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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015

Kastas’ new

Kastas’ new distribution center in Germany At the beginning of 2015, Kastas took a logistics center in operation, located in Quickborn, Germany. The new investment significantly increases customer satisfaction since the new center ensures fast deliveries with flexible supply conditions for a wide product range. Kastas Sealing Technologies has been always aiming development of advanced materials, production of high quality products and top level customer service since 33 years following the establishment of the company by Haydar Atilgan. Since that time, the company always followed those guidelines in all areas of development and always target better. The most recent example of this is the new distribution center in Quickborn, Germany. It is equipped with an ultra-modern storage system and includes a huge warehouse with thousands of different products always available in stock. It ensures the delivery within 24 hours all over Europe. Kastas Sealing Technologies Kastas is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Sealing Technologies. The company produces advanced sealing elements for fluid power and various specific applications. Through its headquarters in Izmir, Turkey, European Logistic Center in Germany, sales and service partners all around the world, Kastas is determined to serve its customers with high quality, reliable products as well as before and after-sales services. Industries served are mainly mining, agriculture, forestry, construction, mobile hydraulics, engineering and construction, automotive, steel mills, food processing, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. Research and Development Research and Development is one of the driving forces of growth and success of Kastas. As an integral part of efforts Kastas operates R&D Center of excellence located in headquarters for: n In-house compound development and material science, n Hydraulic and pneumatic test rigs, n Research on advanced sealing solutions, n Design development and optimization. Production and Quality Kastas produces its sealing elements using advanced production technologies, top level materials and compounds. In-house compounding and production of all manufacturing processes are key factors for an efficient, quality assured and flexible approach to sealing technologies. Kastas Manufacturing Plant in Turkey consists of an elastomer division, engineering plastics division, machined seals division, composite materials, tooling and compounding divisions. Quality is very important for Kastas and guaranteed by an appropriate quality management. The quality management system has been certified by international agencies and is checked at regular intervals. Furthermore, continuous internal audits ensure the high quality standards. In all production lines Kastas aims at Zero-Defect production. Zero-Defect series production for all standard and non-standard products starts with APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) processes which assure a proactive quality and risk management. Having the same mindset in all value added processes, the Product range n Sealing elements for hydraulic cylinders n Sealing elements for pneumatic cylinders n Sealing elements for gas springs n Sealing elements for hydraulic and pneumatic valves n Composite and thermo-plastic guiding elements n O-Rings, X-Rings and back-up rings

MACHINE ELEMENTS What about Kastas’ market share and activities – in Turkey and the rest of the world? Kastas is the market leader and pioneer company in the Turkish market. We are the sealing technology partner of hundreds of cylinder and equipment manufacturers. With our five branch offices in different cities, 57 authorized distributor, and over a thousand dealers we ensure the product and solution availability all around the country. Globally, Kastas is the fastest growing and developing company within the competition. Our high quality products, wide range of solutions, dedicated customer oriented services are key factors for our current market share especially in Europe and Asia. Since more than 10 years Kastas is a well-known company all around the world as the sealing elements supplier of hundreds of OEM companies. Besides our direct sales to these OEM customers, our products are available in more than 80 countries via distribution and solution partners. What role does marketing play at Kastas? Marketing is the key tool to inform all our current and potential customers about the achievements of our intense R&D efforts and experience we gained over time. Besides all other activities, exhibitions are the main events for us to introduce new solutions, new technologies and new services. MDA fairs, organized by Deutsche Messe, have always been the venues that we prefer. This year we will be attending 3 MDA events, respectively, WIN Eurasia, Hannover Messe and PTC Asia. How important is WIN Eurasia in Istanbul for Kastas? WIN Eurasia is the largest exhibition in which we participate every year in Turkey. As the market leader, we always show a comprehensive participation to this fair. Although our domestic sales team of 20 experienced staff is always in communication with our domestic customers, we value hosting our customers in our booth, introducing new sealing solutions, and new technologies as well as informing them about the new services we offer. What can visitors expect from the Kastas booth at Hannover Messe 2015? Hannover Messe is the largest exhibition for our industry and for sure the meeting point of all producers and users all around Bircan Atılgan, International Marketing Manager, Kastas the world. Although this will be our 4th participation to this event, this year has a special importance for us. We plan to introduce our new investment in Germany, Kastas European Distribution Center to a larger audience. Our distribution center has more than 30,000 different type of sealing elements in stock and offers various before and after sales services as well as technical support to our customers in Europe. Also I am glad to state that we will be introducing a new rod sealing element and a new TPU grade, both ensuring higher performance, higher durability and higher efficiency in various applications. millions of seals for a world leader OEM, to a large diameter seal to be used in the most challenging applications, from a single seal to repair a machine, to the prototype cylinder which is part of an innovative project, Kastas is dedicated to offer the best sealing solution. Kastas ensures top level service and supply through its main warehouse in Izmir, its European Distribution Center and its well-structured distribution netcompany uses all the quality management tools such as “Kaizen” and “Lean Manufacturing” to increase flexibility, productivity and provide customers with high quality on-time delivery. Sales and Distribution As well as being an advanced producer, Kastas is one of the largest distributors of sealing elements globally. From a batch of work in 80 countries globally. Before and after sales technical services are offered by an experienced application engineering team centralized in Izmir and Germany. The European distribution center in Quickborn has more than 30,000 different type of sealing elements in stock and offers various before and after sales services as well as technical support. MDA Technologies 1/2015 49


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