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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015

Product News Spindle

Product News Spindle bearings open up new performance classes The B-series spindle bearings form the basis for Schaeffler’s FAG spindle bearing range and can be used on a wide range of spindle applications. The manufacturer has further developed and optimized the spindle bearings of the dimension series B719 and B70 as part of the continuous product improvement program. In addition to reduced contact angle tolerances and improved ball quality, the bearings also have an adapted sealing concept. For the first time, B-series spindle bearings are also fitted with a high-speed cage as the standard cage. Depending on the bearing size, using this cage generates a reduction in weight of 15-20 %, a 5-10 % increase in tensile strength, and an increase in the bending strength of more than 20 %. In addition to the cage design, Schaeffler has also revised the seal design for sealed bearings by improving the roundness of the outer ring. Diameter deviations and roundness errors are compensated by a radial clearance in the relevant area. ECI-motor construction kit expanded by 80 mm model ebm-papst (Deutschland) has expanded its ECI motor family by an 80-mm motor. The ECI 80 offers a rated output up to 750 W for demanding tasks in robotics, transport, storage and sorting systems, in medical technology, battery-powered vehicles or driver-less transport systems. The ECI family includes drives, control electronics, gears, brake and senor modules that can be combined into a customised drive. In addition to the new model, it offers motors of 30 to 63 mm diameter and with outputs of 30 to 400 W. The torques are applied via the 15 mm thick motor shaft. The motor design has been optimised towards the construction length and is available in three package lengths at 20, 40 and 60 mm, each in in 24 V or 48 V. The largest version reaches a rated torque of 1.8 Nm. The drive can be briefly overloaded threefold. Intelligent continuous chain monitoring system Iwis has developed a new monitoring system for measuring chain elongation. The patented CCM (Chain Condition Monitoring) system can be integrated in numerous chain applications and retrofitted in existing plants and machines without the need for special add-on components for the chain. The device determines the wear in a chain drive and notifies maintenance personnel where and when preventive maintenance is required. Operating state and wear status are indicated by LEDs and readings can be transmitted to a computer through USB and viewed with a special interface. The CCM system can be used independently of chain speed. Depending on the chain size, possible chain speeds range from 0.02 m/s to over 15 m/s. The device has protection class IP67 and can be used under normal environmental conditions and at temperatures from 0 to 60 °C. Rollon expands program by axis with rack drive The product family R-Plus System from the Actuator Line of Rollon comprises linear axes with rack drives. The linear unit RP-160 is designed for high axial forces, efficient at long strokes and suitable for vertical applications. Additionally, several runners can be operated independently of each other on this linear axis. The series is made up of self-supporting aluminium extruded profiles on which linear rails are installed with recirculating ball screws and integrated ball chains. All recirculating ball screws have a ball cage technology. The running grooves of the linear rails are ground in a curve profile and have a contact angle of 45°. The force is transmitted via a diagonally interlocked, hardened and tempered rack (module 2, quality 6) with ground teeth. Each linear unit is delivered complete with a pre-installed reduction gear and an integrated lubrication kit for greasing the pinion. 34 MDA Technologies 1/2015

Sprint Electric introduces new range of DC servo controllers Sprint Electric has introduced a new range of DC servo controllers. The XLV is a miniature, fast response DC motor speed controller. The extended XLV range is designed for use with permanent magnet brushed DC servo motors rated from 4 to 12 Amps, offered in a compact, easy to use DIN rail mounting package. The range of controllers are suitable for use on DC supplies up to 48 V and can be used in either current (torque) or speed control modes. For highly dynamic applications, a shaft-mounted DC tacho-generator is recommended for speed feedback, but in less demanding applications, armature voltage feedback (Avf) can be used. The reference signal for both current and speed control can be either bipolar (+/-10 V) or unipolar (0 to 10 V). Motor speed can be controlled in both forward and reverse directions. An adjustable current limit and fast-acting current control loop protect the controller and motor from sustained overloads. Lubricationfree storage made easy Heat Water Chemicals Web: Shop 3D-CAD Product finder Lifetime calculator Brushless DC servo motor with low weight Silent Cheap In the fight for high performance at low weight, Faulhaber (Germany) has sent a new champion into the ring with the development of its series 3274 BP4. The brushless DC servo motor, with 32 mm diameter and a length of 74 mm, has a permanent torque of 165 mNm. With approx. 320 g, it is less than half the weight of conventional motors with comparable performances. The four-pole brushless DC servo motor is suitable for applications that require high performance and dynamic start/stop operation at the lowest possible total weight, e.g. in articulated drives of humanoid robots. It is overload-capable and works without mechanical commuting that is susceptible to wear. The rise of the motor’s characteristic curve is only 3 rpm/mNm at a stopping torque of 2.7 Nm. From the largest plastic bearing programme: Pressure-resistant, dirt-resistant, rust-proof, durable. And like all plain bearings from igus ® they are lubrication-free. Find online and order from stock. dry-tech ® − don't lubricate: Free samples: Tel. +49 2203 9649-145 plastics for longer life ® ... from 24hrs! MDA Technologies 1/2015 35 IGUS-englisch.indd 1 04.11.2014 08:21:59


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