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MDA Technologies 3/2016

MDA Technologies 3/2016

Innovations you

Innovations you definitely shouldn’t miss CHOICE at MDA North America 2016 Heavy-duty connectors for compact networking New generation of eddy current sensors New magnetostrictive micropulse transducers PRODUCT NEWS - MDA NORTH AMERICA In modern machines, the complexity and associated costs for networking and control technology are increasing, without more space being made available for them. With the reworked ‘Heavycon’ D7 connector range, Phoenix Contact is offering power transmission in a compact design. The metal housings have been made around 40 % lighter. In spite of their small design, there is sufficient cable space for high-position cables or large cross sections. The conductive surface and conductive seals offer good EMC properties when combined with a suitable screw connection. The panel mounting bases are secured with four screws. This means they can handle extreme forces and speeds. Temporarily used interfaces can be reliably sealed with securely fastened caps. A new feed-through housing can optionally be mounted from the front or rear side. It also provides you with IP and EMC-compliant protection on the connection side. The plastic housings have also been reworked. The integrated cable gland reliably seals small and large cable diameters. Micro-Epsilon has developed new eddyNCDT 3001 and 3005 eddy current sensors that provide high precision measurement results even in industrial environments. These eddy current displacement sensors measure displacement, distance, position and vibrations. They provide highest precision and resolution on a wear-free, non-contact basis. As eddy current penetrates insulator materials, even metal behind an insulating layer can be used as a measuring object. For this reason, dust, dirt and oil do not affect the measurement. This fact combined with the sensor’s robust, temperature-compensated design enable highly precise measurements in harsh, industrial environments. Eddy current sensors of the 3001 series from Micro-Epsilon are particularly well suited to the detection of high speed processes, operating with a frequency response up to 5 times higher than inductive sensors. Unlike the eddyNCDT 3001, the 3005 version consists of sensor, cable and external miniature controller. Magnetostrictive position measuring systems in the profile housing from Balluff stand out with ease of installation, a wear-free measuring principle, a rugged, shock- and vibration-resistant and contamination sealed housing with IP 67 protection rating. With the BTL7-S5 and the BTL7-P511 the company is offering two new systems with SSI and DPI/IP interface. Designed for long stroke lengths of up to 7 620 mm, these non-contact and absolute measuring systems provide synchronous data transmission for high-accuracy machine positioning with a resolution of 1µm. They feature a sampling rate of up to 4 kHz for especially fast measurement data acquisition. SSI: In a positioning system with synchronized SSI interface data acquisition is synchronized to the external clock of the controller. This allows the controller to perform optimal speed calculations. Ideal applications include precise position measurement in demanding tasks as simultaneous measurement of axis position and speed on a press. DPI/IP: This digital pulse interface is compatible with controllers from most manufacturers. MDA Technologies 3/2016

Servo motors with new multi-turn encoder B&R has now made available its 8LV compact servo motors in multiple sizes with an optional multi-turn encoder without battery backup. The multi-turn position is retained even if the connection between the drive and motor is interrupted. This option removes the need for a buffer battery. The new inductive digital EnDat 2.2 encoders offer a wide variety of safety functions. These also guarantee a very high level of control accuracy and are resistant to disturbances. The motors are available with a 40, 60 or 80 mm flange and cover a power range of 0.1 to 1.3 kW. Their compact dimensions make them the perfect choice for tight enclosures. Igus splits slewing ring bearing The known iglidur PRTs from igus are slewing ring bearings that have a lubrication-free liner between the inner and outer rings made of aluminium, which minimises friction between the two rings. A ‘split’ PRT originated from the customer’s request. In this new development, the iglidur PRT has been constructed in such a way that it can be placed, for example, around a pipe or a shaft and then closed again in its ring shape. Unlike the usual iglidur PRTs in the igus range, the sliding elements could not be used, since they would not have remained in their positions while splitting the housing. In this case the lubricant-free tribo-tape made from iglidur A160 is used instead. Couplings designed to API Standards R+W’s LPA series disc pack couplings are designed to meet every requirement set forth by the American Petroleum Institute (API). The double disc spacer design with keyway connection is specifically designed for API 610 centrifugal pump packages. Due to its pre-assembled, laterally removable spacer, the LPA couplings offer a safe and easy installation. The special safety catch is included to ensure that the spacer tube is not thrown from the assembly in the event of a disc pack rupture. LPA Series disc pack couplings are available in six different body sizes for torques ranging from 400 to 12,000 Nm and depending on the size, bore diameters from 23 to 140 mm. Compact drive now in plug-in module concept Drive technology from Beckhoff is now also available as a plug-in module concept. In combination with a broad portfolio of Beckhoff motors and planetary gear units, three new EJ7xxx EtherCAT plug-in modules enable especially compact and cost-effective drive solutions. EJ-series EtherCAT plug-in modules provide an efficient wiring solution for machines built in large and medium-sized production runs. With new motion modules, compact drive technology from Beckhoff is seamlessly integrated into a plug-in module concept, enabling extremely compact I/O and motion solutions that perfectly match customer requirements. Noiseless water cooled torque motors Among the rotary axis drives, water cooled torque motors of the Hiwin TMRW series are extremely efficient. Synchronous servo motors are designed to operate without gears, so they achieve the highest efficiencies characterized by constant torques, maximized dynamic response, and fast speed changes. Hiwin has developed its zero-play torque motors specifically for use in machine tools. Due to its zero-contact torque transfer, they operate noiselessly and are absolutely maintenance free. In addition, the direct load coupling safeguards the high rigidity in a very compact design. New rotational speed sensors Most of the times, the standard-use rotational speed measurement device doesn’t exactly fit to the demands of end users. At this point, hydraulics suppliers need to find a customized solution. These customizations come with additional costs and some disadvantages. Having faced this situation all too often, Germany based Rheintacho’s development team came up with the new sensor range ‘the FE series’. It offers 3 different electronic versions (1-channel, 2-channel, PWM), 2 different immersion depths (18.4 mm and 32 mm) and built to protection classes IP6K9K and IP67. MDA Technologies 3/2016


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