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MDA Technologies 3/2015

MDA Technologies 3/2015


MACHINE ELEMENTS A multifunctional hydraulic filter system sets new standards The ventilating filter is integrated in the filter cover Filter systems of the future must meet the market requirements regarding the highest variability in combination with an optimal cost/ benefit ratio. The state of the art is to be redefined by pioneering developments. Thus, Argo Hytos developed a highly modular filter system with a large integration density of various functions. The filter system comes with a variety of unique features. An integrated, high efficient quick coupling system connects both internal add-on modules to the filter housing and external components (such as pipes and hoses) to the filter head. Via the unique mounting system, standard hoses with pressed-in adapter can be connected to the filter head. There are a variety of connector couplings available straight, 45° and 90° in a great number of nominal sizes. The newly developed tank connection solution revolutionizes the assembly of in-tank filters. With minimal insertion force, the in-tank filter is securely mounted in a round cutout. No threads or bolts or any other assembly tools are required. The fastening force is less than 80N. In conjunction with the recently developed seal concept unevenness of the tank up to 2 mm is completely leveled out. Ventilating filters and service As another highlight, the ventilating filter is integrated in the filter cover. The ventilating filter element is a separate exchangeable module. Furthermore, an additional aeration and deaeration valve is integrated, whereby the integration density is further increased. Particular emphasis was placed on a clean filter maintenance by preventing oil from running on the filter housing during filter element change. Filter options The following filters options can be realized n Return filter: The module consists of a return filter housing with three connections. Heart-piece is the one-piece manufactured head part with molded housing. n Suction filter: An add-on module that converts it into a suction filter for horizontal installation. This add-on module is connected via the quick coupling system. n Return-suction filter: With installation of a dividing plate in the filter head, the flow configuration is changed for a return- suction filter. The integration of a pressure holding valve, pressure relief valve and suction valve in the returnsuction filter is achieved by a complex module. The module is connected via the quick coupling system. n In-line filter: By installing an end cap on the tank outlet of the housing, the in-tank filter module converts to an in-line filter module. Two sizes will be available. The flow rates are up to 150 l/min and 300 l/min with return filters and return-suction filters resp and up to 50 l/min and 100 l/min with suction filters. Technologically, the new filter system with a large integration density of various functions represents a new milestone in the hydraulic filtration. MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Dr. Marcus Fischer, CTO at Argo Hytos, points out the advantages of the filter system. About Company name: Argo-Hytos Headquarters: Baar, Switzerland Turnover: $ 160 Mio. Employees: 1300 worldwide Products: filtration, fluid management, sensors & measurement, fluid & motion control in mobile and industrial hydraulics, gear pumps 34 MDA Technologies 3/2015

Product News Portable manometer for pressure and differential pressure by Aircom The portable manometers of MHA series by Aircom are flexible pressure measurement devices. With a weight of 250 grams they easily fit into any tool bag. During commissioning or servicing of the systems, these manometers provide you information on current pressure or differential pressure. They can also be calibrated according to DKD/DAkkS (German Calibration Service/German Accreditation Office) and thus can become a calibrated measurement device. Measurement ranges from 0-1 mbar to 0-10 bar or for vacuum are available. The devices are equipped with piezo-resistive sensors. Thus the pressure or differential pressure of compressed air or neutral gases can be measured through two pressure measurement connections. Parker’s PPV valve series increases safety and economic efficiency in the industrial truck industry Parker Hannifin has developed the PPV technology for opener valves further, permitting free air flow in both directions while the primary pressure is above the target value. If there is a pressure drop or if the pressure of the primary compressed air accumulator drops below the target, the valve is closed, keeping the vessel pressure high enough to ensure the function of relevant systems. The added value of this solution is that the PPV valves are based on a distributor plate that permits savings in components and procurement. The valves are equipped with DOT/DIN connections that help eliminate possible leaks. Electronic temperature switch BTS3000 for smallest rooms In addition to BPS3000, Barksdale now offers temperature switch BTS3000. Both the switches combine features such as hydraulics, cooling or lubrication system and are cULus certified. The measurement ranges from 0 to 100 °C and from -30 to +140 °C. With dimensions of 110 mm height and approx. 41 mm diameter they are suited for smallest rooms. As control unit, the head can be rotated by 320°C without having to change the position of the electrical or mechanical connections. The high EMC protection allows use of high-performance radio devices in the vicinity. In addition to switching functions, the sensors also offer functionalities as transmitters with analogue output. Measuring technology for industry and machine construction Position indicators Actuators Rotary encoders & Wire-actuated encoders Magnetic & Optical measurement SIKO, a strong partner for industry and machine construction ■ Specialising in measuring technology since 1963 ■ Decades of experience in distance, angle & rotary measuring technology ■ ■ Individual customisation and developments for our clients International sales and support through representatives and subsidiaries


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