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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014


Fluidtechnik Antriebstechnik Get engineering news. Motion, Drive and Automation INTERNATIONAL EDITION 7 October 2013 18 Triangles in the world of grinding PTC Asia attracts specialists from drive and fluid 06 power technology Industrial Gear Units Air actuators win over prove themselves in users with durability and 24 Container Cranes 40 long service life in cooperation with Inspiration is just one click away.

Product News Highly dynamic punching system With its integrated high-performance punching system HDE, Voith puts a new generation on the market. The system has been developed specifically for punching, nibbling and forming applications in the high-end area. It is to convince mainly by high dynamics and a highly accurate control conduct. The high dynamics of the punching system are based on a newly developed valve control as well as the smart hydraulic and electronic control and regulating circuits. At a punching stroke of 4 mm, the new punching system will reach a cycle time of only 18 ms. The operator profits from the machine’s very high productivity. The control conduct is particularly precise due to the new DECV (Direct Electronic Copy Valve) valve technology. It is a directly controlled, electronic copy valve. Direct control by servo motor gives the valve a very quick impulse response and precise function. The punching system achieves high repeat accuracy up to 0.01 mm and highly precise bending and forming processes. The valve is also built robust, compact and flexible in its interfaces. New valves for pneumatic applications Asco Numatics, Germany, has developed a new valve series with high flow rates that can be operated with the G3 electroncis with integrated display. The directional valves of the 503 series have integrated connections and a flow rate of 1400 l/m at a width of 26 mm. A new design is to ensure that the flow rate of the compressed air between the valve and the base plate remains as direct and as consistent as possible. On the same valve island, directional valves with a soft seal or metal/metal seal can be used. The latter warrants 200 M switching cycles. Each directional valve is equipped with an impulse-operated or manual auxiliary actuation of metal and with LED displays that are attached on the same side as the pilot valve. Asco Numatics also offers two new attachment base plates (with 1/4-threaded connections or plug-in connections W 8 or 10 mm on the outside). Both are compatible with the directional valves of the 503 series, which are installed on a base plate. The G3 electronics by Asco permit visual illustration of the configuration parameters and diagnosis parameters. Parker presents new proportional directional valve series Parker Hannifin expands its offer in pre-controlled proportional directional valves by integrated digital electronics around the new D*1FC series. This permits precise as well as economically efficient control in many applications. The manufacturer developed the series aligned with the specific needs of his customers, so that a pre-controlled proportional directional valve that ensures true competitive benefits for users is now on the market. The proportional directional valve is available in four rated sizes (NG10, NG16, NG25 and NG32) and permits volume flows of up to 1,000 litres per minute – at a differential pressure of 5 bar per control edge. It offers a very good repeat accuracy, high load stiffness and stability. Due to a progressive flow characteristic, it is perfect for demanding, controlled applications. Radial seal for static seals at high pressures The static radial seal HS developed by Parker-Prädifa has many advantages over the previous industrial standard for static sealing against high pressures – a combination of O-ring and supporting ring. As compared to the common combined solution, it is, among others, characterised by simplified assembly, improved tightness against pressure pulsations and longer service lives. O-ring/supporting ring combinations were considered the industrial standard for static applications at high pressures, but show some weaknesses in assembly and application. Standard O rings are often twisted at installation and the supporting rings are not installed in the right position or damaged at assembly. Pressure pulsation and dirt effects may also cause certain weaknesses in this sealing combination. This is not the case for the Ultrathan seal HS. Thanks to the stable, symmetrical sealing geometry and use of particularly extrusion-resilient polyurethane materials, not only is assembly simplified, but the service life is clearly increased as well. Typical application areas are hydraulic valves, hydraulic cylinders, tool machines and injection moulding machines, as well as generally all radially sealed static sealing points. MDA Technologies 2/2014 59


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