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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014


Drive Technologies Transmissions for Dewulf NV Dewulf is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of harvesters. The transmission from Zuidberg Transmissions replaces the chains that were used as part of previous solutions and is the result of close collaboration. The transfer gearbox serves as a machine and traction drive for the potato harvesters from Dewulf. Its robust construction mean that maintenance costs are reduced and this is the particular benefit for the end user. Two-stage powershift gearbox Zuidberg Transmissions supplies the first range of new two-stage powershift gearboxes. The completely new design of this transmission enables attached machines or pumps to be operated in two stages; the transmission ratio can be adjusted according to the customer’s wishes between 2.11:1 and 1.05:1. These compact transmissions are highly robust in construction, are suitable for speeds between 540 and 1000 rpm and are capable of transmitting a power of up to 250 kW at 1000 rpm. Fuel savings of up to 20 % With the ECO-Twin front PTO, Zuidberg Frontline Systems globally offers the first front PTO in the world that can be switched between “1000” and “1000E” rpm. This PTO drive control enables greater flexibility of use, while offering the user more comfort. Independent tests have confirmed that compared to conventional front PTO with a “normal” output of 1000 rpm, the ECO-Twin achieves consumption savings of at least 10 %, and in some cases up to 20 %. The test results are derived from tests that have been carried out by PPP-Agro Advies ( in collaboration with the Wageningen University & Research Centre ( in Lelystad in the Netherlands. The tractor driver is able to switch the front PTO between normal output (1000 pm) and energy-saving mode (1000E rpm) from the cab simply by pushing a button. Due to the reduced engine speed in 1000E energy-saving mode, the noise level is also significantly reduced. The lower noise level in turn ensures more comfortable working conditions. Kotschenreuther Forst- & Landtechnik GmbH & Co.KG, a specialist in the forestry machinery sector, was the first company to incorporate this solution in its vehicles as standard. It is suitable for the cable winch system on forestry tractors and the transmission ratios were specially adapted for forestry use. The user is able to choose between two speeds by radio and with little stress. The cable winch can also be used at two different speeds, without having to switch the transmission manually. Likewise, the user can switch between two speeds without stopping the front PTO. The Zuidberg Transmissions‘ solution has a bracket in front of the switchable transmission that holds the cable winch. The transmission is also equipped with a pump drive. The German Agricultural Society, as a promoter of Agritechnica, always rewards particularly interesting innovations. In 2013 and after applying a set of stringent requirements, a neutral committee of experts honoured a total of four innovations with gold medals and 33 with silver medals, from a total of 393 that originally registered. Not just a supplier, but a co-engineering partner Not only does Zuidberg Transmissions supply a wide range of standard transmissions, but it also provides custom solutions. Amongst the features are under load switchable gearboxes with one or multiple stages. The Zuidberg range of highly reliable products is based on tried-and-tested technology, backed by 30 years of experience in this market segment. As Martin Kalter, Sales Engineer for Zuidberg Transmissions, points out: “Our products are developed, manufactured and tested in the most cost-conscious manner possible and almost exclusively on site, using the very latest technology. This is what essentially sets us apart from our competitors. We are innovative and our operation involves very short lines of communication. At Zuidberg Transmissions, our aim is not to be just a supplier for our customers, but rather a co-engineering partner!” About Company name: Zuidberg Headquarters: Ens, Netherlands Employees: approx. 200 Products: gearbox for agricultural machinery, frontline systems, pumpdrives This Article is a contribution by Silver medal for the two-stage front PTO Zuidberg Transmissions was awarded a silver medal for the two-stage front PTO for forestry tractors during Agritechnica 2013. 04 Zuidberg Transmissions was awarded a silver medal for the two-stage front PTO for forestry tractors during Agritechnica 2013 58 MDA Technologies 2/2014


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