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MDA Technologies 3/2016

MDA Technologies 3/2016

The new drive amplifier

The new drive amplifier series from Sieb & Meyer now integrated with EtherCAT The drive amplifier series SD2S by Sieb & Meyer comes with an integrated EtherCAT slave fieldbus interface. EtherCAT is characterized by an outstanding performance enabling new control concepts that are technically not feasible with classic fieldbus systems or analog +/-10 V interfaces, which are still widely used. “Among the Ethernet based real-time fieldbus systems the EtherCAT protocol has become established in the field of automation engineering”, says Torsten Blankenburg, CTO at Sieb & Meyer AG. “With the new interface we accommodate this development.” The drive amplifiers of the series SD2S come with a flexible software that supports the operation of high-dynamic servo motors and high-speed motors with asynchronous and synchronous technology. Depending on the application SD2S can operate without a sensor, for example, in case of manufacturing spindles in machine tools. Naturally, SD2S can also operate with sensor, for example, high-dynamic tightening spindles in the automotive industry. The software package ‘drivemaster2’ supports the user during the application-specific parameter setting and initial operation. Advanced Motion Controls launches EPSG’s Powerlink-certified servo drives California based company Advanced Motion Controls recently received the EPSG’s certification of Powerlink compliance for its family of DigiFlex Performance (DP) servo drives. With the high performance of centralized motion control and the reduced cost of a distributed architecture, Powerlink reduces both, overall system cost and installation time –at the same time providing real-time deterministic communication over standard Ethernet networking hardware. The DP servo drives cover a wide continuous power range from 0.8 to 16.0 kW. To accommodate customers’ varying installation requirements, DP servo drives are presented in two main form factors – panel-mount or plug-in modules. Both form factors can be configured to operate multiple types of motors. These drives also support feedback from a 5 V incremental encoder, a 1 Vp-p sine/cosine encoder or an absolute encoder with dual control loop capabilities. Together with complete operating mode configurability, this allows the DP family to be used in a broad range of applications – from factory lines and machinery to assembly cells and robotics. Barksdale sensor family grows further with BLS3000 The electronic level switch BLS3000 offers various advantages in relation to traditional level switches. Its integrated reed relays enable nearly continuous level measuring as well as customized set point adjustment. Due to digital indication and analogue output the feedback of the application is given quickly and reliably. In addition, with a panel height of 110 mm and diameter of less than 41 mm, the required space for a BLS3000 is very low. This means installation in small power packs is easily undertaken. Besides the switch function, the BLS3000 can also be used as transmitter with analogue output in 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V format. The target applications for BLS3000 are to monitor hydraulic oil or cooling water levels. Series BLS, like the pressure switch BPS3000 and temperature switch BTS3000 are all UL certified for Canada and the US, and cover the protection classes IP65/IP67. The big 4-digit 14-segment LED display ensures a perfect readability, independent of the positioning. Due to rotatable 320 ° display and electrical connection, the mounting and installation is very easy. PRODUCT NEWS The smallest back-pressure valve The CCPI back-pressure valve from Lee is only 2.5 mm in size. This stainless-steel series valve is easy to integrate in equipment and analyzing devices. The CCPI valve series has been optimized for use in plastics and usually does not require any special fixing. On the grounds of the fully automatic manufacture and quality control an optimized handling concept for packaging can also be achieved, with which further processing can be achieved directly, cleanly, and easily. Sieve-based pressure equalization elements keep particles out With the und ventilation and venting of housings or devices dirt particles should remain on the outside or should not escape. Ganter provides effective and precisely engineered sieve-based pressure equalization elements for this with standard classification GN 7403. The stainless-steel sieve housed in polyamide with its precisely defined mesh width of between 100 μm and 500 μm serves as the core for this. They provide an effective and bi-directional barrier against dusts, particles of dirt or harmful materials distributed during the gas phase. The external diameter of the sieve elements with recessed hexagonal Allen key are matched to the installation holes in accordance with DIN 3852, the length of the screw thread takes different wall thicknesses into consideration. MDA Technologies 3/2016

UL certified AC vector drives for Canadian market In addition to its existing certification from Underwriters Laboratories for USA, Nord Drive systems now has its AC vector drives up to 90 kW certified by Underwriters Laboratories of Canada. This allows for more efficient drive configuration for the North American market, because the additional line filter that was previously necessary for use in Canada is now no longer required. Users gain various benefits: cost savings, faster wiring, reduced space requirements, and simplified configuration. Nord offers a highly versatile range of drive electronics for all applications and industries. Featuring a series of cabinet AC vector drives for motor outputs up to 160 kW and two decentralized inverter lines for field installation with models up to 22 kW. The intelligent controllers provide an integrated PLC, scalable functionality, and flexible interface options. Stauff introduces a machine for pre-assembly and final assembly of cutting rings The machine with description SPR-PRC-POC from the company Stauff is suitable for installing cutting rings for 24° tube connectors in the light and heavy structural series in accordance with ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353 onto the ends of pipes with external pipe diameters of between 6 and 42 mm. On the grounds of the combined pressure-path-control during the assembly process both the pressure and the path of travel are specified and are continuously monitored. Should irregularities occur in one of the two parameters compared to the values entered, the assembly process stops automatically and a description of the fault is given in the error message on the display. Elatech-Englisch.indd 1 05.08.2016 11:02:50 MDA Technologies 3/2016


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