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MDA Technologies 3/2014

MDA Technologies 3/2014

News and Markets North

News and Markets North America - still (or again) a future market for drive technology and engineering? North American machinery producers have embraced mechatronics. In so doing, they have made motion control the technological core of their designs. In mechatronics, electrical drive technology – typically servo – replaces mechanical and often fluid power drivetrains as well. This multidisciplinary engineering process integrates mechanical, electronics and software engineering to make machinery more streamlined, flexible, precise, reliable and productive. Growth rates for motion technology are naturally higher in developing markets, but adoption is well established in the overall North American power transmission and motion control market estimated at .7 billion in a recent PTDA (Power Transmission Distributors Association) study. The future of mechatronics as a percentage of machine content and value will steadily rise in proportion to other components and labor costs. John Kowal, Director Business Development, B&R Industrial Automation Corp., Roswell, USA North America is and remains an interesting future market for drive technology and engineering. We see great perspectives in the North- American economic area and have positioned ourselves strongly in the USA from the company’s point of view as well in this sense. The special challenge is the technology change and the increasing integration of systems. Specifically the subject of energy efficiency in North America has taken a very important role since then. This is very beneficial for our product range, since we have a very interesting range to offer in this area. In combination with our application specialists, we offer the ideal basis to perfectly support the North-American market. Matthias Vorbeck, CMO, Argo-Hytos, Kraichtal, Germany The country has set tracks for becoming a future market for engineering as well as for drive technology. For example, it was recently decided to build a center for “Digital Manufacturing” with an investment volume of 320 M USD in Chicago. The people responsible in the US want to work according to the concept of the Fraunhofer Institutes. Additionally, there are training offers for mechatronics and production technology in many states. These and other measures all have the same objective, i.e. returning outsourced productions and the connected know-how to us. It is noticeable that the German term of “Mittelstandsfirma” is often quoted as a successful model. The demand for tool machines remains at a high level. Accordingly, capacity for the production of tool machines, and particularly for the export, are being expanded. As a consequence, the demand in drive technology in the USA is increasing. Peter Riehle, President and CEO Wittenstein Holding, Corp., Bartlett, USA 8 MDA Technologies 3/2014

We are seeing a clear growth potential in North America. Based on the strategic decision to enlarge our market shares there, we have acquired a long-term sales agent from the US in 2013. After this, the sales organization was optimized and developed according to the strategic objectives. This year, it once again shows that we are right with our market studies. In the first quarter, Hawe North America had a strong order inflow – in spite of the harsh winter that slowed down the new construction market and, as a consequence, the construction machine deliveries. Promising progress was made mostly in the areas of Completely closed. Fast opening. Triflex ® -Web: Shop Product Finder 3D-CAD Online Configurator oil and gas equipment. Great hopes are connected to the negotiations for the free-trade agreement (TTIP) between the EU and the USA. It should thus be possible to sell products produced to the high European standards in the USA without any additional permits for the USA. Christian Lindell, Sales Director Hawe Hydraulik SE, Munich, Germany three axis ... two quick steps ... one protection. Moving energy made easy for robots with Triflex ® TRCF: quickly fillable 3D Energy Chain ® . Completely closed. A standard against dirt and chips. Configure and order online: Plastics for longer life ...from 24h! ® After an extended phase of stagnation, the American automotive industry and its suppliers are investing more strongly into production technology again. Similar to Europe, the focus is on reduced air consumption, i.e. higher energy efficiency, and the integration of process monitoring systems. The automotive industry is currently taking the step towards electrical drives. Pneumohydraulic drives continue to be important in areas such as the production of white goods, however. Ask for a free sample: Tel. 800.521.2747 Stefanie Reich, shareholder, TOX Pressotechnik, Weingarten, Germany Photographs: background: fotolia MDA Technologies 3/2014 9 Igus.indd 1 08.08.2014 07:51:03


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