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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015

Antriebstechnik Product

Antriebstechnik Product News Siemens expands motor platform by drives for steel plants Siemens has developed industryspecific motors for steel plants based on the motor platform Simotics 1LE1: The vented “Simotics DP Steel Plant” motors expand the offer of roller gear motors. Accordingly, the motors meet the high demands to vibration and shock according to class 3M4. Versions of the new motors have been optimised for interaction with the inverters of the Sinamics-S120-family and contribute to efficient and reliable operation as an integrated drive system. Efficiency class IE3 permits high energy savings in mains operation. The motors are available in 4- and 6-pin versions in axle heights 112 to 280, and a torque range of 20 to 578 Nm. Compact servo drives control up to six motors The servo amplifiers of the Dias-Drive 1000 series by Sigmatek (Austria) can control up to six motors. In addition to the housing, the drive controllers also share controller, interim circuit and cooling element. The six-axis device is 21 cm wide, 59 cm high and 22 cm deep. In the compact drive series, there are also versions with three and four axles. Each axle permits between 5 and 20 A rated current and 10 to 40 A peak current. With feedback modules that can be plugged in from the outside, the encoder system can be coordinated with the respective application. At the moment, resolver-, EnDat 2.1 and Hiperface DSL modules are available. The motor controller has been developed further: controller cycle times of 62.5 µs ensure precise positioning at high speed. Gearbox ranges extended Vogel Antriebstechnik is upgrading its MPR and MPG gearbox ranges by adding new sizes. The new sizes MPR 400, 500, 600 and MPG 400 and 600 replace the previous sizes MPR-04 and MPR-05 / MPG-04 and MPG-05 and expand the torque range by up to 4,500 Nm. Performance of Vogel’s gearboxes thus leaps forward to meet the requirements of high-speed servo applications. MPR gearboxes feature a free output shaft without a key but with the options of a key or a DIN 5480 splined shaft. MPG gearboxes have a highly rigid flanged output with substantial mounting positions. By minimizing the axial length of the output surface from the roller bearings on the output side, the gearboxes support high radial and axial loads. Their universal design and simplified yet flexible motor mounting allows both ranges to be installed in any orientation. Users also profit from a wide and continuous ratio range. Motion, Drive and Automation 30 Maintenance-free bearings support one of the world’s longest suspension bridges I N T E R N AT I O N A L E D I T I O N 6 September 2013 Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: 36 MDA Technologies 1/2015 16 geared Gravel plant reduces costs and maintenance by using motors 18 26 Winter Standard components are used to drive scraper chain conveyors in Norway Air Springs: keeping things moving at the 2014 Olympic Games in cooperation with Fluidtechnik

Optimised hysteresis closing heads for bottling systems The new generation of hysteresis closing heads for bottling systems by Mayr is extremely wear-resistant. The rust-free Roba capping heads for the beverage, pharmaceutics and cosmetics industries have a constant, impact-free torque and apply plastic screw caps with high precision. The lifetime-lubricated plastic/stainless steel linear guide minimises the service and maintenance effort. The inspection requires no service staff of the manufacturer. The torque is transferred contact-freely and also impact-freely and at low vibration. The torque repeat accuracy of the closing heads is +/- 2 %. The threshold torque can be adjusted gradually and can be read directly via a scale. The closed build makes the closing heads resistant against dirt and aggressive media. Wistro develops internal rotor series further Wistro from Langenhagen developed is internal rotor series IL further. The sizes 132 and 160 (and thus also 180- and 200/2-pin) were introduced first. The terminal box of the new ILI series end at the B-side bearing shield of the external ventilation unit and can be turned by 90° each thanks to their new square shape. The new placement of the plug leads to a shorter size in the plug designs. Both sizes will also be available in the 400/690 V version, with size 160 now also being suitable for 1~60 Hz-operation. The air inlet grid is flow-optimised. The inner intake space is used unchangedly, which permits installation against surfaces and thus shorter installation sizes. As the current IL series, the new ILI-series also meets the ErP-directive that is valid from 2015 onwards. Thus, tried and tested and furtherdeveloped properties will supplement each other in the ILI series in future. Absolute rotary encoders with mechanical error exclusion For use in safetyrelevant applications, Heidenhain (Germany) has developed the latest generation of the rotary encoders ECN 1123 and EQN 1135. They are certified for applications according to SIL 2 (EN 61508) or category 3, Performance Level d (EN ISO 13849). They also offer mechanical error exclusion. Their form-locking hollow shaft has a form-locking element that reaches into the corresponding groove of the drive shaft during installation to prevent slipping of the shaft connection. The rotary encoders of series ECN/EQN 1100 deliver absolute position values – in the design of ECN 1123 with a single turn resolution of 23 Bit, as EQN 1135 with an additional multi-turn resolution of 12 Bit. Thanks to its housing diameter of only 35 mm, the rotary encoders in functional safety design permit access to new applications, e.g. in drive and medical technology. Escon Module 24/2 Servo Motor Controller As addition to the Escon servo controller family, Maxon Motor presents another miniaturized, postage stamp-sized OEM plug-in module, the Escon Module 24/2. The high-performance 4-quadrant PWM servo motor controller is designed to command permanent-magnet-activated brushed DC motors and BLDC motors with Hall sensors up to 48 W continuous output and 144 W peak output. The drift-free yet extremely dynamic speed behavior enables speeds up to 150,000 rpm. It provides extensive functionality with free configurable digital and analog inputs/outputs and can be operated in various modes. When connected to a PC via a USB port, the servo controller can be parameterized with the graphical user interface Escon Studio. The Escon Module 24/2 features protective circuitry against overcurrent, excess temperature, undervoltage and overvoltage, voltage transients and short-circuits in the motor cable. Frequency converter offers on-demand control functions Rockwell has expanded its PowerFlex 520 series and introduced its new PowerFlex 523 frequency converter with on-demand control functions. The motor control was designed in line with demands in order to speed up installation for users. Mechanical engineers can upload and download drive configuration files via a standard USB connection. For more complex networking, a dual port EtherNet/IP adapter is available as an option. This module supports ring topologies and offers DLR functions (Device Level Ring), which can increase network stability and machine uptime. MDA Technologies 1/2015 37


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