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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014

Drive technologies 04

Drive technologies 04 The Inveor series comprises 18 performance classes in 4 sizes, for the pumps, the output of size A is sufficient 03 The drive controller is installed right to the terminal box of the motor by an adapter plate with pluggable contact strip the film keyboard lights up. After removal of the cause the error is reset by pushing the reset button. The user luckily does not have todeal with the programming. This is done as the last work step during pump production. For this, two files are transferred to the PLC after the final assembly. One contains the operating parameters of the film keyboard, while the other file contains the necessary data for the motor used. The finished pumps are therefore ready for use at once. Nevertheless, the customer is able to adjust the parameters to his requirements subsequently. The connection to the internal PLC takes place with a matching adapter cable via the M12-connection of the controller. Programming happens either via the Kostal PC software on a conventional computer or via the separately available manual operating device with plain-text display. With the M12 interface, connection into field-bus systems is possible, but the Lutz flow rate meters are more sensible in the pumps instead. The compact meters record the flow volume and put it out on the integrated display. The little helpers can do even more: On request, they will automatically terminate the pump process when a set amount is reached. This not only gives the user an overview of which amount is currently being conveyed, but also permits targeted and highly comfortable bottling of a specific adjustable amount. Further benefits Because the standard industrial motors used comprise a practical performance range of 0.55 to 1.55 kW, a single size of Kostal frequency converters is sufficient to cover all currently offered pump/motor combinations. Kostal delivers controllers without any special modifications and in the factory‘s default settings since the individual programming takes place at the end of pump production, as already mentioned. This has the benefit of not needing to keep a board controller range in stock. The pumps in turn have a wider usage range due to their speed control, so that the product range can also be reduced by Lutz. Both factors finally contribute to reducing stock keeping. This is another benefit from use of the drive controllers. The pump with controller also has decisive benefits for the user: It is lighter than the version with adjustable-speed drive and thus easier to handle. It is also comfortable to operate and offers a direct and smart control of the conveyed output. The mentioned expansion capacity with a flow meter also speaks for the new concept. Wolfram Entzeroth is as convinced by this as his customers: “We have been selling more since we have included the Kostal drive controller in our range.” The two developers Volker Fertig and Klaus Saemann are also motivated by the success and are currently looking for further options to integrate the smart control into other pump systems as well. Photos: 03 Kostal, 04 Lutz pumps About Company name: Leopold Kostal GmbH & Co. KG Business: Kostal Industrie Elektrik Headquarters: Hagen, Germany Employees: more than 14,000 worldwide Established: 1912 Products: drive technology, measurement/ control/regulation electronics, photovoltaics 34 MDA Technologies 2/2014

Product News Rolling bearing cages with DLC coating The company NKE, based in Steyr, Austria, provides rolling bearing cages with DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon). The DLC-coated steel cages stand out for their resistance and durability, and can also be used in extreme operating conditions. Due to its low coefficient of friction and good sliding properties, the coating provides protection from adhesive wear and withstands lubricant starvation conditions. The wear and tear process cannot be entirely stopped but the resistance to wear of the steel cages can be significantly improved and fretting of the cage guide surfaces prevented. In this way, the service life of bearings can be prolonged. Measuring shaft for dangerous torque peaks The coupling manufacturer KTR has expanded its range of precision measuring shafts for medium torques. The new DataFlex 32 series for measuring shafts is available in three measuring ranges and covers torques up to 100, 300 and 500 Nm. The measuring principle is based on strain gauge technology. With a 10 kHz sampling frequency, the new range enables measurement of dangerous torque peaks for highly dynamic drives. The torque signals are transmitted without contact. The internal data transfer operates digitally using a resolution of 24 bits, and enables torque measurement with an inaccuracy of less than 0.1 percent from the final value. The measuring shaft features a speed sensor that provides two offset signals with a resolution of 720 impulses/revolution. Servo drive with integrated safety functions The company Moog has extended its modular single or multi-axis servo drive series. Now, as an option, it also includes servo drives with safety functions compliant with the requirements of the EN 61800-5-2 safety standard. The new programmable servo drive is now equipped with a Safety PLC function. In this way, an external Safety PLC with its associated complexity is no longer needed. The integrated functions include a complete, freely programmable functional safety system that enables safe handling of machinery. If a machine requires multiple safe inputs and outputs, the scalability of the product allows distribution over several drives. Flat-gear series for biomass heatings ABM Greiffenberger introduces a new flat gear that has been developed with a view to applications in pellet and wood chip heatings. The FGA 283, suitable for maximum torques up to 280 Nm, and thus typically in connection with motor outputs of 0.09 to 1.1 kW, is highly compact, silent and energy-efficient. Reductions from 25.86 to 316.01 are possible. The flat gears of the FGA series can be integrated space-savingly into the surrounding construction. The electrical motor can be attached in parallel to the conveyor screw, which transports the pellets or chips. A high degree of efficiency of the flat gear series is achieved by the high-quality slanted interlock. MDA Technologies 2/2014 35


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