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MDA Technologies 4/2014

MDA Technologies 4/2014

Product News Smart

Product News Smart Hydraulics Ready for Networking Automation experts agree: in increasingly networked production environments up to Industry 4.0, locally smart axes are the future, as long as they can communicate with superordinate systems via open interfaces. Rexroth meets this essential requirement with its new Hydraulic Motion Control HMC. The 1-axle controller for hydraulic drives fits seamlessly into many different concepts with multi-Ethernet and multi encoder interfaces as well as PLC programming according to IEC 61131-3 and is future-proof. The HMC by Rexroth opens up new networking options. With the local intelligence and multi-Ethernet interface, users can integrate the physical benefits of hydraulics, such as high power density and simple wear-free overload protection, into modern, future-proof machine concepts easily. Peeling machine meets high demands in hose technology The manufacturers continually expand their programmes and offer new hose types to account for the market demands. All areas of the industry, construction and agriculture thus pose increasingly high demands to the hose manufacturers. The hose peeling machine USM 125 by Uniflex permits peeling hose types from /8“ (DN 16) up to 4“ (DN 76). The peeling of the outer and inner layers on this machine takes place in a work step with specifically developed peeling and clamping tools. The carriage placed in front of this is used as a clamping device and creates the prerequisites for precise positioning of the hose yard goods, so that the work step can be performed precisely. The tool holders permit quick changing for different rated widths and hose types. The specifically polished peeling knives ensure smooth and clean peeling surfaces. Connecting hydraulic lines process- and leakage-protected High process safety, short assembly times and low system costs: these are the results that users achieve with the pipe screw connection Voss Form SQR in serial production. The system includes a socket, a sealing ring of elastomers and a nut with an integrated clamping ring. In comparison with a purely metal version, the soft seal increases leakage safety of the pipe connection. The components also increase pressure resilience and effectively prevent breakage of the pipe at the forming point. The manufacturer has precisely aligned the individual elements with each other, so that assembly is user-friendly and processsafe, as ensured by the fully automatic forming device Voss Form 100. The integrated stop unit ensures precise positioning of the pipe – even when the pre-material is not deburred correctly. Operation takes place intuitively and permits simple tool changes as well as safe forming. Brake module against squeaking Azimuth brakes The brake module of Hawe Hydraulik SE ensures that Azimuth brakes in wind turbines work silently. The occasional squeaking that annoys the local residents thus is a thing of the past. The Azimuth drives work against a small residual brake pressure when the nacelle is turned into the wind. It takes the tooth backlash from the drive and is set so that the Azimuth brakes will squeak as little as possible. In practice, there will still be annoying sounds, since the brake disc ring is not produced with an even thickness. If the brake linings move over irregular areas when the nacelle turns, this produces a swaying pressure in the brake system in the present solutions, leading to noise at the brakes. Hawe Hydraulik has now optimised the hydraulic circuit so that the residual brake pressure can be tracked and kept consistent dynamically. The function module and the previously separately installed interim plate with pressure control valve are integrated into a shared housing for this. This makes the module more compact and removes one flange area, which in turn reduces the assembly effort and increases operational safety. The function module contains valves for opening and closing of the brake, setting the residual maintenance pressure for realignment of the nacelle with the wind and flushing of the brake circuit in maintenance work. It contains a leakage-free 2-directional pressure control valve for setting the maximum admissible brake pressure and to size the pressure accumulator of the hydraulic unit as well as possible. 46 MDA Technologies 4/2014

Precision of the highest degree Reduced emissions, lighter, more environmentally friendly – as a specialist in all types of hose lines, we open up new prospects with our innovative prowess when it comes to vehicle construction and mechanical engineering. Together with you, we develop hoses, lines, and custom-fit connections that are pioneering in the field of material and process engineering. Clean solutions for strong machines – from the idea to production readiness. ContiTech Fluid Technology. ContiTech. Engineering Next Level Fluid Technology Phone +49 6039 990-0 MDA Technologies 3/2014 47


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