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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014


Drive Technologies Planetary gearboxes in a huge bending machine Italian company Walter Tosto SpA built the biggest roll bending machine in the world – DINO 10000 – to bend thick metal sheets that are used to produce large cylindrical containers. These are keys to the performance of refineries. Drive specialist Bonfiglioli supplied the planetary gearboxes used in the bending machine. In recent years, the growing demand for oil, principally by BRIC countries, has caused oil prices to increase notably: consequently investment in new oil refinery construction has grown significantly. The lifetime and performance of refineries depend upon the characteristics of so-called “critical items”, i.e. large cylindrical metal containers (tanks, reactors, refinery columns, heat exchangers, water towers, tanks for gas ships, etc.) manufactured using thick metal sheets which must withstand the high pressures of the fluid within the containers themselves. Generally these containers are made using special steel alloys containing chrome, molybdenum and vanadium. Few companies are able to weld and machine such alloys. Walter Tosto SpA (Italy), with its 450 employees, operates within this scenario, achieving an annual turnover of € 100 M (85 % of which is exported to the USA, Russia and China). The company was founded in 1960, and since 1982 it has been operating in the field of processing plants for pressured fluids. Walter Tosto has grown to become a world leader in the manufacturing of very large vessels (max manufactured weight = 1050 t, max length = 105 m) covering applications which include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, PowerGeneration, Food; Pharmaceuticals. Larger still are the reactors (containers in which a product is chemically transformed by heat and exits as a different substance), whose cylindrical shape must be created by forming very thick metal sheet. Walter Tosto was previously obliged to purchase the metal sheet already pre-shaped by the steelworks themselves. But this presented the risk that, if the 01 Ten Bonfiglioli model 318 lanetary gearboxes drive the giant upper roller demand for tanks were to increase in terms of quantity (over 14 000 t/year), dimensions and thickness, it would have been difficult to find suppliers able to bend such very thick plates. Walter Tosto thus decided to invest € 9.5 M in the design and manufacturing of the biggest roll bending machine in the world today: Baptised DINO 10 000 it is the result of the know-how and technical expertise the company has accumulated during its many years in the business. The application needs Overcoming such an immense challenge allows the italian company to place itself at the very top level amongst the world manufacturing élite, with the aim of becoming the number one producer of pressure vessels worldwide. To achieve this Walter Tosto was forced to minimize the outsourced content, entirely developing the machine internally with the support of only a few key suppliers.The result is an engineering masterpiece which weighs 1200 t, with an installed power of 1200 kW, a hydraulic circuit containing 1900 l of oil, a basement at 9 m underground and a height of 12.5 m. DINO 10 000 can bend plates of more than 400 mm thickness by means of a compression force of 98.100 N between its rollers (corresponding to a weight of 10.000 t), and can deliver a torque of 12.8 MNm generated by oil at a pressure of 250 bar; in this manner it bends metals through the combined action of rotation and compression. DINO 10 000 is installed in one of Walter Tosto SpA’s 6 facilities, in the town of Chieti (Italy), and it will guarantee highly skilled labour for the next 40 years. Above all DINO 10 000 allows to safeguard its competitive advantage in an ever more challenging market. In order to achieve performance levels which, not long 30 MDA Technologies 2/2014

Drive Technologies 03 Bonfiglioli model 318 planetary gearboxes 02 The biggest roll bending machine in the world: Walter Tosto’s DINO 10000 ago, were considered unachievable, the quality of the components and processes applied had to be elevated to an entirely new level, because even the very smallest error would not be permissible within such a complex task. The level of excellence and innovation achieved by DINO 10 000 is reflected in its receiving the coveted 2009 Innovation Award, which Walter Tosto received directly from the Italian President himself. DINO 10000 worked faultlessly straight from its first test run, where a metal sheet with a thickness of 200 mm and a width of 3500 mm was perfectly bent. The drive solution The drives company Bonfiglioli (Italy) was chosen as Walter Tosto’s strategic partner in the development of DINO 10000’s main drives: the giant upper roller is moved by ten Bonfiglioli model 318 planetary gearboxes, each transmiting an output torque of 233 kNm. The pinion, together with its matching ring gear, generates a torque of 12.8 MNm, whilst two model 315 planetary gearboxes move the lower roller, transmitting a torque of up to 100 kNm. Bonfiglioli has been recognized as world leader in planetary gearbox manufacture, combining high volume production together with the capability to offer customized solutions; in fact Bonfiglioli’s extensive knowledge of roll bending machine applications were a key success factor for this project. Bonfiglioli solutions reliably supported Walter Tosto in this challenge: to significantly exceed the established performance benchmark. And this thanks to a strategic cooperation with its expert regional distributor, Contasta Componenti Srl. When Walter Tosto decided to extend the limits of what was achievable to date, they turned to Bonfiglioli as a strategic partner in overcoming this immense challenge. The result is an engineering masterpiece, the demonstration that quality, commitment and teamwork can overcome even the most taxing challenge. About Company name: Bonfiglioli Riduttori S.p.A. Headquarters: Bologna, Italy Turnover: € 623,7 m (2012) Employees: approx. 3300 Products: gearmotors, drive systems and planetary gearboxes for industrial processes, automation, mobile and renewable energy applications MDA Technologies 2/2014 31


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