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MDA Technologies 2/2014

MDA Technologies 2/2014

News and Markets

News and Markets “Discover the other side of Made in Italy” Why visit TPA ITALIA 2014? What special role plays drive technologies and fluid technologies at the trade fair in Milan? We talked with Andreas Zuege, Managing Director at Deutsche Messe AG‘s subsidiary in Italy and Amadio Bolzani, president of Assofluid – Italian Association of Manufacturing and Trading Companies in Fluid Power Equipment and Components, about these topics. 01 Andreas Zuege, Managing Director at Deutsche Messe AG‘s subsidiary in Italy TPA ITALIA 2014 is the debut of the new show in Italy, organized by Deutsche Messe. What are the reasons to launch this new trade fair especially in Milano? TPA ITALIA is the answer to a specific need expressed by the industry that claimed their own trade fair in Italy that would have been completely different and innovative compared to the previous one. This event is an evolution of the existing trade show far too traditional and dated that couldn’t any longer keep pace with market dynamics and changes and therefore wasn’t in line with the business reality. Milan has always been the right location and this is the main reason for this choice, but certainly not the only one. Because of the Expo 2015, Milan represents the city of innovation and therefore is the perfect site for an event that has such and many more other features of differentiation and modernity which give to Italian fair tradition a totally new and unique appeal. Do not forget that Milan is the main industrial city in Italy as well as the most international one and, because of its geographical position and its transport network, Milan is easily accessible from all over the world. The Italian market is very well known for fluid technologies and pneumatics. What is the role of TPA ITALIA in this context? I leave the floor to Amadio Bolzani, Assofluid – Italian Association of Manufacturing and Trading Companies in Fluid Power Equipment and Components: The Italian Fluid Power is the second biggest in Europe and fifth in the world. The total turnover produced by these companies is more than € 3.5 billion, employing more than 20,000 people and exporting in all countries of the world, so it was totally unimaginable that one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy didn’t have a proper showcase on its national territory. Deutsche Messe took the chance and for the first time with TPA ITALIA it brings to an European Union country an exhibition that is a part of the international circuit of Hannover Messe, giving, even if in its local dimension, a real global reach. TPA ITALIA is a concrete opportunity for greater visibility to Italian companies that wish to expand their presence in foreign markets while consolidating and developing their position in the domestic one. In the meantime the tradeshow invites foreign customers to come to Italy to deepen their knowledge about the reality of business excellence that often does not go beyond its geographical boundaries. In addition to hydraulics, drive technology is an important business in Italy. Does this reflect on TPA ITALIA too? Yes, absolutely, so much that the first meeting is dedicated to electrical and fluid drives. A very important topic since the regulation on the prompt implementation 12 MDA Technologies 2/2014

News and Markets of motor efficiency. The meeting purpose is to provide an overview of the characteristics and areas where the different drive technologies could be applied in a cost-effective, flexible and efficient way. The aim of the conference is to share technical insights. The round table with the participation of some of the world’s biggest industrial companies such as ABB, B&R Automation, Camozzi, Eaton Fluidpower, Festo and Parker Hannifin, and aims to provide points of comparison to clarify the gray areas due to the overlap of the various technologies . The debate will suggest how the various solutions available on the market today can be properly used to realize high-performance, flexible and efficient industrial applications. What are the important topics of the TPA ITALIA in Milano and what the visitor should not miss? TPA ITALIA contains different elements that contribute together and with their interactions to the value of this event. I find it hard to talk about one aspect without extending the discussion to what is around and not thinking about the time dimension of the fair. TPA ITALIA is a B2B platform, a network where demand and offer meet and where more than 150 companies coming from 17 countries will introduce their state of the art products and solutions, while the fair will show how the future could be. Thanks to the Solution Hubs and the three thematic areas that will find place right in the center of the exhibition, the fair will broaden its horizons not only to the current scenario, represented by exhibitor’s offering and industries case studies, but will explore new business opportunities and concrete applications, even if unconventional, of technologies and systems introduced. The Solution Hubs are core junctions and integral part of any type of interaction, exchange and networking activities between the industry excellences and some of the most important organizations and national research laboratories that are internationally recognized. During TPA ITALIA’s first edition the three areas that will be showcased within the Solution Hubs are: Advanced Automation, Mobile Hydraulics and Industrial. But the visitor’s experience would not be complete without the rich program of conferences , workshops and seminars within the Leonardo Area, which once again foresees companies , internationally renowned research institutes and industry associations as protagonists in discussions on technological issues and updates of the regulations 02 Amadio Bolzani, president of Assofluid What do you — as the organizer — expect for the exhibition in 2014? It’s the first edition of an exhibition project that has no precedent and for this reason it needs time to grow and mature in the territory and to consolidate in the country’s culture. Having said that, we are very pleased with the results in terms of number and type of companies that have joined the initiative so far. There are more than 150 companies representing the following categories: hydraulics, pneumatics, electric drives and automation, power transmission, measurement, control, auxiliaries and accessories. Moreover we are very satisfied with the positive response from the companies to our collaborative approach, exhibitors have enthusiastically agreed to be involved and interact with us in order to build a common project that would better match their needs. In regards to the visitors, we do not have any historical data so it is difficult to make any reliable forecasts. However if I consider the interest and sympathy triggered by the event I would be optimistic. I do also believe that the collaboration and support of industry associations such as the Assofluid give added prestige and importance to the event, which increases the level of interest. In one or two sentences: Invite the reader to Milano: Why should he come to the show? Therefore visiting TPA ITALIA means get to know the entire supply chain and discover the other side of Made in Italy excellence, which plays a key role in placing Italy at the top of the world rankings. MDA Technologies 2/2014 13


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