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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014


Drive Technologies The Zuidberg Group — a company profile The name Zuidberg is one that cannot be overlooked when discussing front linkages, but it is important not to forget that this company also offers a range of other attractive products and services. 01 Hans Brokking (left), Commercial Director for Zuidberg, and Martin Kalter (right), Sales Engineer at Zuidberg Transmissions The Zuidberg Group currently consists of four business divisions and is based in Ens in the Netherlands. The front linkage, indeed, remains its core product, however the company has significantly broadened its range of products. A look at history illustrates this. History of the Zuidberg Group The origins of the Zuidberg Group date back to 1982. At that time, Henk Zuidberg founded the company Zuidberg Techniek and the company soon prospered. In 1992, a new production hall was con-structed in Ens in the Netherlands and the company sold its 10,000th front linkage in 1996. Additional administrative and production areas were created in 1998 and 2001. In 2004, the company’s founder Henk Zuidberg handed over the management of the company to his son Jeroen and the company continued to grow. 2005 saw the acquisition of StaalService in Lelystad. In 2007, a new building for sales, services, shipping and a central warehouse were constructed, followed by an additional production hall in 2009. A year later, Zuidberg Transmissions commenced trading. Westtrack was acquired in 2011 and Zuidberg Tracks BV was formed. In 2011, the company commenced In-house production of gearwheels. In 2012, Zuidberg sold its 200,000th front linkage. Zuidberg StaalService BV was founded in the same year and construction began on an additional production hall for this area of operations. This plant was commissioned in 2013. Occupying a total area of 10,000 m 2 , this facility houses the company’s state-of-the-art laser, plasma and gas cutting machinery. Semi-finished products and components can be manufactured here from sheet metals in thicknesses ranging from 1 mm to 300 mm. The success of the Zuidberg Group can be illustrated by providing a few figures: In 2003, 95 employees achieved a turnover of around 18 million euros, whilst in 2012, 225 employees generated a turnover of around 56 million euros. Today the Zuidberg Group ( consists of the following business areas: n Zuidberg Frontline Systems specialises in the engineering, development and production of innovative front linkages and front PTOs for almost every model of tractor. Zuidberg Frontline Systems is the self-proclaimed market leader and supplies tractor manufacturers and importers and agricultural machinery dealers across the world. 56 MDA Technologies 2/2014

Drive Technologies 02 The front linkage remains Zuidberg‘s core product 03 The most state-of-the-art resources are used in the construction of custom solutions n Zuidberg Tracks specialises in the engineering, development and manufacture of Zuidberg continuous track systems for retrofitting. These rubber track systems are designed for tractors, harvesters and other self-propelled machines. n Zuidberg Transmissions specialises in the engineering, development and production of custom transmissions. Zuidberg Transmissions supplies transmissions and drive solutions for a diverse range of sectors, including agriculture, transport, automotive, marine, rail, infrastructure and environmental protection. n Zuidberg StaalService specialises in the engineering, development and production of metal constructions. In addition to steel cutting for the Zuidberg Group, the new steel centre in Ens undertakes customer-commissioned premium-quality welding, bending, coating, turning and milling work. Zuidberg StaalService BV considers itself to be a one-stop supplier that places great emphasis on generating added value for its customers. n As Hans Brokking, Commercial Director for the Zuidberg Group, explains: “Our most significant business area is Zuidberg Frontline Systems, which accounts for some 70 % of our turnover; this includes the production of front linkages and front PTOs. Zuidberg StaalService lies in second place and is responsible for around 18 % of our turnover, followed by Zuidberg Tracks at around 7 % and Zuidberg Transmissions at approximately 5 %. Over all business areas together, 40 % of our deliveries are to well-known OEMs and approximately 60 % go to the After Sales market.” Zuidberg Transmissions After starting life as a trading name of Zuidberg Frontline Systems, Zuidberg Transmissions specialises in the development and manufacture of premium-quality transmissions. With over 30 years of experience in the transmission field and the in-house production of gearwheels, the company supplies transmissions for an extensive market segment. Its customer-base includes companies from the agriculture, transport, marine, rail, infrastructure, environment and automotive sectors alike. In addition to custom transmissions, the company offers a range of standard transmissions. Examples include reduction gearboxes, under load switchable gearboxes, powershift gearboxes, multi-stage gearboxes and planetary gearboxes. Zuidberg Transmission offers a comprehensive range. Its range of custom transmission solutions includes development, prototype production and mass-production. The latest generation of 3D CAD systems, the most state-of-the-art software for gearwheel and bearing analysis and finite element analysis software are used in the construction of custom solutions. Short lines of communication with the latest production environment on one site mean that Zuidberg is in a position to provide the most ideal conditions for production. Protoype production and mass-production are based on the extensive production facilities available at Zuidberg; almost everything is processed on site, including all gearwheels. An exceptionally high level of automation, coupled with short lines of communication enable cost-conscious production. The following examples of completed projects provide an effective overview. Dropbox for the TerraGator The new Terragator TG 845 from Challenger, one of the AGCO Corporation brands leading the field, has been in use since spring 2013 and has been met with the fullest satisfaction. The transmission, which was exclusively developed and produced by Zuidberg Transmissions for AGCO closes the gap between the CVT and the lower drive train and drives the rear axle. The front axle drive train can be activated while the vehicle is underway, using an electrohydraulic multi-plate clutch. The combination of CVT and “Dropbox” ensures premium performance of the vehicle. MDA Technologies 2/2014 57


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