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MDA Technologies 1/2015

MDA Technologies 1/2015


Drive Technologies Engineering, Design and Application of Drives and Controls Systems expertise for high-performance Martin Schreiber Over the last 30 years, the overall power density of machine tools has increased more than fourfold while, even more impressively, machining speeds have increased tenfold. Extremely high machining forces, workpiece dimensions, and material removal volumes are as in demand today as high radial, axial, and tilting moment loads, fast acceleration rates, and speeds. The trend is therefore clearly heading towards the functional integration of drive, measurement, and damping systems to allow fewer interfaces and lower system costs. Author: Martin Schreiber, Vice President Business Unit Production Machinery, Schaeffler Technologies AG & Co. KG, Herzogenaurach, Germany

MACHINE ELEMENTS “The fact that requirements have changed means that suppliers are also changing. Component suppliers have acquired a superb understanding of systems and development expertise and have thus become system partners who collaborate closely with machine tool manufacturers and end customers to implement solutions for individual requirements”, explains Martin Schreiber, Vice President of the Production Machinery business unit at Schaeffler. “The idea is to have a modular system of components that is as comprehensive as possible and, from this, to develop the best solution to suit the respective technical and economic boundary conditions. The objective must be to always supply the optimum bearing for the individual application, because only then can the required performance data be achieved safely and costeffectively”, Schreiber continues. The whole is more than the sum of its parts, however – with a wide range of innovative solutions for feed spindles and main spindles, rotary tables, and linear axes as well as for condition monitoring, Schaeffler offers comprehensive expertise for powerful and efficient machine tools, which are characterized by reliability and cost-effectiveness as well as dynamics and accuracy. Schaeffler’s “Transparent Machine Tool” provides a compelling look inside the heart of a machine tool, where force transmission takes place and power is transformed into precision and productivity. “With the Transparent Machine Tool, Schaeffler is emphasizing its strategy of using its high level of customer proximity and understanding of systems to develop products and solutions that give our customers increased competitive strength and success, in other words optimally fulfill their requirements from a technical and economical perspective”, explains Schreiber. “The focus is always on optimizing the entire system. Our expertise at system level is the prerequisite for developing perfectly matched individual components and modules”, Schreiber continues. In addition to bearing supports and guidance systems, Schaeffler has expertise in all types of direct drive technology as well as in the integration of additional functions into rotary and linear bearing systems such as damping and measurement systems. Rotary tables Schaeffler has supplemented its proven range of precision rotary axis bearings with integrated angular measuring systems through the addition of two new series featuring an absolute angular measurement system. The YRTMA is mechanically the same as the YRT series. The YRTSMA series for rotary axes with reduced friction and/or high speeds is mechanically the same as the YRTS series and is suitable for maximum speeds between 560 and 1,160 rpm, depending on the size. Both series are available with bore diameters of 200 mm and above. The functional integration of angular measurement into the bearing support makes designs possible with free space in the center of the rotary axis, e.g. to house rotary feedthroughs in a space-saving manner. What is more, position measurement is carried out directly in the bearing position, which means that system measurement accuracy levels of just a few angular seconds can be achieved because the system’s accuracy is no longer subject to many of the environmental influences that affect conventional measurement systems. The inductive measurement process makes the system permanently insensitive to contamination and lubricant deposits. A range of different electrical interfaces are available for transferring data to the machine’s control unit. Direct drive technology With the RKI high-performance rotary direct drive series, INA Drives & Mechatronics AG & Co. KG (IDAM) makes it possible to achieve outstanding and previously unattainable performance characteristics. The drives have torque levels 30 % higher than 01 INA’s new rotary table bearing series with an absolute angular measurement system 02 The RKI series of high-performance rotary direct drives from IDAM 03 Schaeffler has optimized the internal design of the double row axial angular contact ball bearing ZKLDF 01 02 03 MDA Technologies 1/2015 21


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