method for reducing the risks of control systems. It applies for mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical control systems and has become an established method in mechanical engineering. EN ISO 13849-1 describes general design principles and EN ISO 13849-2 defines the validation of the control system as well as the components. SMC meets this package of requirements with different products, which provide optimal support for machine manufacturers and operators in their efforts to ensure safe operation. Robot arm 01 The EX600 dual port fieldbus systems with QuickConnect function are perfect for applications with frequent tool changes. This minimises start-up and connection times to EtherNet/IP networks Photographs: SMC Pneumatik 02 The VP-X555 venting valve series has a direct monitoring and soft-start function MDA Technologies 5/2016

Complete hydraulic system for punching and shearing applications DRIVE TECHNOLOGY Punching and shearing operations in the metal works industry require an extremely lean and robust drive system. To create an ideal system delivering large output forces yet providing significant energy savings and high machine availability requires the combination of expert engineering, hydraulics and detailed understanding of the application. The BWIL drive Voith combines all these expertises in a single unit. The company Voith Turbo H+L Hydraulic, a subsidiary of the Voith group, with its expertise in intelligent drive solutions has developed a new hydraulic drive system BWIL especially for punching and shearing applications that delivers forces upto 2,500 kN. Hydraulic drive systems for punching and shearing applications are compact, short-stroke valve cylinder units. The multi-pressure circuits and accumulator charging technology of the system make it highly energy efficient. Due to its compact design and modular construction, the system provides flexibility in its application. Hydraulic drive systems in roll form units are usually compact in design. To minimize the number of interfaces and ensure short cycle times, Voith has optimally synchronized the hydraulic power pack, control unit, actuator, control electronics and application software in the BWIL drive. The close connection between the machine and drive system provides operators with the benefit of high reliability and availability. According to respective machine requirements, proven components are combined in a modular structure. As a result, the BWILdrive requires a shorter development time and is available faster. The programmable high-performance drives are equipped with extremely simple and safe process control, consisting of hydrodynamic servo valves. These also facilitate complex forming processes and positioning tasks. Apart from the high quality of the produced parts, the BWIL drive also impresses with its performance data. The application-optimized electrohydraulic drive allows punching forces of up to 2,500 kN in pressing applications, with a cycle time of 400 ms and 20 mm stroke. In shearing applications, forces of 1,000 kN with 200 mm stroke and cycle times of up to 3 seconds are possible. Design and function The electrohydraulic servo drive BWIL is a free programmable high performance drive. The ram cylinder operates in the hydromechanical control loop and delivers high ram performance in punching or shearing operations and precision work during forming operations. HS4 is the electronic link between servo drive MDA Technologies 5/2016


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