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f+h Intralogistics 5/2015


WAREHOUSING German warehouse system shipped to Central Asia on the Trans-Siberian Railway Mining is one of the largest industries in Mongolia, a country rich in natural resources. To optimize ore extraction in a high-yielding copper mine, a Mongolian commercial enterprise invested in warehouse technology “Made in Germany.” Before the installation, warehouse systems were delivered over a distance of about 8,000 km from Germany to Ulan Bator on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Transwest Mongolia is a trading company that operates a vehicle fleet for mining the enormous deposits of the Oyu-Tolgoi copper mine, located about 1,500 km from Ulan Bator, Mongolia. The logistics for the machine park must run smoothly to ensure effective operation of the mine. An important contribution to cost-effective operation of the vehicle fleet and the success of the mining project was made recently by the specialized German distributor Schreiber + Weinert (Hanover) working together with rack construction specialist Schulte Lagertechnik (Sundern). The two medium-sized companies delivered and installed a custom-made warehouse system for vehicle fleet logistics. High level of flexibility in stocking The intralogistics tasks of the machine park include stocking replacement parts such as large, heavy components for earthmovers, mining machines and trucks of Transwest Mongolia. The order was awarded to the two partnering German companies because in addition to planning and custom design, they were also able to deliver and install the complete warehouse system within just six weeks. Important factors for planning the most flexible system possible included the maximum expected pallet weight as well as the dimensions of various storage items. Finally the warehouse, measuring 40 × 30 m, was equipped with pallet racks and shelving racks assembled in a push-fit system. The facilities were further fitted with pallet stacking frames, drawer cabinets for storing tools and shelving rack systems secured by system mesh walls, as well as hazardous goods cabinets and lockers. The cold-formed sections of the pallet racks with clasps welded on ensured high stability as well as the longitudinal and torsional rigidity of the system. Cross bracing in the frames provided special stability. Several types of frames were available for selection, depending on the load requirements. Due to the reinforcement provided by the cross braces, it was easy to align the shelving racks using turnbuckles on the cross 48 f+h Intralogistics 5/2015

WAREHOUSING braces. These features were ideal for setting up rack rows in front of the warehouse walls as well as double racks “back to back.” The machine park is used for permanent storage of large scoops, heavy scoop tines for earthmoving equipment, and similar devices. For this reason, Schreiber + Weinert dimensioned the load capacity of the racks 50% higher than the original requirement. The manufacturing itself was carried out under contract by Schulte Lagertechnik in Sundern, Germany. Despite a short preproduction time, all racks were delivered and installed on site in just six weeks. Transport in containers to Ulan Bator alone accounted for about one and a half weeks of that time. Ingo F. Schreiber, Managing Director of Schreiber + Weinert summarizes: “The determining success criterion for this custommade order was that two mid-sized and owner-managed companies were able to flexibly meet the operator’s requirements.” Photos: lead photo Schulte Lagertechnik, Fotolia/ processing: VFV Grafik About Schulte Lagertechnik Founded in 1921, Gebrüder Schulte GmbH & Co. KG is a leading internationally active manufacturer of industrial racking systems. About 300 employees in Development, Production and Product Sales work together under one roof at the headquarters of the family enterprise in Sundern, Germany. Drawing on many years of experience and close contact with specialist retailers, the company produces custom-made warehouse systems with “Made in Germany” quality. The company offers its business partners and customers a wide range of services related to racking and warehouse logistics including professional rack inspections, warehouse assembly and training courses. DAMBACH pallet conveyors High performance, flexible, durable • Variable program for the apron of a high-bay warehouse • High throughputs for 1000 kg or 1500 kg loading capacity • Stacker cranes and conveyor system designed and brought to you by DAMBACH DAMBACH Lagersysteme GmbH & Co. KG, Hardrain 1, 76476 Bischweier, Germany Phone +49 (0)7222 9660-0, Dambach.indd 141017_FM_LB_216x148.indd 1 1 30.09.2015 16.10.14 16:04:55 15:33 f+h Intralogistics 5/2015 49


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