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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015

Product News Precise

Product News Precise pressure transmitter by ifm electronic with a short trigger time The pressure transmitters of the PT and PU series by ifm electronic generate an analogue signal (PT = 4 to 20 mA, PU = 0 to 10 V). A thin-film load cell welded directly to the process connection (G ¼) forms the basis for a measuring accuracy of less than ± 0.5 % as well as a repeat accuracy of less than ± 0.05 %. Additionally, the sensors can be used not only in hydraulic applications, but also in inert gases. The trigger time of the sensors is only 1 ms. The devices need a width across flats of 19 mm for installation and are characterised by a high vibration and shock resistance as well as protection type IP 67 or IP 69K respectively. The connection is performed via an M12-plug connection. Monitoring of moisture in industrial oils The EE364 in-line transmitter from E+E Elektronik measures moisture and temperature in transformer, lubricating, hydraulic or motor oils, and diesel fuel. This device can assist in planning condition-based maintenance operations to aid in avoiding equipment breakdown, leading to lowered costs. The EE364 can measure water activity (aw) and oil temperature (T), and calculate water content (x in ppm). The readings are available on two 4-20 mA analog outputs and a Modbus RTU interface. The analog outputs can be scaled and configured by the user with the optional converter cable and free configuration software. The EE364 is pressure rated to 20 bar (290 psi) and features G ½” ISO or ½” NPT process connection threads. Its compact size and robust stainless steel IP65 enclosure allow for easy integration into demanding OEM applications and harsh environmental conditions. Power Transmission Engineering Fluid Power VDMA Branch Guide 2015 now available Power Transmission Engineering and Fluid Power „Motion, Drive & Automation“ • Economic/technical situation of German manufacturers • List of German suppliers of Power Transmission Engineering, Hydraulics and Pneumatics • Company portraits • VDMA network abroad WIN AUTOMATION 19. – 22.03.2015, Istanbul pick up your free copy at the VDMA booth in hall 10 on the German Pavilion or mail to

Better on curves with Hall Freudenberg Schwab Vibration Control has introduced a world-first for railed vehicles: the active hydraulic axle guide bearing Hall 2.0. Here the bearings change in response to external pressure. The active Hall 2.0 receives its control information either from cameras, path sensors, GPS data and programmed maps or from built-in sensors for power control. With the help of the signals, the axles corner independently to a predetermined degree. The result is less wear on the wheels and rails as well as less noise and energy use. Conprotect of Igus offers protection for plugs To protect USB plugs even better in industrial use, Igus has developed the Conprotect, a protective housing that is simply clipped around USB plugs. Additionally, two knurled screws ensure safe fastening to prevent accidental tearing out. The protective housing can also be used with couplings for flying connections. The lids of the Conprotect are made of identical parts that can be pushed together around the plug for simple handling. The screws can be attached to the connection. Users may also order and retrofit the Conprotect for present connections. SKF Economos: seals for tool machines Ecopur seals by SKF Economos offer high wear and extrusion strength, low stick-slip tendency, low friction and a high resistance to coolants/lubricants of tools and permit insertion of sealing elements into present installation spaces by snap-in installation. Recalibration is not necessary. For usage temperatures above 100 °C, we offer FPM-based SKF-Ecorubber-materials. The S-Ecopur version with its synergetic composition of firm lubricants has good sliding properties and is also suitable for dynamic high-pressure applications and use of liquids and gases with a low lubrication effect. Flexible pressure sensor by Layher With the type 930 pressure sensor, Layher AG offers a monitoring version where users have two programmable switching points with two backswitching points (hysteresis) for their use. Settings are made menu-routed via three buttons according to the VDMA 2457-1 standard. A ceramic sensor with corrosionresilient and stable properties is installed in a robust housing. To cover different applications for pressure monitoring of media such as air, oil emulsion and water, there are various versions of switch types for the measuring ranges from 0 to 10, 0 to 100 and 0 to 250 bar. The electrical connection is established via a plug-in connector M 12×1. Lifting pins GN 1130 facilitate handling of heavy machine parts The new self-securing lifting pins GN 1130 by Ganter need a bore in the component or a type GN 1132 holding sleeve for use. Inserted into the bore or the holding sleeve, the locking balls lock the pin against pulling out. Only pushing of the red button, which is secured with a bridge, will unlatch them so that the pin can be removed. The pin made of manganesephosphated steel or stainless steel can carry loads of up to 480 kg, offering five-fold safety against breaking and resilience up to 250 °C. The shackles can be turned by 180° and ensure alignment with the pulling direction under load together with the lifting pin itself. MDA Technologies 1/2015 51


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