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MDA Technologies 3/2015

MDA Technologies 3/2015

Product News Gearhead

Product News Gearhead combined with a high speed motor and Industry 4.0 “Discover infinite possibilities” – this will be the motto under which Wittenstein launches a genuine world’s first at the Hannover Messe 2015. The Galaxie Drive System design includes a hollow shaft, very high torque density, extreme stiffness and zero backlash all put together in a compact design. The superior technical performance characteristics mean the Galaxie beats all other gearheads and drives ever invented hands down. The Galaxie represents a completely new and innovative drive system design with each tooth an independent and dynamic entity. The drive has been fused with the newly developed high performance motor to form an ultra-compact, hollow-shaft drive system with integrated Industry 4.0 connectivity. The convincing success of the initial Galaxie applications are strong evidence that the Galaxie will propel drive system engineering into a completely new performance universe. Fast claw coupling for gearbox test benches Today’s industrial gearboxes and vehicle transmissions largely owe their tremendously high efficiency and long service life to test benches on which they are checked and further developed by creative designers prior to their first series application. It is for these high-tech installations that the company Reich has developed the proven claw coupling MMS 100 into a high speed product (nominal torque 1 250 Nm; max. speed 1 600 The objective was to develop a connecting element for a test bench in the form of a torsionally flexible coupling which transmits a nominal torque of 1 250 Nm at a maximum speed of 10 000 r.p.m. between the electric motor and the gearbox. Contactless encoder speaks CANopen Turck has added a variant with a CANopen interface to its QR24 encoder series. The new wear-free QR24-CAN variant is ideally equipped for use in mobile machines. Short latency times as well as a cyclical and event-driven communication are only two of the many benefits of the CANopen protocol, which is frequently used in this application field. These applications include crane and lifting technology, transport systems, construction machinery and also special machine building. The first pilot customers are already using the new contactless encoder with the CANopen interface in the construction machinery and wind power sector. Siemens offers highest efficiency of its new series of planetary gears Siemens has widened its portfolio of planetary gear units. The Planurex 3 is available in ten sizes, with a torque range from 1 700 to 5 450 kNm. This raises the highest torque in the standard modular system from the previous 2 600 kNm up to 5 450 kNm. The size grading is harmonized to reduce the jump in power ratings between different sizes. This makes a suitable torque and a suitable transmission ratio available for almost every application. The gear units also have the highest efficiency in their class. This has been achieved by increasing the torque density by an average of 17.2 % in comparison to the previous series. A compact design enables space-saving, high transmission ratios to be achieved. This not only reduces the weight, but also the stress on the gear unit and application. Planurex 3 is part of an Integrated Drive System (IDS), which is available as a complete solution, comprising motor, gear unit and coupling, combined with an oil supply system. The integrated drive system facilitates economic, efficient plant operation, as the components are perfectly matched to one another. 32 MDA Technologies 3/2015

Electronic braking torque regulation for safety brakes Don't lubricate The new, intelligent braking torque control module by Mayr Power Transmission makes it possible to decelerate devices and machines evenly and gently. This innovative and economically attractive solution is pre-destined for application in smart, interconnected machines. Up to now, brakes have been dimensioned with regard to the maximum load where devices with variable loads, for example forklift trucks, are concerned. However, it is not always expedient to work with the full braking torque. In case of partial loads, a stronger deceleration than necessary can lead to damage to the transported goods or even to sliding of the wheels. If, however, the system detects the operating conditions and converts this information into a default signal for the new, intelligent control module by Mayr, electronic braking torque regulation is possible. Using the new system, the brake specialists have succeeded in continuously changing the contact force on the brake linings and therefore also the braking torque during operation. Heat Water Chemicals Web: Shop 3D-CAD Product finder Lifetime calculator New highperformance timing belt Mulco will present the new BrecoFlexmove AT10 polyurethane timing belt at the 2015 Hanover Fair. It has been specially designed for high-performance drives requiring particularly high stiffness. A newly developed steel cord tension member with slightly larger diameter increases the tensile stiffness by nearly 70% in comparison to the previous version but is still flexible. By enlarging the tension member cross-section it was possible to increase the tensile strength and the permissible tensile forces. Greater tensile forces lead to higher stress in the root of the tooth and higher surface pressure on the tooth flank. With the aid of finite element topology optimization, the material distribution layout was optimized to achieve a tooth geometry that ensures more uniform distribution of the load acting on the tooth and still fits existing AT profile pulleys. Silent Cheap From the largest plastic bearing programme: Pressure-resistant, dirt-resistant, rust-proof, durable. And like all plain bearings from igus ® they are lubrication-free. Find online and order from stock. dry-tech ® − don't lubricate: Free samples: Tel. +49-2203 9649-145 plastics for longer life ® ... from 24hrs! MERCOPAR - Hall P Booth 462 igus-Englisch.indd 1 27.03.2015 13:21:22


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