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MDA Technologies 4/2014

MDA Technologies 4/2014

Product News Faulhaber

Product News Faulhaber expands its family of stepper motors With the new FDM0620 series, Faulhaber presents a stepper motor with minimal size: contained in a housing measuring just 9.7 mm in length and 6 mm in diameter are all components (including the connections). With this series, the company expands its family of stepper motors in the diameter range from 6 to 22 mm with another member. With a holding torque rating of 0.25 mNm and a dynamic torque of up to 0.2 mNm, these stepper motors are predestined for applications in which high power is required in a small space – such as with portable devices. The open-loop operation enables fast implementation, the holding torque rating and the precise angular accuracy make this product the ideal solution for applications in optics, photonics and medical technology. The flex PCB system is suitable both for LIF plugs with grid dimensions of 0.5 and 1.0 mm as well as for wiring via lead wires. A wide selection of metric lead screws for linear movements as well as a planetary gearhead with various reduction ratios round out the configuration options of the FDM0620 series. Reiff toothed belts and toothed pulleys: perfectly matched to each other The transmission accuracy, smooth running and service life of toothed belt drives are crucially determined by the precise interaction between belts and synchronous pulleys. Reiff does not only supply the optimal pulley for toothed belts from a single source; as a member of the Mulco association, the company is particularly involved in promoting innovation in the field of drive technology, and can therefore always provide cutting-edge solutions for its customers. For example, when low tolerances are needed for the run-out of the toothed belt, Reiff’s drive specialists select the appropriate solution from a variety of proven solutions. In this way, products, e.g. film sheets, can be accurately guided through to the next manufacturing step. Roller bearings for industrial gears NKE (Austria) presents roller bearings for industrial gears that meet the requirements of efficiency and reliability in different industries, such as general engineering. One strength of the manufacturer is single-row cylinder roller bearings that permit near-unlimited applications. The bearings are suitable for high radial loads and medium to high speeds. Purest roller bearing steel ensures a long service life. The high surface quality of the treads lowers the operating temperature and reduces wear. Installation of the cylinder roller bearings is particularly simple, since the inner and outer rings can be installed separately. In addition to cylinder roller bearings, the company for industrial gears produces pendulum roller bearings, conical roller bearings, angular contact ball bearings and grooved ball bearings. Compact wire-actuated encoder SG150 by Siko with a long range The new SG150 wire-actuated encoder by Siko provides a compact design for a measurement range up to 15 m, even with a single-layer winding. The simple installation and management of the wire-actuated encoder facilitates simple, flexible integration of the measurement system into existing systems. Various interfaces and output signals enable connection to a wide range of control systems. The wire-actuated encoder offers a wide variety of potential applications by making it possible to fit various encoders, irrespective of which signal output is required. In this case, users are able to fit the encoder themselves using simple equipment. The SG150 also has the necessary standard features for outdoor use: a working temperature range of -40 to +80 °C, a robust aluminum die cast housing and drainage outlets. With the “Wire-Flex” technology, it is possible to ensure that the wear on the wire is kept to a minimum, even if it pulls out at an angle. The conical shape of the wire outlet and the plastic coated steel wire ensure that any deposits on the wire can be removed easily. Internally the wire is wound in a single layer on the measuring drum, which ensures a high degree of linearity over the entire measurement range. 40 MDA Technologies 4/2014

Fluid Power technology magazine Measurement and Control: Intelligent assistance system to support the start-up procedure of electro hydraulic drives Machine Elements: Lines conquer new performance areas Image: W.E.St., Niederkrüchten, Germany


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