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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014


Drive Technologies 04 The helical bevel gear motor is combined with an industrial gear unit based on a splined hollow shaft 05 “The new brew house is a showpiece project designed to operate reliably for at least 40 years”, says Dr. Walter Unterthurner, Technical Director at the Forst brewery (left; with Master Brewer Manfred Biechl) step is also fully automatic. If too much mass accumulates, the lowering process stops, and the speed is adjusted. Thus, the tun can be emptied in as little as six minutes. In order to process the material as gently as possible, the spent grain is loosened at low speed. But when the spent grain is removed, high speeds are required so the vessel can be emptied as quickly as possible. “Thus, the clouding of the spent grain is minimal, and the flow is very efficient”, Würth explains. Both tasks are handled by a custom-tailored Nord drive unit based on a splined hollow shaft. The drive is a combination of a motor, an industrial gear unit, and a helical bevel gear unit. It has a maximum torque of 96,000 Nm and can continuously regulate the circumferential speed from one to one hundred meters per minute – while providing a constant torque. Würth says, “To check whether the system is running smoothly, the speeds, current consumption, and the motor temperature are centrally monitored continuously.” Accurate to the millimeter Inside the lauter tun, the raking machine is lifted and lowered by up to 500 mm. The lifting device works accurately to the millimeter, even under full load. A limit switch and an optical sensor were installed for exact positioning. The height can be adjusted during standstill, in an idle phase, and during operation. To this end, both the helical gear unit and the oil-hydraulic lifting unit are designed to withstand the axial and radial loads which occur in the process. The drive motor has an 18.5 kW power rating and provides output speeds of 0.04 to 4 rpm. To ensure that the required speed is maintained, the motor has been equipped with an encoder. An external fan cools the motor at low speeds. Both gear units feature oil expansion tanks to prevent lubricants leaking from the vent valves at high temperatures. A special sealing system on the industrial gear unit ensures that there is always an adequate lubricant film on the shaft. Due to the design, the lifting cage does not require additional oil reservoirs, which eliminates the problem of sealing. Following the Unicase principle developed by Nord, all the bearings are integrated into a single housing block which provides excellent strength and rigidity. Unicase gear cases have no sealing surfaces that could deflect under the effect of torque or radial forces. The compact and light gear units run very quietly and have a longer service life and lower energy consumption than models with multiple-part housings. Modern technology reduces steam consumption by 47 % The project stands out not only because of its size and the modern architecture. Dr. Walther Unterthurner, Technical Director at the Forst brewery, points out, “Constructing the new brew house, we wanted to ensure that the resources would be processed as gently as possible. Furthermore, we wanted to use these modern technologies to considerably reduce energy consumption and emissions.” Therefore, in addition to efficient facilities in the brew house, a new heat recovery system has been integrated into the vapor condenser. The heat required for the production of the beer wort is stored in a large energy reservoir in the form of hot water tanks at the rear of the building and is reused for subsequent brewing processes. According to Unterthurner, these various measures have already reduced the consumption of primary energy by 30 %. “Our target is to reduce steam consumption by at least 47 %”, he adds. Conclusion “The new brew house is designed to operate reliably for at least 40 years”, says Dr. Walter Unterthurner, Technical Director at the Forst brewery. Nord Drivesystems technology plays an important part in this. Due to the modular concept of housings and gear components, the drive units were customtailored to the requirements of the brewery, contributing to time savings and efficiency improvements. The new brew house is considered a model of modern European brewing. In the very first week after start-up, Forst reduced its primary energy consumption by 30 %. About Company name: Nord Drivessytems Headquarters: Bargteheide, Germany Turnover: approx. 450 m € (Nord-Group) Employees: more than 3000 worldwide Products: Geared motors, industrial gear units, motors, frequency inverters, motor starters 28 MDA Technologies 2/2014

Product News New electromagnetic linear brakes The company Mayr Antriebstechnik (Germany) offers an electromagnetic version of the zero backlash linear brake series, the Roba-linearstop. This version complements the pneumatic or hydraulic airing variants. The electromagnetic brake, which operates according to the fail-safe principle, is closed in de-energised state, therefore it meets the required safety aspects in all operating conditions, including emergency shutdown and power failure. It can be used when compressors or generators for compressed air or oil hydraulics are not required. All versions of the brake are full-fledged safety brakes that allow the axes to apply the brake from motion in a reliable way. CHT cardan shafts for extreme loads The drive specialist Voith Turbo (Germany) has once again supplied a US steel manufacturer with two CHT cardan shafts with safety couplings for a rolling mill. The high-performance cardan shafts of the CH series are based on an optimised design according to the Finite Element Method (FEM). The forged version of the flange yoke with a particularly high torque capacity is designed for extreme loads. The CH bearing technology and the stress-optimised universal joint cross ensure long service life and prevent unplanned downtime, thus reducing maintenance costs. The rolling mill operator has also installed SafeSet couplings for torque limitation between the motor and the cardan shaft. In the event of an overload, the coupling immediately disengages the drive train and protects the cardan shaft, the roll pins and other gear components. MDA Technologies 2/2014 29 IGUS-Englisch.indd 1 24.02.2014 13:36:44


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