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MDA Technologies 4/2014

MDA Technologies 4/2014

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News and Markets Find these new products at PTC Asia: Standard Motors Offer Efficiency up to IE3 The new generation of grey cast low-voltage motors by ABB are available in the IE2 and IE3 efficiencies. The manufacturer has revised the electrical and mechanical construction to comply with today’s requirements. The material use has been optimised as well. With their classic, renewed shape, these motors are more compact then their predecessor generation. The robust motors are also primarily suit- able for pump and fan applications as well as for other simple uses such as gears, conveyor systems and general machine construction. The larger number of versions offers additional flexibility. Hall E1, Booth A1 Play-free servo couplings with half-shell hubs The servo couplings Roba-DS from Mayr Antriebstechnik are able to transfer high torques even at comparatively low volumes and are thus suitable as shaft couplings for dynamic drive systems with high speeds. The construction of steel and high-strength aluminium alloys forms the basis for the compact build. The elastic lamella packages permit the couplings to balance out the radial, axial and angled shaft offsets to protect the bearings from undesired strain. The Roba-DS lamella package couplings transfer the torque play-free and with a high torsional rigidity. Hall E1, Booth C5-1 Control system for industrial brakes Ringspann offers a wide range of industrial brakes that are used as parking, stopping and adjusting brakes. The brakes are used in many industrial applications, as well as in gear applications. For this application, the provider developed the BCS 600 control system, which supplies hydraulically actuated and vented brakes with controlled hydraulic pressure. It consists of a controller unit and a hydraulic unit. Furthermore, a hydraulic accumulator, uninterrupted power supply and many additional expansions are available optionally. Together with any hydraulic brake of the provider, the control system permits demanding brake curves, at the same time controlling and monitoring the entire system. Control of up to eight brakes is possible. Hall E1, Booth C4-1 Optimised power amplifier With the new development of the power amplifier of type PAM-199-P, W.E.St. Elektronik (Germany) has put a technically and cost-optimised version of the known power amplifiers on the market. The most important features include its USB interface. A special programming cable is no longer necessary. The module costs could be reduced as well. Technology was observed as well, offering improved adaptation to the valves by smooth adjustment of the rated magnetic flow and a robust magnetic flow control. Hall E4 , Booth C4-2 14 MDA Technologies 4/2014

News and Markets Motor Portfolios for General Industrial Applications With the series W40, W50 and W60, WEG completely renewed its portfolio of standard industrial motors. Three motor series cover a performance range of 11 to 4250 kW at frequencies of 50 or 60 Hz. The rotary current asynchronous motors are suitable for almost all industrial applications where high performance and reliability are required even in rough environments, specifically including pumps, compressors and fans. Due to the optimised design, the motors are even more compact, so that they are lighter in weight than the predecessor models, smaller and needing less space. The robust grey-cast iron housing not only makes them suitable for use in rough industrial environments, but also permits low noise and vibration development. Hall E1, Booth C4-2 Beneficial shaft alignment by App Medium-sized spur gear and conical spur gear drives The spur gear and conical spur gear drives HDP and HDO by Bonfiglioli, Italy, are even more competitive thanks to the new size 125 build. The models are available with two, three and four switching steps and a gear reduction range of 1:9 to 1:500. They provide an output torque in excess of 49 kNm. Thus, they are a supplement to the already-available Bonfiglioli series with 40 kNm (HDP120) and 70 kNm (HDP130). Especially applications in feed spindles, lifting systems, pumps, conveyor belts or mixers and agitators are to profit from this. The 125 size has the known robustness and reliability of the HDP and HDO series. Its new design is to be applied to the entire series in future. Hall E1, Booth B3 Drive dynamics by Nord Drivesystems The TKSA 11 shaft alignment system by SKF, Sweden, has inductive proximity sensors and can be operated by app via Smartphone or tablet. The meter is attached to shafts or coupling sleeves at the moving machine side. A reference strip is connected to the stationary machine. The intuitive app leads the user through the measurement and the subsequent alignment correction. Real time presentation of the horizontal machine position facilitates precise alignment. The device is well suitable for alignment of narrow couplings and use in small installation spaces. For large couplings and shafts, the manufacturer offers optional extension rods and chains. Hall E3, Booth B3 At the PTC Asia exhibition Nord Drivesystems will present drive solutions for industrial applications in a wide range of sectors. The main exhibit, a working manipulator model achieves maximum dynamics due to decentralized Nord drives. This solution is featured in palletizers manufactured by Nord customer Symach. The drive units combine IE2 energy-saving motors, highly efficient gearboxes, and intelligent motor-mounted frequency inverters from the SK 200E series, all manufactured in-house by Nord. Important additional applications include conveyor technology, pumps, and ventilators. Hall E1, Booth B1 MDA Technologies 4/2014 15


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