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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014

News and Markets Italy

News and Markets Italy — still a market of the future for drive and fluid technology? Even though the year of 2013 wasn‘t as great for the Italian machine production as expected, Italy is and remains an important sales market. We hope that the economy will stabilise based on a stabilising political environment. Many of our internationally aligned customers are present in Italy. We have a dedicated branch to offer customers best consulting and comprehensive service on site. It is particularly important to us to speak the customer‘s language and to immerse ourselves in his culture. Reliability is particularly important in unstable times. Italy is a country of ups and downs. We assume increasing stability and even a slight increase of demand for drive and fluid technology components. Matthias Vorbeck, CMO of Argo-Hytos Group, Germany Although Italians are used to denigrating themselves and the domestic market, which is almost at a standstill today, we can proudly say that the ability of Italian mechatronic companies to innovate quickly remains a significant strength. The sheer variety of machines that we produce is not matched anywhere else in the world. Therefore, although our industries are struggling to function successfully overall, our remarkable design capabilities give us the opportunity to expand onto international markets. This explains the stability of the drive market compared to the general collapse in the mechanical production sector since 2008. We cannot forget that the percentage of drive & automation technology inside the machines is constantly increasing compared to the mechanical equipment. In addition, the strong demand for automation in the production of food in developing countries is beneficial for the Italian machine-builders, who have always come up with new ideas for food packaging. Even though the future is not looking as bright as it did in the 1970s, it is not as dark as it might seem, either. Italy is the secondlargest market for automation technology in Europe, and very important to us. For decades, we have been valued and renowned for our reliability and technology among our Italian clients. We continue to invest in the area of drive components, but also increasingly in systems including robots and control solutions. The demand in energy-efficient drives and innovative concepts in Italy is unreduced. Of course, suppliers and partners must be ready for the global activities of the Italian customers and able to offer global support. We can rise to these challenges. Ralph Klein, Executive Officer, Yaskawa Europe, Germany Sergio Vellante, Managing Director, Lenze, Italy 14 MDA Technologies 2/2014

Fluidtechnik Antriebstechnik News and Markets We have been represented in Italy by our subsidiary for 10 years. Particularly the proximity to the customers is one of the factors for success to prevail on the Italian market. For us, drive technology is one of the core industries. This is why we have been offering continuous improvement, customer-specific adjustments and technical further development of our products, e.g. in the area of functional safety technology, for Italian manufacturers of this industry. Demand is increasing continually in Italy as well. We consider the packaging industry, where many drives are installed, to be the driving force for Italy. It has always been one of the strongest industries, and now holds a market share of roughly 23%, making it the future market for products in position and movement sensor applications, counting and process technology, safety technology and transmission technology. Jonas Urlaub, Industry Manager for drive technology, Kübler Group, Germany As a manufacturer of actuators as well as electronic and bus capable position indicators we globally offer a wide range of solutions for positioning and format changing applications. In contrast to Germany, many trends and designs on a high level of automation are predefined by European quality standards in Italy. Local engagement is vital in order to participate in these trends and designs. Since we are represented by our subsidiary in Italy, we are able to partake faster in local trends and demands. Christian Fischer, Marketing Manager, SIKO GmbH, Buchenbach, Germany Reach international markets. Motion, Drive and Automation INTERNATIONAL EDITION 7 October 2013 Triangles in the world 18 of grinding PTC Asia attracts specialists from drive and fluid 06 power technology Industrial Gear Units Air actuators win over prove themselves in users with durability and 24 Container Cranes 40 long service life in cooperation with New business is just one click away. MDT_EA_just a click away 2014.indd 10 13.11.2013 10:35:10 MDA Technologies 2/2014 15


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