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f+h Intralogistics 5/2015


MARKET AND TECHNOLOGY About PSLT The Department Planning and Controlling of Warehouse and Transport Systems (PSLT) at Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University of Hanover/Germany is dedicated to academic as well as practically oriented research. In this process, specialist personnel collaborates closely with the University of Applied Sciences Ostwestfalen/Lippe/ Germany as well as with partners from industry, trade, and the service sector. Planning and optimizing material flow and logistics systems lie at the core of the department. 02 Laser navigation allows for changeability and flexibility transport systems and products are networked. This ensures the general conditions are in place to implement self-optimization as well as real-time control and real-time optimization in production and logistics. Vertical communication is replaced by horizontal communication. Summary The path from wage-intensive manual labor to efficient production and logistics is already sketched out, and it must be covered quickly. The Chinese government has identified this point and initiated the change from quantitative to qualitative growth. This means there will be new requirements for employee qualification. The starting points for the desired change are the automation and digitization of industrial processes. Against this background, automation technologies will become increasingly important in China. That applies equally to software, such as control and navigation systems, and hardware, such as industrial robots, racking storage and retrieval vehicles and Automated Guided Vehicles. The resulting need for competence system planning and manufacturer-neutral consultation is immense. One critical success factor of the Chinese program is the level of automation chosen in specific cases which can be accepted and mastered by employees. In China too, employees are the determining success factor in all modernization measure projects. Photos: lead photo of the International Federation of Robotics (IFR), Kawasaki, photos/processing: VFV Grafik, 01 Egemin International, 02 Kollmorgen Automation International AGV Pavilion The idea was simple, the goal was clear and the strategy was successful. A trade fair manager from Hanover, on the lookout for something new, and a professor working intensively with driverless industrial trucks met at Promat in Chicago. The idea for a product came together in the hotel bar – the “International AGV Pavilion” for CeMAT Asia in Shanghai. The goal was to offer a cohesive exhibiting platform and collective forum for presentations to all AGV manufacturers and their suppliers, independently of company size and nationality and regardless of which network they belonged to. Every exhibitor at the pavilion has the opportunity to present its performance capabilities and profile to trade fair visitors in a specialized presentation as part of the forum. The “International AGV Pavilion” is intended to provide a significant additional benefit to fair visitors. They will receive compact and up-to-date information about all aspects of AGVs through the exhibitor and the AGV forum. Since 2008, the AGV Pavilion has been an annual event in Shanghai at the most important logistics and material flow technology trade fair in Asia, CeMAT Asia. Starting with an exhibition space of only about 100 m² for the AGV Pavilion in 2008, a record size of more than 270 m² will be reached in 2015. Exhibitors from Europe, North America and Asia have previously presented their products at the pavilion. Fair visitors in 2015 will be able to inspect AGV products from seven high-profile exhibitors. All exhibitors are available to trade fair visitors with competent and experienced specialists to answer questions about Automated Guided Vehicle Systems and related topics on all four exhibit days. The pavilion at CeMAT Asia has developed to become a permanent port of call for potential AGV customers. It is at once a platform for exchanging information and a meeting point for the international AGV Community in Shanghai. The exhibitors at the 2015 AGV Pavilion are: n ALSCO (Anwood Logistics System Co., Ltd.), China n Axter, France n Conductix, Germany n Egemin, Belgium n Kollmorgen, Sweden n Schabmüller, Germany n Wittenstein, Germany As a media partner of CeMAT Asia, Vereinigte Fachverlage, publisher of the well known trade magazine “Fördern und Heben” will be exhibiting at the AGV Pavilion, as it has in the past. Of course the AGV forum of the pavilion is dedicated mainly to AGV topics, ranging from development of components to sample applications. Each presentation this year will also include a statement on the current industrial topics, changeability and Industry 4.0. 18 f+h Intralogistics 5/2015

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