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MDA Technologies 5/2016

MDA Technologies 5/2016

Worldwide News Lapp

Worldwide News Lapp acquires Italian manufacturer for data transmission systems The Lapp Group of Stuttgart, a leading provider of integrated solutions and brand products in cable and connection technology, has acquired CEAM Cavi Speciali S.p.A. The company with 110 employees in Monselice, Italy, is one of the leading European manufacturers of services for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus. Lapp is also acquiring S.C. Fender Cables with 20 employees in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. The company specializes in cables for alarm and fire protection systems and like CEAM belonged to COFIMA Holding. “By acquiring CEAM, Lapp strengthens its leading role in industrial data transmission systems,” says Andreas Lapp, Chairman of Lapp Holding. “In this way Lapp acquires additional knowhow and manufacturing capacities in the rapidly growing markets for industrial Ethernet and fieldbus systems.” Schaeffler builds new logistics center Ground was broken at the beginning of October for the new logistics center for the industrial division of Schaeffler in Kitzingen. Customers throughout Europe will be supplied from this central warehouse beginning in mid-2018. About 200 employees will work here. The company invested roughly 120 million euros. The total warehouse space will be approximately 22,000 m 2 . The high-bay warehouse and automatic container storage space are connected by an in-floor conveyor system with combined workstations. This will make it possible to deliver standard products within 24 to 48 hours after an order is received. Earth moving and excavation will continue in the coming months. The roofing ceremony is slated for May 2017. Kitzingen is the last component in the modernization of logistics in the industrial division. The group of European distribution centers already has a warehouse for Northern Europe in Arlandastad, Sweden and one for Southern Europe in Carisio, Italy. 50 th anniversary of Zeppelin in Cologne NEWS AND MARKETS Keller AG with application-based website Keller AG develops and produces pressure measurement technology for a wide range of applications. In addition to oil and gas, aeronautics, automobiles and aviation, the water industry plays an important role. Reason enough for Keller to be recognized with a dedicated, application-based online presence. The company’s website presents various approaches to solutions and how to implement them successfully so that water industry customers can benefit through collaboration with Keller. Keller AG für Druckmesstechnik develops and produces various pressure measurement technology products for the water industry including remote transmission units, level sensors and data loggers. The different application reports give a broad overview, while highlighting the productive collaboration between Keller and its customers. The website, which is also optimized for mobile terminal devices, can be found at the address below. The Zeppelin branch in Cologne, which focuses on sales and service of construction machinery, opened in 1966. A few weeks ago the company celebrated the 50 th anniversary of the branch in Cologne, which is directed by Stefan Lanio (right in the picture). The speaker for the occasion was Wolfgang Clement, former Minister President of North Rhine-Westphalia (left in the picture). “The success story of the last 50 years makes us very proud,” beams Lanio. “In the last year alone, together with our local employees, we have generated 71 million Euros in sales. We will also continue to count on collaborative partnerships with our customers and the high quality of our entire team.” MDA Technologies 5/2016

EPSG holds Europe-wide student competition For the fourth time, the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG) is holding a competition calling for innovative projects and automation concepts based on the open industrial Ethernet protocol POWERLINK. All students at European universities and technical colleges are eligible to participate. Applicable projects range from mechatronic applications to the creation of solutions for industrial applications by developing new devices with POWERLINK interfaces and even implementation of new features in the openPOWERLINK stack. The projects should have relevance to the topics of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things. Submissions will be accepted until the end of 2016 and must be implemented by June of 2017. European construction machinery sector embraces digital transformation as driver of success “We can only be competitive long-term, sustainably, if we make sure we are the best. The European construction equipment industry is an example of technology leadership. Increasingly, our machines are ‘digitised’ and there is no escape from that.” This was the main message from CECE President Bernd Holz, addressing the CECE Congress 2016 in Prague, Czech Republic, gathering close to two hundred leaders from the construction equipment industry in Europe. Industry confidence is supported by the performance of the European market, where a stable development at high levels in Northern and Western Europe underpins a continuing yet slowing recovery in Southern Europe, and fairly weak growth in Central and Eastern Europe. “Construction equipment sales in Europe recorded sound double-digit growth in the first half of 2016 compared to the same period in 2015”, said Holz. Despite the strong demand in the first half of the year, the industry sentiment looking forward is more subdued. The CECE business climate index was back at positive levels in September, having digested a steep dip in July following the Brexit vote, and after eight months of gradual improvement since the autumn of 2015. Holz: “Provided that the general conditions within the sector and its customer industries do not change substantially in the coming months, CECE expects full-year growth of the European market of between 5 and 10 %.” DERANTRIEB■ Reliable ■ Versatile ■ Global NORD DRIVESYSTEMS: ■ Worldwide available ■ Subsidiaries in 36 countries ■ Agents in 52 countries Headquarters: Getriebebau NORD GmbH & Co. KG Fon +49 (0) 4532 / 289-0 Member of the NORD DRIVESYSTEMS Group The Gear Unit ■ Strong bearings ■ Quiet running ■ High power density The Motor ■ High efficiency ■ Global standards ■ All operating conditions The Drive Electronic ■ Field distribution system ■ Easy installation ■ Scalable functionalities


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