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MDA Technologies 4/2014

MDA Technologies 4/2014

Antriebstechnik Product

Antriebstechnik Product News Hydraulic Valves Prevent Lowering of the Articulated Arm Hawe Hydraulik offers a reliable and low-leakage hydraulic solution for wood transport cranes. It prevents the crane from dropping during extended transport of trunks. The block of proportional path slider valves is supplemented with leakage-free locking valves for the crane’s control. They are made in a seat construction and can be electronically opened and closed by the driver from the cab. During gripping and loading, they are open and permit dynamic movements and short loading cycles even when pulling loads. They are closed during transport of the trunks to the next forest path to offer increased safety from undesired movements and prevent dropping of the lifting or articulated arm or extending of the telescope. Gentle, jerk-free acceleration and deceleration of the crane is possible thanks to a large selection of slider pistons for the proportional direction slider valves. The sliding piston that fits the cylinder situation best and maintains a precisely defined fine control range is used. This makes is easier for the driver to work with the wood transport crane. Electrohydraulic control unit minimises system loss The basic components of the electrohydraulic control unit EHS (Electro Hydraulic Steering) of Concentric AB include a further development of the current DC electrical motor pump technology of the company. The new EHS product range, designed for servo steering applications in trucks, buses and off-road vehicles, supports the CAN-bus communication between motor and main control system of the vehicle to enable demand-oriented control of pressure and flow rate. This makes system losses lower than in conventional mechanical drive systems. The electrohydraulic control was developed in cooperation with a provider of electric motors. The result is a brushless permanent magnet direct current motor with integrated motor drive electronics. Elimination of brush wear contributes to continuous and interference-free operation of the unit. Optional features include IP69K protection and CAN bus control, either J1939 or CAN-open. Multi-layer mounting for pipes ACT clamps by Stauff attach pipes in areas where corrosion protection is needed. They can prevent gap corrosion at oil and gas pipes and thus extend the maintenance and exchange intervals. With the SIG safety boards and AF attachment screws of the manufacturer, several clamp bodies of the same size can be installed on top of each other as well. Several pipes running close to each other thus no longer need to be placed next to each other. The safety boards and attachment screws are made of the materials 1.4401 or 1.4571. In contrast to stainless steel components, they cannot be contaminated by metal or non-metal particles during production, processing and storage at Stauff. Motion, Drive and Automation 30 Maintenance-free bearings support one of the world’s longest suspension bridges I N T E R N AT I O N A L E D I T I O N 6 September 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: 48 MDA Technologies 4/2014 16 geared Gravel plant reduces costs and maintenance by using motors 18 26 Winter Standard components are used to drive scraper chain conveyors in Norway Air Springs: keeping things moving at the 2014 Olympic Games in cooperation with Fluidtechnik

High pressure hydraulic hose for applications up to 500 bar Hansa-Flex has included a new high-pressure hydraulic hose (working pressure up to 500 bar) in its range with the HD 800. The provider describes the HD 800 as a product innovation that surpasses the previous state of the art. Use of a new generation of inner tube and tube cover with improved abrasion resilience gives the HD 800 a multiple of the former service life in application. In practice, the HD 800 can be customised with its associated monoblock fittings (PA 800) or flanges specifically developed for this hose. Improved flexibility and reduced bending radii make placement particularly easy. The HD 800 is approved for a maximum working pressure of 500 bar. It can be used specifically where HD700 plus was used before. Further applications include high-pressure hydraulic systems on a mineral oil basis, demanding applications such as hydrostatic drives, direct running drives and high-pressure drives as well as mobile and stationary applications such as forestry, construction management, agriculture and municipal vehicles. Operating units with better legibility Bosch Rexroth transfers the current status of semi-conductor and display technologies to an entirely new portfolio of operating and visualisation units. The man-machine interfaces offer space for more information at better legibility. The displays with robust, AR-coated glass surfaces are designed for the rough ambient conditions of the production and maintain their visual properties even after several years of use. The simple and quick project planning takes place with a consistent software tool in all versions. An aluminium front encloses scratch-resistant thermally hardened glass displays. The HMIs meet protection type IP65. They are designed with a high shock and vibration resistance for use under rough production conditions. The AR-coated, projective-capacitive touch displays support single and multi-touch operation alike. Machine manufacturers can also include the gesture control they are used to from Smart Devices into their operating concepts. What’s so special about German EngineeRING? Precision O-Rings for the valve industry Shanghai 27.10. – 30.10.2014 hall E4, booth B 2-1 German Engineering certainly enjoys a superb reputation worldwide, mainly for its acknowleged reliability. In all modesty, this is very likely due to our precision O-rings, too. For more than 100 years, COG has taken care that “German Engineering” is a story with a happy ending. Europe‘s largest O-ring stock more than 45,000 items in stock Elastomer mouldings/gaskets according to customer drawings too Custom rings specially developed and manufactured Reasonable prices even for small batches Various compounds incl. FFKM Clearance/approval for diverse materials: e.g. NORSOK, FDA, KTW, DVGW, NSF/ANSI 61, WRAS BS 6920 The direct way to our stock: Tel. +49 (0)4101 5002-0 Fax +49 (0)4101 5002-83 C. Otto Gehrckens GmbH & Co. KG • Gehrstücken 9 • 25421 Pinneberg • Germany • • When it matters … MDA Technologies 3/2014 49 Premium quality since 1867


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