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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

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f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

At the end of production

At the end of production the produced materials were packed hierarchically by the employee, for example: pieces in a box and the box on a skid. This packaging in handling units (HU) is controlled by the MES system, packing instructions from the SAP-system are considered. Specifications at the location in Suzhou − dispatch with RF-assistance Normally, at the start of the dispatch process, all relevant materials for delivery will be sent to the packing station. Thanks to the Serkem solution, the dispatch employee can now define when he needs new material for packaging. There is also the option to repack the material, if this is necessary for delivery. He performs a partial stock pick and places an order to run back the remaining material to the original storage location. The completion of delivery is performed by the employee on the scanner as well. All processes in the supply are now done with RF transactions on the scanner, without any inputs on the PC. By using scan-dialogs for quality management, all required processes can be performed directly on the portable device. The employee in the QM is able to lock a material by using the scanner to get it immediately transported to the quarantine store. In the quarantine store, the employees are able to unlock stored materials by performing scanner dialogues and send them back to the warehouse. Alternatively, a return shipment to the supplier can be generated by using the scanner. With the help of the SAP WM-managed quarantine store, it is apparent at any time where exactly in the warehouse which locked material is located. When the incoming goods are booked, the system determines which machine can process the received material. This information is used to create an automatic transport, which delivers the material by forklift to the specific machine. The PDC is now able to record the material at machine level. Graphics: Serkem MULTIMEDIA CONTENT Other impressions about the introduced project 3 SOFTWARE f+h Intralogistics 4/2016

Product News Rotating Roll Clamp range completely redesigned Kaup has completely overworked the design of their rotating Roll Clamp, model range T458, which in future will be marketed under Type T458B. During the process of redesigning, several details were thoroughly studied and revised. As an example Kaup´s engineers optimized the clamping arm kinematic by repositioning the pivot point of the clamp arms. Thus the arm contour of the T458B is thinner compared to the previous model and the clamping force can be even more equally distributed on the rolls to be handled. JDN Global Service supports entire product lifecycle The requirements of plant operators in the service sector have increased in recent years. In this context, the service department of J.D. Neuhaus developed an extensive range of services. The service team thus accompanies the crane operator throughout the entire product lifecycle providing support and services during the project management phase, support during the installation, an annual accident prevention inspection or in the Service Center. Konecranes designs overhead cranes for offshore test center Scientists at the test center for supporting structures in Hanover, Germany, are simulating harsh conditions and are using models to check the supporting structures of wind power plants. Konecranes has designed four crane systems adapted to the transport processes within the test center. Two new double girder bridge cranes are, for example, being used for the environmental simulations and are transporting parts of the wind power plant as well as the support portals and structures required for the test setups. Each crane system has a load bearing capacity of 25 tones, a span length of 15.35 m and a lifting height of 25 m. Technology from Konecranes is also being used in the workshop of the research center. Employees are using the single girder bridge crane (load bearing capacity: five tones, span length: 7.7 m and lifting height: 4.27 m) to build steel support structures on which the measurement technology for the tests with the supporting structures will be installed. Up, up in the air – with SAM With the new vehicle type “Stack Access Machine” (SAM) the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics has developed a device that is able to unload single containers from towered stacks in a fully-automated mode. SAM does not only work in existing storing systems – it can even build the storage environment itself and completely without racks. Marathon standard high-speed doors The high-speed door Spacelite HTU-S from Butzbach efficiently combines speed and durability. Providing a reliable, fault-free and safe application even if opened more than 100,000 times per year. Spacelite HTU-S also meets special requirements regarding wind resistance and is classified for wind class 5 thus ensuring it can even be operated in gale conditions with a wind force of 12. I-Rent helps dealers and end users to build on transparent pricing Trelleborg´s I-Rent, a web-based service that allows forklift truck distributors to accurately include the full cost of tires in a lease contract. I-Rent overcomes this by providing an accurate monthly cost for tires over the life of a lease contract, meaning forklift distributors can offer their users a single source of parts and maintenance. f+h Intralogistics 4/2016


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