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f+h Intralogistics 5/2015

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f+h Intralogistics 5/2015


MATERIAL FLOW Suning Commerce Group and SSI Schaefer signing the contract in Nanjing in January 2015 Unparalleled eCommerce logistics center in China SSI Schaefer will equip a highly automated eCommerce logistics center for the Suning Commerce Group, one of China’s largest private retail companies with 180,000 employees, headquartered in Nanjing, and also support the start-up phase on site. Last year, the two partners developed a concept to combine fast order lead times with high productivity and quality for supplying Suning stores as well as eCommerce customers from one warehouse with a wide product range. The eCommerce Picking Center Nanjing will be the first of several planned logistics centers of Suning for the fast growing eCommerce market in China. The company was launched 25 years ago as an electrical retailer; today they offer their customers a wide range of products from electronic appliances to office supplies to cosmetics and fashion to groceries. The multi-channel expansion strategy and the set-up of logistics capacities serve to extend the corporation’s scope to express services and added value services. In addition to storage and picking areas, there will be a high-performance sorting system for express parcels by thirdparty suppliers and a returns center. Suning opted for SSI Schaefer as supplier because they are capable not only of planning and developing such a system, but are also able to implement it with their own product portfolio and support Suning in their eCommerce strategy. For this purpose, a team consisting of Suning and SSI Schaefer employees will maintain the system for the first two years. About SSI Schaefer During the first of the two expansion stages, the warehouse will accommodate around 1 million articles and enable picking of 600,000 positions at peak times every day. In the final stage, about 1.5 million articles will be stored and up to 1.8 million positions will be processed on a daily basis. SSI Schaefer will install a miniload warehouse with about 500,000 storage locations, an automated pallet warehouse with 20,000 pallet locations and a static rack system with 18,500 fields. Furthermore, the SSI Schaefer automat for fast movers will guarantee shortest throughput times for A articles. The established Schaefer Carousel System (SCS) with a capacity to store and pick up to 350,000 articles will be applied for order picking. Customer orders will be compiled SSI Schaefer is one of the world’s leading supplier of warehousing and logistics systems. The services it offers range from concept design, warehouse fittings with its own products to the implementation of complex logistics projects as a general contractor. The pooling of collective skills under the umbrella of SSI Schaefer lays the foundation for the development of market-oriented, industry-overlapping warehouse systems and for the conception of complete intralogistics solutions. 30 f+h Intralogistics 5/2015

MATERIAL FLOW at the high performance “pick-to-tote” work stations that are supplied from the SCS. This ensures flexible and quick order processing for eCommerce and retail business. A full case picking system according to the “pick to belt” principle as well as special storage and picking areas for featured articles top off the overall system. The compiled orders will be prepared for shipping in a comprehensive packing area with 180 work stations developed especially for eCommerce. The shipments will be transported either directly to dispatch or MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Internal video: learn more about the achievement spectrum of the enterprise stored temporarily in another SCS area with 20 carousels for consolidation before they will be diverted by a sorter with a capacity of 18,000 parcels per hour to the respective shipping destinations and loaded onto trucks. Another high-performance sorter with cross docking function and a capacity of up to 32,000 in the final expansion stage will be installed for the express parcel service. Returns will be processed in a different part of the building, at 46 work stations that are connected to the warehouse through a conveying system. The IT system SAP will be used for administration and stock-keeping, while the SSI Schaefer Wamas system will be applied for control purposes. This project helps SSI Schaefer to extend their market presence in China with European know-how combined with local presence are one key for succed in China branches in both Shanghai and Nanjing. The team of European specialists and local experts from China has expertise in the areas sales, development, project management, start-up, IT and after sales. “Local presence in China and customer service in Chinese are required on the local market and are crucial for success.”, explains Herbert Schorrer, Head of Sales Asia & China. The local offices are supported by a European team that is responsible for the Asian and Chinese market and forms the necessary interface to the competence centers in Giebelstadt, Friesach and Graz. Photo: SSI Schaefer Click to read previous issues. Inspiration is just one click away. News about the following markets: f+h Intralogistics 5/2015 31


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